Big Mac Inventor Jim Delligatti Passes Away at 98 but his Legacy Continues to Grow Bigger

Posted March 2, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 2:12 am

McDonalds selling over 550 million Big Macs every year in the US alone is a tribute to its inventor

Jim Delligatti, the inventor of Big Mac, the signature product of McDonalds and owner of one of its oldest and biggest franchises in Pennsylvania, passed away at the age of 98 on Monday, 27 February 2017, in his home in Fox Chapel, Pa. Interestingly, Delligatti continued to eat one Big Mac every day till his death at the advanced age of 98, which is an exceptional testimony to the man’s legacy as inventor of the 500 plus calorie Big Mac. Because, most people don’t live that long no matter they eat a Big Mac every day or not.
Today, McDonalds sells over 550 million Big Macs every year in the United States alone and millions more across 100 countries worldwide. The numbers keep growing every year and yet, like many other mega brands today, Big Mac very nearly didn’t make it because Delligatti had first chosen Big Mc as the name for this heavy duty burger. Somehow, he didn’t like the name for his creation because it didn’t sound right to him, and chose Big Mac instead. The rest is history as Big Mac became a bestseller not just in the US but also across the world.
It would have been great if Jim Delligatti had lived a couple of months longer this year to see his beloved Big Mac turn 50, as 1967 was the year when it all began. That year in the month of April, Delligatti finally got his way with Big Mac, a project he had proposed to McDonalds after sizing up demand for something fitting the description of Big Mac in his hometown in Pittsburg, Pa. His main customer base comprised men who worked in the steel mills of Pittsburg, who needed wholesome and nutritious food at prices they could afford.
Despite meeting stiff resistance from insiders in McDonalds after he proposed Big Mac, Delligatti persisted till Ray Kroc, the McDonalds chief at that time, gave the go ahead. Delligatti’s customers in Pittsburg just lapped up Big Mac with both hands and soon, all other outlets that he owned elsewhere in Pennsylvania, followed suit. Seeing the incredible response, McDonalds itself, rolled out Big Mac across the US in the very next year in 1968, calling it “a meal disguised as a sandwich.”

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Cadillac’s Oscars Ad Appeals to a ‘Divided Nation’ with a Strong Message of Unity

Posted March 1, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 12:22 am

The ad features during the Oscar show on Sunday

Cadillac’s new ad, which features on the Oscar show on Sunday, presents its idea of hope in a situation where rage and antagonism of the volatile political debate is playing out on the streets across the country. Cadillac’s positioning as a luxury automotive brand carries its point of view, which stands for the American Dream achieved by hard and honest work. Cadillac asks Americans to “Dare Greatly.” Cadillac is trying to remove the perception that American people are divided. During the Oscar Awards show, the automotive brand will run a TV spot that conveys the message which is a difficult thing to do in today’s situation with violent public demonstrations almost every day against the Trump administration. Based on the concept of “Carry,” the ad visually depicts scenes where people help each other by literally carrying one another – American soldiers helping a wounded comrade and a flood victim being airlifted from an affected area.

Melody Lee, Cadillac’s director of brand marketing, says, “There’s quite a bit of soul searching going on in the nation right now, and the creative community, in particular, is experiencing it at an intense level. It was important for us, as a brand, to try to make a statement, not politically and not necessarily socially, but to remind the country that we’re at our best when we come together.” Cadillac considers the Oscars as best suited advertising event for its target market. Many other big brands use the Super Bowl platform, as a major advertising platform but Cadillac has avoided this event so far. The brand presented the “Dare Greatly” platform at the Oscars last year, where it targeted the younger entrepreneurs since the millennials now outnumber the baby boomers. In 2015, Cadillac undertook a rebranding exercise after moving its headquarters from Detroit to New York. It decided to target younger generations by positioning the brand as entrepreneurial and stylish with a strong focus on design.


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Cracker Barrel brings Dolly Parton and Pentatonix together to perform the Grammy-Winning Remix – ‘Jolene’

Posted February 28, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 2:58 am

The country music veteran collaborates with a young Cappella group to produce the remix

Cracker Barrel, the southern country themed restaurant is the platform where Dolly Parton, the ageless wonder and country music legend, teamed up with Pentatonix, a young Cappella group, to produce the remix of Parton’s classic hit, “Jolene.” The song won a Grammy for best country duo/group performance, and has been making waves on the awards and TV show circuit, attracting over 22 million viewers on YouYube. Cracker Barrel’s efforts to build its music and entertainment profile enabled the collaboration that brought together Parton and Pentatonix on a single platform to produce the bestseller. Though they still sells CDs, candies and small tchotchkes at their country stores they have now decided to create original music for their CDs as well as their social media channels rather than licensing them.

Don Hoffman, VP, Marketing, at Cracker Barrel, said, “Music has always been a part of the Cracker Barrel brand, but over the last year, we’ve become tighter in understanding the value proposition of music to our business. We’re committing to making Cracker Barrel a music and entertainment brand on a broader scale.” Cracker Barrel teamed up with FlyteVu, its full-service marketing agency for collaboration with the purpose of connecting with brands and ultimately with the customer. They gave a common platform to Parton the country music veteran and Pentatonix, a young cappella group to produce the remix of Parton’s all time classic hit, “Jolene”.

This song not only became a big hit again but also lifted the young artists of Pentatonix to a higher plane, as well as bringing about a renaissance of the legacy of Dolly Parton. Overall, it is a win-win-win for all of them as it increased the popularity and upswing of sale at Cracker Barrel too but most importantly, established it as a music and entertainment brand that produces original music. Cracker Barrel produced other video series, like Warehouse Sessions, shot at their décor warehouse featuring NeedToBreathe, the Christian rock band and Alison Krauss. The restaurant’s program of making music and entertainment is a vital part of its growth strategy and is helping it connect with customers on a deeper level including the next generation of diners.

