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Learn to Humanize Your Customer Experience Through Understanding Their Demands

Posted May 18, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 4:24 am

In this present age, everything seems to be data driven and Customer relations have eventually turned out to be the same. The brands have long forgotten the value of customer experience and they remain not more than a set of metrics and numbers on a campaign dashboard. This is something which has downgraded the customer importance for the brands. In this fast-paced world, focusing on real people have become an outdated idea. So, how should markets evolve from their custom dashboard and hit them where they actually feel? How do they connect with the real people who would actually understand their demands?

Why do brands not give impetus to real customer Experience?

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With plenty and large amounts of data being generated today, the brands have all information for actions leading to high customer loyalty down to each customer level. It will require evaluating customer interactions, both monetary to non-monetary which means engaging via social media. The key is measuring individual intent and engagement in real time—what we call a customer’s “pulse.” Once that’s understood, there are ways to activate your outreach based on that unique pulse, as well as how to monitor and maintain a positive feedback loop.

With so much data available with the brands, they tend to neglect the support of real people. They go for the data available with them to expand their reach. Hence, they do not give much impetus to real customer experience. The individual intent and engagement in real time is often given less impetus and priority as compared to the data which is readily available. This individual intent is called a customer’s ‘pulse’

What exactly is a Customer Pulse as per the Customer Experience?

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Often, the customer indicates their value and engage themselves on their brand usage based on the varying needs and situations. If the brand is good, they would increase the level of engagement over time determining their loyalty.  They would thus increase the value for business.  If you think of your relationship with a customer as a system which functions on investments and returns, the Pulse of the customer can be understood as a simple equation:

Pulse = Investments + Returns – Relationship Decay.

What level of Investment are we talking about?

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The Investment includes personal outreach, relevant social content, exclusive or early access, rewards and incentives and all the time and energy which is put into creating it. The Returns come in the form of engagement: content sharing, repeat usage of a product, or a new purchase. In between investments and return is Relationship Decay, the reality that customers will gradually forget about their past experiences. Then the engagements when your brand is not top of mind becomes absolute.

How a customer’s pulse informs decision making?

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Success is traditionally measured by purchases. But given the increasing interaction consumers have with brands via non-purchase activities, this needs to change. It’s not just a matter of changing the way interactions are measured, but these non-purchase interactions drive value. After all, even when purchases are infrequent, engagement with your brand over time holds immense value. For example, in the airline industry, studies show that when a tweet is answered in five minutes or less, the customer is willing to pay $20 or more for a ticket on that airline in the future.

5 Content Marketing Tools That Will Expand The Reach

Posted May 10, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 5:34 am

In the content marketing game, a lot of small businesses overlook an equally important activity which is the backbone of it- promoting the content. Without readers, your blog articles, white papers, and e-books are just wasting digital space. That’s why it’s so important to have a well-rounded content promotion strategy in place, as well as the right tools to make it easier and automate what’s possible. Here are a few content marketing tools and widgets that expand your content’s reach.

Effective Content Marketing Tools That Will Expand The Content Reach



You need a social media management dashboard anyway, and this one’s great for scheduling shares of your content. The Hootlet extension for Chrome makes it simple to share any webpage or blog post without copying and pasting the link. 

Schedule shares of each blog post every day for a week on Hootsuite, staggering times to reach the widest audience possible across all your social channels.


Just like report cards are useful in telling us whether our kids are paying attention in class or not, there’s a similar evaluation tool for content marketing called Buzznami. Enter your website URL and get a full report on how well you’re doing in including internal links and subheadings to make search engines able to find your content easily, as well as how your social media shares are doing in reaching more people. After assessing your evaluation, determine where the weaknesses are, and make a plan to beef up efforts there.

Revive Old Post

content tools

The Revive Old Post WordPress plugin is great for getting eyeballs on content you published long ago, which has a tendency to not be viewed as often within weeks of it goes live.

The plugin works directly on your WordPress platform, and once you input your social media credentials, you can set up automated shares of older posts. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your blog from Facebook and Twitter. Set up at least one share of older content a day, spreading them out across the day.


