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May 20 - 21st 2015
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Video Player

Host, monetize, and syndicate your content, all with AdMedia

The AdMedia Video Player allows you to monetize your site with an automated video player. Choose from related content categories, or use your own video and create a custom revenue stream for every page of your site. Each video is placed between a Pre Roll (plays before) and a Post Roll (plays after) video ad based on coverage. You are paid each time either of these video ads plays. The layout is also fully customizable and responsive, allowing you to simply set your Video Player's size based on your container's size. With a fully liquid width, your Video Player will fit any layout. Ask about getting started with Video Player from AdMedia today!

Native Ads

Users prefer ads that don't disrupt their content. Native ads deliver contextually relevant sponsored content that fits the look and feel of your site.

We are excited to announce our new Native Ads solution for publishers! Instead of using flashy graphics to catch the eyes of your users, why not let them come to you? Contextually relevant ad content targeted to the interests of your users will be sure to capture attention and clicks. The layout, text, look and feel of the links are fully customizable and responsive to both desktop and mobile browsing experiences, allowing you to capitalize on 100% of your traffic. Attractive CTRs and CPCs make this opportunity too good to pass up, contact your account rep today and ask about getting started with Native Ads!

Get in touch with us at or feel free to give us a call at
(800) 296-7104 ext. 229. If you're an existing client, you may also contact your account manager for more information!

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