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How Can Businesses Get Benefited Using Native Advertising?

Posted February 20, 2019 by admedia @ 6:07 am

When it comes to Digital Marketing Platform, there is always something new that’s been discussed every day with the evolving trends. Since the Industry is already in a boom, people are wondering how things are going to change for the advertisers in a long run and what new changes are going to be the trendsetter by the search Engine Giants like Google.  One of the much-hyped topics that are being spoken a lot on the web is about Native Advertising. Is this going to be the future of digital marketing? Is this going to replace Pay Per Click (PPC)? The digital world is now all about Content. The initial point for you as a website publisher is to have good content on your site so that it will help in driving the traffic using digital marketing strategies. Only after you have enough traffic, that’s when you can start experimenting with anything that will help you generate a source of Income. This post will tell you how the businesses get benefited using native advertising. 

Native advertising


  • As Native advertising is content driven, it’s read by many internet users and shared on different platforms increasing your reach indirectly.
  • With Native advertising, brand recall can be increased by two plus times more when compared to the traditional ways of promoting your brand.
  • By connecting with the publishers who are experts when it comes to engaging with users via content, you will be able to learn more on how to make your own native ad.
  • They can assist in garnering higher Call To Actions (CTA). In fact, a native ad headline can draw more attention when compared to the images & banners.
  • With the users engaging with your native ads, you can re-target them with display ads as well.

Here are the reasons why we think that Native ads will be the future of content marketing.  


ad blocks

Most of us get irritated with the ads that keep playing automatically the moment we log on to a site to watch something. As a result, we get the ad-block installed in order to avoid or minimize the no. of ads that we see. With this, the revenue that the Search Engines get is being affected on a large scale. So there is a high chance that native ads will be the new development for the Search Engines.


native advertising

Be it the traditional PPC ads, the main concept here is that the user needs to click the ad and engagement with the brand overall needs to be increased. This can be very simple with native ads’ concept as the content itself is engaging enough that they will definitely add value to a better reach and engagement overall. If the ads are not able to drive the engagement, then they are just a waste of expenses that need to be looked into.


We see sponsored ads on Facebook and Twitter but it’s something optional. With new platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, neither of these channels allows us to promote a direct link in the site but instead we can only share the profile links. So it becomes a mandate to set up profiles and have proper contents for those. In Instagram, this is called as sponsored ads and sponsored lens in snap chats. This helps the brand in reaching out to the highly targeted audience.  


With these benefits, we are sure that native ads are going to take up the digital market by storm one fine day in the nearby future. So start doing them for your brand as well!

Native Ads- How To Get Quality Traffic For Cheap?

Posted December 12, 2018 by admedia @ 4:34 am

Often times, advertisers ask on how to get traffic on the native ads without raising the bid. Well, it is quite easy to boost your traffic without increasing your bid. All you need to choose the right Google Ads bidding type and this can be done through CTR (Click Through Rate). Native Ads systems organize advertisements that create the most astounding income. In any case, that doesn’t mean we generally organize the most astounding paying promotions. In the event that a promotion offering $1.00 gets multiple times fewer snaps than an advertisement offering $0.10 then the $0.10 promotion really produces more income for the distributors. That implies they will demonstrate the $0.10 advertisement, not the $1.00 promotion. Each promotion, paying little heed to the offer, experiences a revelation stage to build up how interactive it is. So in the event that you need to offer low, and still get a ton of activity, at that point, it can truly satisfy to make your native ads more interactive than the opposition.

How To Increase Traffic On Native Ads Without Raising The Bid?


native ads
The picture you pick is basic to your CTR. The best pictures bounce off the page and persuade a man to peruse your feature. Keep in mind, most substance proposal units have genuinely little pictures, so it’s essential that your picture is clear and conspicuous even at a little size. It likewise picks pictures that are vivid. Shading encourages you to get individuals’ eyes. It’s likewise imperative that your pictures are special. Individuals disregard extremely essential stock pictures. Your picture must be novel enough that it makes them stop and truly pay heed.