Sometimes simply organizing your content is what’s keeping you from reaching more people with it. Contently is a content marketing platform that allows you to compare content performance against industry benchmarks and analyze data so that you can tweak your content strategy to better appeal to your audience. Track engagement for each piece of content you publish and ensure it’s aligned with the content marketing objectives you’ve established.


content tools

Content marketing can be an aggressive competition with others in your industry, but BuzzSumo gives you the competitive edge. Not only can you discover what content of yours is working, but also which influencers are sharing it. You can also track your competitor’s content performance. Identify influencers in your industry and connect with them through BuzzSumo so that you are on their radar, increasing the odds that they’ll amplify your content for you.

Last Words


While all these content marketing tools can be immensely helpful in getting you more readers for your content, realize that the biggest asset you have is your own effort. When you dedicate time and energy to consistently promoting your content, you get results, plain and simple. Last but certainly not the least do not forget to contribute your valuable feedback with us.


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10 Low-budget Link Building Tactics For Content Marketing- Part 2

Posted May 7, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 6:04 am

As in the first part of this article, you are revealed to the top low-budget link building tactics for content marketing. It’s time to proceed further by unrevealing the rest of the tactics that will help you in content marketing. Therefore, read on to explore the tactics rest link building to stay updated with the cost-effective and latest link building tactics.

Cost-effective Link Building Tactics For Content Marketing

content marketing

6. Create Detailed and Long-Form Guides

If you create a detailed, long-form guide then many writers will use this as a resource and link to it. It’s no secret that Google bots favor long-form quality content. But 1,500 words of nonsense is not going to rank. Your content should provide very useful information that addresses your audience’s search intent. A great way to earn links is to produce resources. See what unique insight you could have, or what solution you could offer.

Long-form educational guides are often referred to as “power pages”. And for good reason. People return to these resources time and time again. Additionally, you can include numerous links to other resources in the long-form guide.

7. Collaborate with Other Content Creators

content marketing

Collaborations don’t just have to be interviews or guest posts. By figuring out new and original ways to collaborate with businesses that complement yours, you can easily get backlinks.

On a side note, try to steer clear of collaborating with your competitors as it might not be as effective for sourcing backlinks.

A collaboration could be anything from a charity event, podcast, vlog, product, or even just a live stream. These days you don’t even have to meet them in person to collaborate. On Instagram, for instance, multiple accounts can go live together. When you collaborate, both parties benefit by reaching the other’s audience along with their own. You also can exchange ideas and knowledge.

If you collaborate to create a product, it will benefit from being backed up by two marketing teams. This can be an effective way to raise brand awareness and maximize the success of a campaign. All while the links come rolling in behind the scenes.

8. Get Featured on Resource Pages

Many websites provide a resource page. This is where they list websites and resources that may be relevant or useful to their audience.

You should scout the web for these sites, but make sure they are credible. When you find one that could be a good match, go ahead and contact them. If you successfully pitch your website to them, they are likely to add you to their directory. That means one more backlink and a lot more traffic.

You could also create your own resource page on your website. You can coordinate links to high-quality websites that will be useful for your audience. It’s a major bonus if they also have a resource directory. By simply notifying them of your gesture, they will be likely to return the favor.

Depending on how you categorize your links, your resource page can also contain internal links to your own website or blog.

9. Have your Products Reviewed


Does your business provide a physical or digital product or service? Great, this low-budget link building hack is ideal for you.

Getting respected people to vouch for your products in reviews is a wonderful way to promote them. And, you guessed it, a wonderful way to build links for free.

All you have to do is find people who do reviews in your field and get in contact with them. Many bloggers and vloggers are willing to review products.

You could also reach out to influencers on social media platforms.

A powerful pitch that seldom fails is offering them freebies to be reviewed. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean giving your product or service for free (although doing this the odd time can really pay off).

You could offer a discount, free trial of your software, or invite them for a free consultation. More often than not, they’ll agree and link to your website in their review. It means content for them, and links for you!

You could even offer an incentive for their followers like a coupon or discount code to accompany the link. This is sure to drive traffic to your site as people will want to find out more.

Important Note: Be careful in how you go about getting reviews. You shouldn’t ask for a link directly to your email as this goes against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Instead, offer the product or trial and let the blogger decide if it’s worth reviewing.

