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Posted June 24, 2010 by admin @ 1:04 pm

AdMedia Thank You Offers allow publishers/affiliates to monetize their Thank You page traffic. If your website requires action on the part of visitors, chances are you provide them with a Thank You page. This is a page that tells the user that their transaction has gone through.

Advertisers place high bids for Thank You page traffic, because it is so lucrative. Consumers pay close attention to the content provided on a Thank You page, because they want to insure that their transaction has gone through successfully. By incorporating AdMedia Thank You Offers onto your Thank You page, you are creating an additional revenue stream.

AdMedia generates a code that is easily implemented into your website source code. Once implemented, the code generates offers based on your website content. Consumers will be served advertisements related to the products/services your website provides. These offers provide advertisers with high conversion rates, because they are so relevant to user behavior.

With AdMedia Thank You Offers you aren’t only creating an additional revenue stream, but maximizing your earning potential.

Implementing AdMedia Thank You Offers is now easier than ever! The new video option, helps AdMedia affiliates implement products with an easy to follow step by step guide. Getting started is now a synch! Get started today by signing up on

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