The normal site today has somewhere in the range of fifty to one hundred hyperlinks for each page. Your feature needs to battle those connections to be the one a man taps on out of the majority of their alternatives. It’s critical to test features, however, numerous sponsors basically change out a word or two. They’ll change the word Amazing to Incredible. Genuine feature testing includes attempting totally extraordinary ideas and points. You can peruse many features from the greatest sites on the Internet over any specialty/subject in only a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes of feature perusing regularly results in a huge amount of incredible feature thoughts.


native ads
There are many sites that offer high-quality content that targets individuals who are keen on this moment and make content around their specialty dependent on it. On the off chance that you are hoping to spend at a high volume, making a great deal of substance that individuals are keen on is the most ideal way. The CTR of any bit of substance falls after some time. So on the off chance that you aren’t getting the same number of snaps as you need, have a go at making something new and pertinent, and you’ll frequently get a solid increase in rush hour gridlock.


We trust these tips help! It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to contact your record chief for more thoughts on the best way to make your promotions progressively interactive. Hope this post helps you on how to make your native ads more clickable.

Display Advertising: An Effective Means of Brand Marketing!

Posted December 10, 2018 by admedia @ 10:41 pm

Display Advertising is an important means of brand building and digital marketing these days. When you are thinking of advertising your business, you will need to consider three important things that include, the visual appeal, its location, and how much it is relevant to the end user.

Display advertising

Benefits of Display Advertising


And, the concept of inclusiveness on which this Display advertising is based has made it one of the gems of the Digital marketing. Its enormous capabilities of visual appeal and targeting the huge audience, display ads help in adding to the brand value of a business. Here’s a brief description of what the basic purpose of Display advertising and how it can benefit your business tremendously.

Display Ads

Display ads are actually all those paid advertisements which users can see on the website pages. These are mostly in the form of graphics! One should not confuse between Pay Per Click/ Search Engine Marketing/ Paid Search ads, they are different from Display Ads. While Display ads appear whenever a person is surfing the net, the PPS ads will appear whenever someone is searching. Display ads are also called as banner ads however they do not really appear in the form of banners. They are actually graphics forms, in the shape of a rectangle or square.

Benefits of Display Advertisement

1.The Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal

The foremost benefits of display ads/ display advertisement are that these are designed in graphic form. Because of their graphic form, display ads can be tweaked and customized as per the requirement. Unlike SEM ads that is Search Engine Marketing ads which are text-based, Display ads can be designed using videos, audios, and graphics to lure more customers. This helps in Brand marketing to a greater extent!

  1. Support in Brand Building/Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Display ads are based on the visual thing and that helps businesses to a great extent in creating brand awareness. In case of PPC ads, the user is forced to read out the entire content and if only, he gets that much of time to do so, he will be switching to the website page to explore about the business. But, that is not true in case of Display ads, they are rather simple and convenient for users. Since they are properly styled and can communicate directly with the visitor, one just needs to click and all the information about the website can be revealed. You don’t really need to click!!

3.Relevant Traffic Generation

Relevant Traffic Generation

When you are targeting your audiences through digital marketing, one of the most important aspects is targeting the right kind of audience. And, that criterion is fulfilled with display ads! Same as the Facebook and SEM ads, in case of display ads, one can customize and set certain parameters. This way you can control what all are the sites where your display advertisement will be appearing on, which geographical area it is targeting, and in which niche market, the Advertisement will be displayed. For instance, an educational institute can target a student of that age and are visiting educational institutes.

Display ads help your business in a number of ways much like social media marketing and other means of traffic generation! Most importantly, it helps in reaching out to your relevant target audience. Don’t wait to use this impactful strategy to advertise your brand and gravitate the right kind of audiences.


The Best And Effective Reasons To Use Native Ads

Posted December 5, 2018 by admedia @ 6:39 am

Native advertising is one of the many ways digital marketers are attempting to keep up with consumer behavior online. This article reveals some effective reasons to use native ads for your next digital campaign that will boost your business too.