10. Target Link Roundups

There are loads of websites out there that publish weekly or monthly link roundups on particular topics. Figure out which ones could be relevant to you and go ahead and pitch your content to them. If they like your content, they’ll include a link to it in their roundup.

Be careful not to come across as too pushy in your email. Remember at the end of the day, it’s their website and their choice. Instead, try to explain why your page or post would be a valuable addition to a certain roundup. Being in a “best of” list is sure to get you new followers and helps to establish your expert status in the field. Another benefit of connecting with website owners that do roundups is that they are likely to keep your website in mind for future round-ups too.

Last Words

Take these 10 low-budget link building hacks and use them in your content marketing strategy. If you do it right, your website will earn loads of high-quality backlinks. When Google sees your support system of high-quality backlinks, your site’s domain authority will increase and your traffic will grow. All it will cost you is a bit of brain power and effort.

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10 Low-budget Link Building Tactics For Content Marketing- Part 1

Posted May 4, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 4:39 am

You don’t need to have a huge budget to earn high-quality backlinks. Here are ten low-budget link building tactics to help you rank higher and drive traffic. Link building is a crucial element of SEO. Some studies have even proved that the number of domains linking to a page is the most important factor in terms of ranking.

You could say that search engines, including Google, see links as recommendations. The more domains that link to you, the more reliable your site must be. Links are little votes of support for your website in the eyes of search engines.

Low-budget link building is a great way to drive traffic, improving your ranking in SERPs, and enhancing your website’s reputation.

The best thing about linking? It doesn’t have to cost the sun and the moon. If you’re clever and think outside the box, you can plan an efficient and cost-effective low-budget link building strategy.

Here are ten Low-budget Tactics you can use:


1. Scout for Broken Links

If you have a look on websites similar to yours and check for broken links you’ll be surprised how many you’ll find. Luckily for you, another man’s broken link is your linking opportunity! Once you find a broken link, you can contact the website’s owner and make a pitch to them. Offer to replace their broken link with a link to your content, services, or resources. It’s really easy to find broken links.

2. Roundup Experts

One of the best ways to go about low-budget link building is collaborating with experts in your field. The fact that it won’t cost you a dime is an added bonus. You can easily get links by rounding up experts to contribute to a blog post or article. You just have to reach out to the right people who are willing to answer any questions you may have or offer an opinion. Consider influencers, bloggers, and key players with authority in your industry. To maximize your chance of earning links, investigate whether or not each potential collaborator actively links to resources they feature in.

Everyone wants their opinion to be heard and most will jump at the opportunity to get some extra publicity. Anyone you collaborate with is likely to share the content with their followers and on their websites or blogs. The result? Links building left, right and center!

This could also help you to establish relationships with influencers. This is a great digital marketing tactic that you can go on to use in future campaigns. One tip we have for you is to avoid long-form emails when contacting potential collaborators. Chances are they get loads of emails every day, so get straight to the point.

3. Interview Experts

A similar way to get links for free is by interviewing industry experts.

Ideally, you could create a series of interviews with experts on a variety of related topics. Not only is this a free way to earn links, but it also helps to establish your content as a reliable source. Your interview should focus on key topics that you know your target audience will be interested in. Make sure to make the interview engaging by encouraging the expert to share top tips, expert hacks, and specialist insight. If your interview is a valuable resource, you could even reach out and offer it to other relevant publishers to earn even more links.

Considering that it’s estimated that 80% of all consumer traffic will be video traffic, this could be a good route to take. You could film your interviews and present the clip with the transcription. Your low-budget link building mantra should be: create valuable resources, earn high-quality links.

4. Create Infographics  


Infographics are a wonderful place to start for low-budget link building.

People love easily digestible content. That’s why people love infographics.

Infographics let your audience absorb a lot of information fast and efficiently. However, not every content creator has the time or expertise to create original infographics.

For this reason, they also serve as a valuable resource for other websites to use in their content and link to. Creating useful infographics to go with evergreen content may take time, but will pay off in the long run. Once you start publishing infographics, you are sure to generate a long stream of backlinks.

When creating infographics, you should always design them to be informative, clear, and concise.

You could even reach out to other websites within your industry and offer your infographics to them.

