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Here at AdMedia, we want our advertisers to start the year strong, which is why we're introducing some new features and enhancements that'll help you meet your advertising goals much faster.

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Smart Pricing

Now with our CPC Campaigns we have the ability to make sure you back out at you CPA Goal!

Video Campaigns

It's here! Now you can upload your video ads on our User-Friendly Platform.

Display Campaigns

Anyway you want to see your Banner Ads displayed. We can do it!

Text Campaigns

See your Text Campaigns on the Top 3 Search Engines!

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Personalized Advertising: How to Approach Customers without Being Creepy

Thanks to Big Data and the advancements in online advertising technology, companies now have a ton of data and insights about their customers. Aside from having people’s demographic information, brands can also track users’ browsing and purchase history, and they can use all that information to develop personalized ads for effectively converting customers.

3 Epic Display Ads that Made Waves Online

Running out of new ideas for your next online advertising stunt? Then perhaps it’s time to inject doses of creativity and craziness into your system. Not coming up with new ideas is often a sign that you need a change of perspective. Maybe you’ve been thinking the same way for far too long that you need to start thinking outside the box to gain fresh insights and ideas.

The Key Difference Between Multi-Channel and Cross-Channel and Why You Should Care

Like most hot buzzwords, people have started throwing around the terms “multi-channel” and “cross-channel” like they know exactly what they mean. We hear pundits saying that multi-channel and cross-channel advertising / marketing are the future and companies must absolutely get on the bandwagon.


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