The Mother of All Ad Conventions

Posted September 24, 2010 by admin @ 11:00 am

Advertising Week

Marketing professionals are all giddy at the moment, probably because next week kicks off the 7th annual Advertising Week in New York! This is a 5 day affair (September 27th-October 1st) that’s literally jam packed with awesome seminars, networking opportunities, roundtable discussions, summits, awards, and live performances by musical acts as well as comedians. It’s designed to celebrate the industry’s achievements and inspire creativity in the field. But Advertising Week is also about having fun with festival style entertainment offerings. This year’s guest list includes a wide variety of celebrity names, including Martha Stewart, Sir Richard Brandon, Nancy Pelosi, Dennis Miller Rod Blagojevich, Ziggy Marley, Mary J. Blige, , and Lewis Black. Talk about diversity!

It’s not too late to register for this exclusive event, although certain attractions are already sold out, such as the Battle of the Ad Bands competition. You may choose to purchase individual or group passes for discounted rates. Single people can opt for the delegate pass for $99, the deluxe super delegate package, or the student delegate ticket at the bargain price of $25. The student rate applies to the regular delegate pass and you must have a valid college or university ID in order to secure the lower fee. We strongly encourage college students of all majors to get involved in this as it’s a wonderful learning environment.

Unfortunately, we’re going to have to sit this one out due to prior commitments. We’re really interested in this year’s theme, though, which is the future of marketing. The number of college graduates in this country has steadily declined in the last ten years, and that’s never a good thing. We’re happy to see someone addressing this issue and we’d love to see younger, aspiring advertisers. Many college students don’t realize that marketing has a strong artistic element to it. Those interested in art or writing might discover that advertising affords them an opportunity to express their talents in a satisfying manner while still paying the bills. The romantic image of the starving artists may sound alluring during school, but after graduation that lifestyle isn’t going to bring many creature comforts or even provide for the basic necessities.

Is anybody going to attend Advertising Week? If so, we’re dying to hear from you!

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