5. Guest Blog

guest blogging

Inviting experts or influencers to post content as a guest on your site is an effective way to build links. Not only is it cost-efficient, it also requires little to no effort on your part.

All you have to do is find someone who you think would be suitable. Perhaps you could check who has linked to or shared your content in the past? Then ask them if they would be willing. You’ll be surprised at how many will take you up on the opportunity.

Not only will this help you to earn links, if your guest has a large following it will create a buzz. Being associated with someone respected or popular in your industry could win over lots of new followers of your site.

Last Words

This is the first part of low-budget link building tactics for content marketing, stay tuned with us to stay updated with the rest of the tactics that will help you in content marketing. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

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B2B Marketing Strategies To Scale Your Business To New Heights

Posted April 30, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 6:55 am

In order to enhance B2B business, companies need to adopt lead generation marketing strategies that deliver results.There are various ways in which you can utilize customer voice to create better lead nurturing B2B marketing strategies for your company. Lead nurturing is the process by which the company approaches the buyer at each stage of the buying process, educating them of the company’s products/services and making a personalized pitch to engage the customer with the product/service experience so that the customer can take the buying decision.

B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B Marketing Strategies

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is necessary for companies to proactively contact customers, understand their requirements, and maintain relationships with them. Here are various ways in which you can utilize customer voice to create better lead nurturing marketing strategies for your company.

Focus On Account-Based Marketing:

Focus On Account-Based Marketing:

Account Based Marketing is a strategy in which the customer comes first and the company’s products/services are pitched to serve the specific customer’s needs. This is an effective strategy in which the customers are classified into different accounts depending on their revenues, size, industry, products they have and the market needs they serve.


Then you can do a market research about what their needs are, what problems they need solving, how your company can add value to their business, etc. you should also identify their personal preferences, their preferred medium of communication, their method of consuming information etc. Finally, you can develop a personalized sales pitch on how your company can solve their problem efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.


You can have personalized sales, promotion, offers and can create a customized message about your firm’s capabilities for each customer. Be tech savvy in reaching your targeted customers using advanced digital marketing techniques such as Twitter tailored audiences, Google customer match, LinkedIn Matched audience etc.


Employ Content Marketing:


Employ Content Marketing:

An informed customer can make better decisions and also values the company which provides him with enough information to enable him to evaluate things properly. An effective content marketing strategy can attract, engage and inform the audience with the help of interactive content such as videos, infographics and blog posts etc. Host high-quality content on your website which addresses customer’s questions and provides solutions to their problems.


A brand which takes content marketing seriously is uniquely positioned to serve its customers well. It can be a great way to guide and connect with them during every stage of the buyer’s journey and can enable them to move through the sales funnel.


Email Marketing:

Email Marketing:

About 3 billion people around the world use email which amounts to 40% of the whole population. And the number of email users is steadily increasing every day with about 200 billion emails being sent daily and half of it is business oriented.


Emails have become a big part of people’s lives enabling them to connect with all the other social media platforms with just a click. Sending an email is not enough, you need to convert the leads into actual sales. This can be done by having an engaging and quality content along with a strong call to action. Also, you need to make it easy for people to do the specific actions you’d want them to take, such as fill out a form to get a complimentary guide, to sign up for a free trial, or call a specific number etc. Make sure your email is aesthetically good and with great colors. You will need to incorporate images, use bullet points, have short paragraphs and lines.

Last Words

With these B2B marketing strategies, you will soon get success in your business. So do implement these strategies and don’t forget to share your thoughts.


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Key Reasons To Invest In Brand Marketing

Posted April 19, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 6:05 am

Brand recognition and awareness play a huge part in building credibility with customers and helping the sales team close a deal. Demand gen and corporate branding go hand-in-hand, especially for growth-phase companies. If a prospect doesn’t know your company, the sales rep will spend the first few precious minutes explaining who you are. Wouldn’t it be better and more effective if your prospect had already heard of you? That way, instead of describing your company, you could spend time describing your offering. Here are the key reasons founders and stakeholders should invest in brand marketing:


Brand Marketing Builds Credibility


brand marketing

People buy products they like from companies they know and trust. Think Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks or B2B companies such as Intel and GE. In today’s market, brand credibility is your competitive advantage.Whether you are a startup or a growth-phase business, it’s imperative for marketing heads to position the brand as a market leader, and leverage their founders’ profile to create positive brand perception and customer behavior.


