Revenue is right around the corner for all publishers and you wont have to use a random, dull ad ever again! Sounds too good to be true? Not with our Video V-Slider feature. With Video Slider, you have publisher-friendly ads that are formatted to fit perfectly at the bottom right corner of your page. These ads are unobtrusive, but they're relevant enough to grab the users' attention. You earn revenue every time the video is played, allowing you to rack in profits, quickly. What are you waiting for? Start monetizing your traffic and users.


Want to get into video advertising but don't have the resources to produce videos? You've come to the right place. With VideoSense, publishers aren't required to have videos on their website to be able to monetize viewer traffic. Our platform is capable of deploying video ads using various methods, including search, overlay ads, web browsers, and mobile devices, so you can display video ads together with images, text, or apps. Through RTB we ensure that our publishers are displaying the best and highest paying ads.

Pre-Roll Stream

What's better than displaying relevant and helpful advertisements? Doing it with our Pre-Roll Stream video feature. Pre-Roll Stream helps you monetize the content of your videos by displaying ads at the beginning of the show. What makes this feature great is the simplicity that comes along with it. Upload your video, activate the product and watch your account earn more and more money. Sounds simple enough? With PreRollStream you have the luxury of not interrupting the viewing pleasure of your audiences. Try it today!

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