Effective Reasons To Rely On Native Ads

There are plenty of reasons for using native ads but below are mentioned as the best reasons to use native ads for your digital campaigns. Read on to explore them that will boost your business:

Higher CTR (Click Through Rate)

native ads

As we all know that native ads are more visible on mobile devices since more and more people are spending much time using smartphones or tablets than computers. Other than that, native ads have adaptable design and in-feed placement, which increases their visibility eight times higher than banner ads. If these native ads are placed between the content of the website or on the social media feed, then they will drastically outperform a publisher’s own content.


It is a fact that higher CTR (click-through-rate) will automatically make the lower cost per click. Depending on the content, the consumer clicks on the native ads and this is how the publisher can be benefitted with these native ads.

High Engagement

native ads

All things considered, purchasers who tap on local ads invest as much energy perusing the navigate content as they would on the normal distributor site. Obviously, this is exceptionally reliant on the nature of the substance, in any case. To help empower high-quality content, StackAdapt built up an estimating model called Cost per Engagement (CPE) whereby a customer just pays once a client has gone through 15 seconds on their substance.

Social Media Advertising Is Native Advertising

native ads

The shareable idea of native advertising is gold among the stones. This is the reason social media advertising is a standout amongst the best types of native advertising. The sharing component is flawlessly incorporated. In the event that you interface with your customer, an offer is truly a tick away.

Native Advertising Drives Sales and Search

native ads
Native advertisements enroll 18% higher lift to buy expectation than standard promotions. As indicated by Yahoo, native ads likewise out-perform pennant advertisements in driving consequent inquiry movement. In an examination they directed of their battles, there was a 204% enhancement in marked inquiry inquiries if the client had been served a local promotion beforehand. As it were, native advertising plays well and appears to enhance the execution of inquiry crusades.

Native Ads Are Great For Branding

native ads

As per a report, consumers who read native advertisements are recognized as high caliber who revealed an essentially larger amount of trust for the supporting brand. Local beats about each sort of interruptive publicizing in the brand review and brand trust when done well. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that last proviso. On the off chance that the local promotion is done seriously, it can have the contrary impact and furthermore detrimentally affect the trust a client has for the distributor.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article makes things clear to you as it reveals the most important reasons for using native advertising for digital marketing campaigns.

How has OTT services (Netflix, Hulu) overtaken TV? – Data Shows TV ratings Sink

Posted June 5, 2018 by admedia @ 12:09 am

Image result for ott services

Television has lost its charm in the recent past with the likes of over-the-top media services like Netflix and Hulu giving it a tough competition. With such decline in the user ratio, the hype surrounding the overtake of TV by the OTT services seems a feasible proposition. With the TV services likely to take a hit, here are some numbers which show why and how will they be hit. Though the numbers and shifts might not say a long story, OTT services are here to stay as per the experts.

What do the numbers suggest about OTT Services?

Image result for ott services

Numbers suggest that OTT services will soon start to give a tough competition to the TV service providers though they are well ahead of OTT at this time. Remember that the same viewers between the age of 10-30 who used to be a TV viewer have changed themselves to regular OTT viewers. Since 2016, the Number of TV subscribers in the US has dropped from 97 million to around 82.6 million. On the other hand, the OTT subscribers have increased from 58 million to 96 million during the same period. This research was conducted by Convergence group and it shows a drastic shift. The traditional TV revenue has also taken a hit as the revenue shows an estimated loss of 41% till 2017 alone.

The competition not only comes from traditional overcast but also from media companies who have started to make their own OTT. With OTT, users also get varieties of shows and offer while TV does not provide anything of that sort. With OTT services also starting to bring live sports and matches, TV has started to lose its plot also. As per Brahm Eiley, President of Convergence Research,

should be very concerned about OTT’s meteoric rise and the downturn in TV access subscriber eyeballs, especially since the largest providers of OTT do not, for the most part, offer to advertise. Within a few years, OTT will be in more households than TV access.”

OTT Services Contain something for everyone

Image result for tv vs ott services

The IAB defines OTT devices as those that “can connect to a TV (or functionality within the TV itself) to facilitate the delivery of Internet-based video content (i.e., streaming boxes, media streaming devices, Smart TV’s and gaming consoles).” Viewers have flocked to OTT devices as these platforms enable communal and more immersive viewing. OTT devices also aggregate viewers’ favorite content in a single location, providing a one-stop-shop for premium video. In addition, OTT holds advantages for Advertisers – the large screen is inherently viewable, and the living room environment is conducive to higher engagement. Advertisers also have the potential to achieve incremental consumer reach among cord-cutters.