As the face of the company, CEOs play a major role in building the credibility of the company. Ideally, they should be seen as thought leaders. Employees should be the guardians of the brand and be held accountable for maintaining its industry reputation as they interact with customers and prospects.


Your brand’s credibility and reputation are fragile. We’ve seen many examples of that—from Uber’s sexual harassment and gender bias issues to United Airlines yanking a passenger from his seat and the recent dead puppy incident. Yes, it’s expensive to recover from brand damage or scandal. But if you have market credibility you can recover from a crisis, provided you are transparent, show empathy for the victims and fix the problem fast.


Brand Marketing Attracts Investors

brand marketing

Founders and business leaders are constantly looking for financiers to support their growth and exit strategies. Investors view a company as a whole before investing, not just its product or products. They also consider corporate reputation, the CEO and founders’ credibility and financial performance before making an investment decision.


A brand needs to be bigger than a product. Companies need depth that goes beyond a focus on one product or one solution. Having helped many startups change strategy and rebrand for various reasons, it is clear now that it is a key to invest in creating a corporate brand. This proves that a brand in which customers can believe in and leadership they can trust.


A brand is like your home. The more you invest in maintenance and renovation, the more the asking price will be when it’s time to sell. Similarly, the more you invest in the corporate brand, the higher the equity.


Brand Marketing Engages Customers


brand marketing

In today’s digital era, B2B buying decisions are changing dramatically. B2B buyers are now as empowered as consumers. CIOs are not the only ones making the ultimate buying decisions, and how businesses interact with vendors is also changing.


Research also indicates that most B2B customers don’t begin to engage directly with suppliers until they are about 50 to 60 percent through the customer journey.


Marketers, therefore, have to design strategies that educate and engage customers, not “sell” to them. Content should be interesting and search optimized for digital discovery.


Last Words


Building your brand is key to driving sales, boosting partnerships and accelerating growth. You want customers to trust your name, eager to learn more and be proud they can rely on your brand to run their business. Consider brand building as a long-term commitment and investment and not an expense. So include these keys into your brand marketing to see the positive results, Do share your thoughts with us.


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Best Ways To Enhance Small Business Marketing

Posted April 12, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 6:30 am

In the fast-moving and competitive digital marketing world, it becomes quite difficult for small businesses to survive in the fast-paced marketing world. As we all that marketing is the backbone of any business and if it is not strong enough to support your business, it will soon fall your business down. Therefore, we are revealing some of the best ways that will enhance the small business marketing.

Ways To Boost Small Business Marketing

Scroll down to the great ways of enhancing your small business marketing. Read on to get revealed to the best ways that will help your business to grow and improve the visibility in the market.

Make A Strong Online Presence


Online marketing is ruling all the marketing these days, so make sure that you have a great online presence to attract your targeted audiences. From a food chain to any apparel business, every business needs a strong online presence to attract their audiences. Through this digital way, you can flaunt your services and products to the masses who might have been looking for it. Having strong online presence could also influence the audiences who are aware of the business but never have visited your services or products.

Look What Your Competitors Are Doing


Keeping your competition in front of you all the time will never let you down when it comes to the competition. Instead, it will always motivate you to improve and move ahead in the race of marketing. Choose your competitors and look what they are doing in the area and what marketing strategies they are following. It is not necessary to follow their footsteps but just in case you don’t have better option to beat them in the market, don’t forget to keep a note of the strategies they are implementing to increase their business. Study, research and implement are the key ways to get to success.  

Testimonials Are Important

Testimonials Are Important

Reviews or feedbacks are really important when it comes to marketing or promoting your business digitally. In other words, testimonials are the ladder to the success of any business as they give the authenticity of your business success. These give the assurance of your good services, loyalty and credibility to the audiences. Apart from these, it will force the masses to try your services or products once after going through with the impressive testimonials. Contrary to that, this can also work against you if there is negative feedback on the site.


Wrapping Up


We are sure that after going through this post, you must have come to the conclusion of getting these aforementioned ways implemented into the marketing strategies. So what are you waiting for? Follow the ways to boost your small business marketing. Last but certainly not the least, do not forget to share your thoughts with us.


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Learn How Does Influencer Marketing Drive Sales

Posted April 9, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 5:01 am

If you are in a social marketing world, you should be aware of the latest marketing trends that will give your business a great boost. In this fast-paced world of social media marketing trends, it will take you to no surprise that influencer marketing is growing rapidly. In this post, you will learn what makes influencer marketing so effective for businesses.

All About Influencer Marketing

With the accurate support of social media, one of the social media marketing trends influence marketing has taken a pace in this fast-moving social media marketing. Over the years, influencer marketing has emerged as one of the leading sources to give the brands a boost. In order to harness the potential of influencer marketing, brands must understand about influencer marketing and how it benefits the business by driving sales. Let’s start with its definition and what kind of businesses should adopt this strategy.

What Is Influencer Marketing All About?

What Influencer Marketing Is All About?

It is a form of marketing which focuses on influential people rather than focusing on the market. The individuals that have influence over potential buyers or over marketing activities around these marketers. Influencer marketer could be anyone who has a huge social reach and gets paid to advertise brands or products on the social media to influence people. Due to their huge following on the social media platform, an influencer gives a brand an increased reach to the potential customers while broadcasting ads. There are several forms of marketing such as Twitter endorsements or staged Instagram shots; however, the biggest trend is through influencer’s own blogs.

Macro and Micro InfluencersMacro and Micro Influencers

There are two types of influencers, let’s read more about the types that will help your brand to grow. Macro-influencing is not new to the world as most of the film celebrities, and sports personalities have been promoting their products in public. Today, the things are same however the way is little modified by interacting with their fan base through these social; media networks.


Social media allows everyone to grow their brand or product to grow through the platform which gives birth to a new type of influencer- micro-influencer. Micro-influencers are someone who is not famous in the world but has invested in online presence to build a dedicated social media or digital following.

How Do Influencer Marketing Leads Sales?

How Do Influencer Marketing Leads Sales?

Now we have come to the stage where you will be opened to the secret of how to get the sale through influencer marketing. The golden rule of marketing is to choose the right person to partner with your brand. For instance, if you have been dealing into clothing, then you should partner with a blogger who has a great social media presence and has a huge following on the social media platforms. This means that a right influencer can increase the brand visibility through social media if the brand has made the right decision of choosing the right blogger. A micro-influencer can help in increasing the brand by tagging the brands in their posts which means in less investment, any business can grow socially through the social media posts,

There are many influencers who are putting their fake followers on their account; however, through Social Audit Pro can reveal the fake profiles.

Last Words

As of now, you must have understood about influencer marketing, so include influencer marketing to your business if you are looking for your business to grow.  Influencer marketing fills the gap between customer and brand.

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Everything About Google’s “Speed Update”

Posted April 5, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 5:41 am

google speed update

According to the recent announcement of Google, website loading speeds on mobile devices will now be considered as the ranking factors in Google search results. The site speed has always been a major factor in determining both organic rankings and AdWords Quality Score and with this Google’s update has shifted the focus slightly. Activated from July month, page speed will become a major ranking factor for mobile searches because Google knows that the web users become too impatient if the website page takes too long to load. This article will reveal all about Google’s Speed Update to let you updated with the latest updates of Google.

Google’s Speed Update

Let’s spills some beans about the latest Google update through this post, so read on to stay updated with the latest news.

What is Speed Update?

google speed update

Speed Update is the latest Google update that will only affect pages with the slowest loading speed as Google wants to give their user a better experience. Initially, the site speed was based only on website’s desktop version; however, with the help of this update, speed will now be a ranking factor for your mobile sites as well. This concludes that the mobile sites with slower load times may experience a fall in mobile organic rankings on Google which results in a disaster fall for businesses. Therefore, businesses that are relying on Google traffic and AdWords campaigns may have to pay attention to this Google update.