What the Future beholds for OTT Services?

Image result for tv vs ott services

OTT has a positive future ahead. Viewers are increasingly gravitating toward the big-screen experience and the centralization of channels and subscriptions in a single location. Publishers are investing more in growing their OTT presence and expanding their content libraries to capitalize on the increased viewership and create additional inventory. Technology and measurement companies will develop advanced capabilities to ensure that OTT capabilities keep pace with the rest of the digital market.  Programmatic functionality will improve in parallel to meet the increasing demand in a scalable way. Monetization on the platform will grow across all content types as Advertisers become more educated on its advantages and considerations.


How Would GDPR impact the Social Media? – Analyzing Pros and Cons

Posted May 22, 2018 by admedia @ 11:55 pm

Image result for gdpr

The increasing impacts of social media in our lives had made it obvious for the authorities to pass tougher legislation containing its use. With Facebook’s breach of user data, it became evident that the law pending the clearance in the European Union would soon be passed. This legislature seems like a breather in the swamps of social media, the medium which is nothing about relationships, engagement, and interactivity and rather has become a tool for business with user data. Multiple instances of data breaches by smaller and bigger corporation have only added pressure.

So, it was near the time that we need something to carry ourselves with. The EU General Data Protection Regulation is in effect now and that’s the breather we required. So, how would the newly passed GDPR Impact on the social media? Will it be able to conceal our data? Or will it be the tool to protect the social media? Let’s find out.

What is GDPR?

Image result for gdpr


The European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently. It will come under effect from 25th May 2018 and will be applicable to all 28-member states of EU. The UK Government, in process of divorce from the EU, did prepare similar Draft Data Protection Bill close to the lines of GDPR. The EU is calling this privacy policy as “the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years”. The Data Protocol will be effective on all corporations including those registered in the U.S. as well and does business anywhere in the world.  Thus, the GDPR impact on the social media will be huge.

What are the Major Features of GDPR?

Image result for Major Features of GDPR

The GDPR impact on social media will be a measure of how these rules are applicable to the organizations from outside the EU. Some of the features of GDPR are as follows:

  • The most important of that is the requirement of ‘Privacy by design’ property which requires the organizations to properly plan for safety and management of personal data. It must maintain a proper clarity over the passage of data through various organizations.
  • Article 35 of the GDPR requires that the organizations have clear path to protect any data like personal data for HR purposes, payment card data for online transactions, or medical records used by a doctor’s surgery.
  • GDPR requires that one of six categories of “legal basis for the processing of personal data” are in place. Two of these are as follows:
  1. Consent of the data subject.  By this, we mean customer, potential customer, influencer, effectively anyone not within the data processing organization.
  2. Necessary for the performance of a contract with the data subject.  An auditable agreement between the organization which explains the acceptable use of their personal data.

What is GDPR Impact on the Social Media?

Image result for Major Features of GDPR

To measure the GDPR impact on the social media, we must first understand the link between the GDPR and the social media. The marketers use the social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram to effectively reach to their clients. Most people use either of these social media channels these days. Hence, the indirect supply of data from these social media channels benefit the marketers. But are these companies using our data with our consent? Most people do not tend to read the user agreement. And like it or not, you have indirectly consented to such use.

Image result for Major Features of GDPR

But with the implementation of GDPR, the companies will now be covered by the terms and conditions to forward privacy notices for use of the data.  Due to existing legislation is known as EU-US Privacy Shield, US organizations (including social media application providers) can self-certify and commit to this framework agreement which underpins their protection of EU citizen data entrusted to them. The GDPR will require these establishments to have an accountable EU representative to have compliance for the GDPR approval.

What must you learn from this to minimize the data breach?

Image result for USER agreement box

While you can relieve a bit due to the GDPR, here are some aspects which you must learn to protect yourself from any breach henceforth:

  1. The Blue Tick before the Applications or websites open – Read Privacy norms in clearer terms before you sign up anywhere.
  2. The T&Cs – These are important data and we tend to not adhere to them. Understand them before use.