How can businesses avoid the effect of the update?

speed update
First of all, the sites should start testing their existing version of mobile sites to avoid the effect of the update. With Google’s testmysite tool, any business can get their mobile site scanned and get tested against the standard 3G connection to know the status of their site’s loading speed. This will give a report on your site performance so make adjustments based on the testing feedbacks.

Apart from this method, you can improve the site speed by removing unnecessary plugins, videos or images on mobile which reduces the server response time.  Web developers can use Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages to enable the creation of mobile pages that load nearly across devices and distribution platforms.

Last Words

After reading this post, you must have understood the importance of this update and how it will affect your business. However, there is more thing that is not revealed above is that this Google update will only affect the small number of sites. This will not affect any current algorithms or rankings for the desktop. This update serves as a brilliant reminder to designers and developers that they should keep the users in mind while building a site.

By now, you must have got the significance of the update and how can you avoid getting affected by this update. Do share your feedback with us.

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Key Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out This Year

Posted March 20, 2018 by Abhishek Pandey @ 6:13 am

Last year alone, more data was created online across the world than in the last 5,000 years. Content has been at the heart of this changing paradigm; while over two million blog posts are created online across several websites and platforms on a daily basis. However, while the abundance of content across digital spheres is something consumers delight in, it has raised its fair share of challenges for marketers and brands. This is why effective content marketing is more important now than ever before. Marketing endeavors need to have entertaining, engaging, and relevant content at their core to grab the most consumer eyeballs. Here, then, are key content marketing trends to watch out for in 2018:

Key Content Marketing Trends 2018

Content Marketing Trends 2018


Tapping into the massive rural market with the mobile-ready content

Social media applications like Facebook account for a majority of this consumption by rural consumers, while the rest of their internet usage is towards consuming content such as new, videos, and music. Furthermore, OTT video applications, with their ability to offer anytime, anyplace entertainment, are also gaining more popularity with each passing day. The OTT medium presents a significant opportunity to target digital consumers with personalized, relevant content. This is something that brands can turn to their advantage by developing simple, mobile-ready content to engage much more effectively with their audience bases.

AI and Machine Learning-driven insights for content creation

data-driven content marketing trend

The success of any brand’s content marketing strategy hinges on its ability to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. Although customers today are more inclined to have one-on-one interactions with companies over social media or chatbots, most companies still struggle when it comes to providing effective customer service or managing a large volume of conversations on digital channels. That’s where machine learning comes in. Brands can today create unique, interactive content created to match the consumer’s profile and consumption habits based on insights gathered from proactive and predictive analysis of consumer’s data. This can not only help brands target and acquire new customers but also retain existing ones by communicating the value of products/services and resolving issues in an interactive manner. Data and machine learning, hence, will be a force to reckon with in 2018, significantly enhancing marketers’ ability to customize the content for individual consumers and optimize conversations to drive better results.

Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to deliver innovative content

Virtual Reality- content marketing trend

As far as interactive delivery of video content is concerned, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will be the next chapter in the success story of technology-driven marketing across the globe. According to experts, VR and AR together will generate $150 billion in revenue by 2020, allowing marketers to capitalize on its widespread availability and optimize their content for the medium. Extended reality content that entertains and adds value will become more commonplace as technology continues to evolve. With creative and interactive graphics, videos, and apps, brands can not only ensure a successful content marketing strategy but also lay the groundwork for future experiments in VR/AR.

The emergence of Blockchain-powered content protection

Blockchain-powered content marketing

Among the several possible use cases of Blockchain is the protection of content, and copyrighted material in particular. In the near future, we can expect Blockchain technology to be used to register and protect content against copyright infringement, as a public decentralized ledger will help creators and distributors to catalog and store what they create. Moreover, an important benefit of a Blockchain-powered content protection mechanism is that there will still be a verifiable copy of any original content created and stored, even after the copyright is no longer in service.

The integration of over-the-top content creation and distribution technology into the realm of higher education, e-learning, and corporate learning presents a massive opportunity for OTT technology providers. Furthermore, through partnerships undertaken with brands or through White Label services, OTT players with the capability to create advanced technology-driven solutions can help further the objectives of organizations in the market, by creating new and dynamic avenues for them to reach out to consumers in unique ways.


Hope this post containing key content marketing trends of 2018 helps you in boosting your business. Do share your thoughts with us.

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