Disclaimer: All the images have original attributions unless otherwise stated so.

Modern Mobile Marketing Trends For Small Businesses- Part 1

Posted April 16, 2018 by admedia @ 6:20 am

As mobile marketing is giving a new definition to digital marketing, it is essentially important for digital marketers to use their knowledge of future mobile marketing trends. Undoubtedly, it is important to think ahead of the year and look beyond to see the mobile marketing trends that will help your business to flourish in the market. It is so obvious for a good marketer to tell that the sooner they begin to prepare things for the future, the more they will be able to capitalize when the time strikes.

Mobile marketing has become quite crucial for any business to make space in the market, ever since the facility of mobile shopping is introduced, the mobile marketing has been gaining more and more importance. That’s why we have rounded up some latest mobile marketing trends that will work for you this year and coming years as well. So read carefully to explore the future mobile marketing trends that will attract and convert mobile users.

Mobile Marketing Trends For Businesses

Through this post, you will be able to unfold the latest mobile marketing trends, so scroll down to this post.

Trend 1: Google TrendMobile Marketing Trends For Businesses

Two years ago, Google has announced that the team heading its search department would be moving towards a mobile-first approach. This is Google’s response to mobile becoming the preferred channel of search over the desktop. With the majority of its users now searching via mobile, Google understands that for the best interest of its user experience, it’s essential that the search engine focuses on mobile over desktop.

Trend  2: Mobile Speed And Performance

Mobile Marketing Trends For Businesses

As Google’s new indexing strategy puts mobile pages in the spotlight, the performance and speed of these pages become critical. After all, as the soon-to-be primary version of your website, your mobile page is about to get a lot more traffic. Thus, it needs to be in excellent shape. Mobile users expect fast, frictionless mobile pages. Regarding speed, mobile users expect pages to load in three seconds or less, and 90% of users will abandon the page entirely if it takes more than five seconds. You want to engage users, not turn them away with slow load speeds. Unsure of how fast your mobile pages load? Take a look at Google’s free PageSpeed Insights; this tool will help you determine your mobile load speeds and even suggest steps to make them faster.

Trend 3: Live Streaming Video Content

Mobile Marketing Trends For Businesses

Video content has always been the most engaging content type out there. Now, it’s becoming even more engaging, thanks to Live streaming on social media platforms and other services. Plus, mobile devices make creating and watching video content much more accessible, especially on-the-go. While your content strategies should still incorporate blogs, pictures, and other formats, videos produce 12 times more shares than both photographs and written content put together.

Live streamed videos only raise this engagement to the next level. The key to this increased engagement is that live streaming videos are happening at that very moment, unlike pre-produced videos that can be watched over and over again. Mobile users are prone to viewing live content even longer than static videos because of the inherent fear of missing out. In other words, if they don’t engage now, there may never be an opportunity to see the content again.

Words To Share

We have mentioned three important mobile marketing trends in this post. although, we are not wrapping up the article since we have just revealed three modern mobile marketing trends and rest threes are yet to share, so stay tuned with us and wait for our second post on it. Do share your thoughts with us in comment section below.  

How To Combat The Decline Of Organic Reach On Facebook?

Posted April 11, 2018 by admedia @ 6:09 am

Gone are the days when a brand can easily reach thousands of your audiences organically. With the recent Facebook’s algorithm update, businesses have to rethink their social media strategies. Through this post, you will learn how Facebook chooses the Newsfeed for their followers and what businesses can do about it.

A Guide To Improve Facebook Reach Despite Organic Decline


If your brand is totally dependent upon Facebook, then you must have noticed the drastic fall of organic reach post over the year. This means that the post is not visible on the targeted audiences’ Newsfeed as they have once appeared. Therefore, if your social media marketing is dependent on the organic reach instead of paid, then you have to make some alterations to your social media strategy. Since with the introduction of this new Facebook’s algorithm update, there are higher chances of having your sales being affected. This update will help boost those paid campaigns more; however, it doesn’t mean that it will ruin all the organic businesses. All you need to understand the update and how could you adapt it to your business.

Better Understanding Of The Update

First, you need to understand the purpose of introducing this update and to crack the code, you need to be clear on what Facebook is trying to achieve through this update. The main aim is to prioritize the family and friends’ posts to improve the user experience. Over the past years, Facebook has received the number of complaints regarding the quality of the posts. However, this latest update ensures that business posts with high quality will get chance to make it to their audience’s feeds. On the other hand, businesses that haven’t paid much attention to their quality will get affected.

In order to have a clear idea about this update, here are some key areas of changes and what you can do to keep the momentum going:

Family Posts over Product Posts


This is to bring the familiar posts on the top which automatically reduces the organic posts of brands.

Things That Businesses Should Do:

  • Create HHigh-QualityContent
  • Analyze What Works On Facebook

Increase Of Facebook Groups

Ask a group of people to join the group to enhance the visibility of your posts.

Last Words

Since Facebook made it harder to increase organic reach, this presents a great opportunity to spread your eggs in several baskets and diversify your marketing strategy using other social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium and LinkedIn. You can also start promoting your brand via email marketing as it remains to be an effective avenue to nurture existing relationships and build a community of followers.

Facebook’s vision of bringing people closer to its revamped News Feed algorithm is a positive user experience. However, this same algorithm made it more difficult for businesses and brands to reach its target markets. Take a good look at your Facebook strategy, so your brand can thrive and remain visible in the ever-changing landscape of social media marketing.


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Social and Media Set to Split!– How Well the Advertisers Do?

Posted December 13, 2017 by admedia @ 3:33 am


There was a time when the first phase of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and to some sort Instagram helped us connect with our dear ones in an atmosphere more centric on connecting. It was broadcast-focused and open network helping in revolutionizing the medium of communication when there was none to ponder over. It was this time when people received that golden chance to create millions of audience across the world in order to get their voices heard. This was the time when advertisers sensed opportunities to mint through an audience which grew loyal to these sites. With their penetration in the rural areas as well, this seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime.

But is that valid now? Well, the majority of people nowadays believe that Social Media sites have divulged themselves from connections and focused more on playing to a platform of advertisers. In these times the idea of getting a million followers on Instagram or having a look at someone’s activity on Facebook is long gone. What started as an opinion sharing platform has delved into a platform where you bogged down by people and which has made people abandon posting or shying away from these sites. Instead, people have now switched on to more private conversations and lesser affiliations Which now brings in a question, bold enough to be asked, ‘Is Social and Media ready to split? Is the status quo set to change in testing times? Where will the Advertisers go?

Now abandoning the first phase of social sites means less scrolling time through Facebook posts and Instagram feeds and spending more time on posting their thoughts on closed conversations on Facebook Groups and chatting on Messenger. This means that now people have changed their thought process of replying to every confusing chat on Facebook and rather talking to people who actually matter. It means maintaining several small, interest-based Instagram accounts or Fiestas, rather than a single, Public-facing persona.
What does this shifting in the user posting behavior indicate? This indicates that these people are also shifting away from the type of broad-based algorithmic feeds which nowadays are packed with news and media content which they feel is not made for them. However, this behavior has tempted the social media franchises to part ways to separate social and Media paving ways for a split.

What are the trends in the field?

As has been the case with parting audiences, the social sites have also begun to customize their social from social media platforms. Snapchat has announced that it will split the chat function from its media portal. Facebook has also tested a content only news feed with Messenger being the separate chat platform. It also launched ‘Watch’- a video platform much like YouTube which contains highly produced content from publishers and Media partners. Instagram is also bringing in it’s another messaging function called Instagram Direct to direct its user to chat functions.

How will the time change for Publishers and Advertisers?

Image result for social media

With social probably out of social media, publishers and advertisers would have to find their feet and adopt new distribution techniques to take advantage of this shift in user behavior. This means they will have to separate their strategy to be used while publishing on the media platforms as well as on the dedicated social platforms. This doesn’t mean it will be unethical to insert a content-based advertisement in the private chat forums. It means that the publishers would have to be more specific and creative in attracting the user amid changing times in the social 2.0.

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