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Recap: Halloween at AdMedia

Posted November 26, 2014 by fran @ 6:13 pm

Last month, Team AdMedia got together to celebrate the holiday that brings out the creativity in everyone–Halloween!

We saw some great costumes this year! One employee dressed up as a sheriff, another came to work dressed up as a librarian, and we even had someone dressed up as a geek.

It was almost a little too hard to pick just one team member to win our Halloween costume prize (a Kindle), but in the end, we voted for Jennifer, who came in dressed as a mermaid. Get a glimpse of the Halloween festivities below:



Growth in Digital Advertising

Posted October 8, 2014 by fran @ 3:37 pm

Everything’s going digital!

That line has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds in pretty much every field there is. For some, it evokes fear. For others, it is a battlecry and a hope for the future. And still others aren’t on the bandwagon for either side. But no matter where you stand on the issue, it is time to take notice. Online is a vast and profitable market that we are just beginning to reap the advantages and benefits of. We are still a long way from a total digital takeover, but the Internet is a force to be reckoned with.

Especially when it comes to advertising. Online advertising is projected to account for 24% of the the $523 billion that will be spent in total advertising in 2014, according to ZenithOptimedia. And the number of digital ads will only continue to grow. By 2019, spending on online advertising is expected to nearly double from the current price tag of $19.8 billion to a whopping $37.6 billion (a 90% increase). Those figures are still a far cry from the projected $239 billion spent on offline advertising in 2019 (operating at a growth rate of 1% per year), but they’re not a number to shake a stick at.

Online advertising is increasingly becoming a focal point in the industry. It is the main topic of discussion at the upcoming Advertising Week in New York, where new powerhouses such as Buzzfeed and Instagram will take center stage. A trend is developing towards automatic ad buying, which will pull advertising even deeper into the realm of digital. The growth in online advertising is mainly concentrated in video and mobile. Video is expected to grow 21% annually for the next five years. Mobile is expected to account for 40% of all online display ad spending by 2019. All of these facts and figures will loom large at Ad Week as big names converge to discuss the state of the industry.

Offline is not dead yet (and it may never be), but digital is continuing to take an increasingly larger role in advertising.

Time to get your head in the game.

Image by Ruth Flickr on Flickr Creative Commons.


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Who to Follow in Online Advertising

Posted October 1, 2014 by fran @ 4:21 pm

Twitter is a powerful social media platform. Successful businesses follow Twitter accounts that focus on online advertising. By following these accounts, businesses can gain insight into the latest online advertising techniques. They can gain a better understanding of what it takes to keep up with the advanced world of online marketing and advertising. They can remain at the top of their industry by learning about the most successful online marketing approaches. There are many online advertising people, websites, and other resources that possess a Twitter account. Here is list of some of the most popular online marketing Twitter accounts.

1. Magento – @magento is a successful business that focuses on eCommerce solutions. Along with tweets about their solutions, Magento frequently tweets about how businesses can grow and succeed online.

2. Market Bridge – @MarketBridge is another successful business. They are very active on Twitter, because they submit frequent tweets about fixing the gap that falls between marketing and sales.

3. Advertising Buzz – @advertisingbuzz is a great addition to any Twitter following list. They provide tweets that contain links to social media articles and other online marketing resources.

4. AOL Advertising – @AOLAdvertising is another great addition. They provide a constant feed of valuable tweets about effective online advertising tools and other interesting articles and websites.

5. Ad_Media- We help businesses obtain a strong online presence. Their tweets are packed full of current online marketing and advertising news.

6. Google AdWords – @adwords provides the latest news and information from the Google AdWords team. Followers of @adwords can learn how customers can find their products and services quickly and easily.

7. Mashable SocialMedia – @mashsocialmedia tweets the latest news about social media marketing. Their tweets also contain valuable tips to help businesses flourish on Twitter, Google+, Vine, Foursquare and more.

8. WordStream – @WordStream offers powerful software and free tools for PPC and SEO. They also tweet constantly. Those tweets contain links to the most valuable online advertising articles and other resources.

9. Microsoft Advertising – @MSAdvertising provides a large amount of tweets about digital online advertising. They strive to provide a constant flow of valuable tweets.

10. Twitter Advertising –@TwitterAds provides followers with a large amount of Twitter tips, success stories and support. Followers of @TwitterAds can learn how Twitter Ads can be a positive addition to their online advertising campaigns.

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How Twitter is Changing TV Advertising

Posted September 18, 2014 by fran @ 10:01 am

TV ads are a great way to reach customers. Placing ads during TV programs you’re specific customers enjoy helps you reach the appropriate audience, and millions of people watch television, so you can be specific while still pulling in a large group of interested customers. Most people are in agreement that televisions is a versatile and powerful tool when it comes to advertising. Why do you think so many advertisers line up at the TV upfronts each May to see which new and returning programs would be best suited for their company’s ads. And why do you think TV execs pull out all the stops to reel those advertisers in? It is a lucrative business.

It doesn’t stop there. There is a way to boost your advertising reach and revenues beyond what television is capable of while still working in conjunction with the power of TV. How is this done? By linking a Twitter advertising campaign to your television one.

In today’s world, people consume television and popular culture online. Through Twitter viewers can engage with their favorite TV shows actively on Twitter, which, for many, enhances the viewing experiences. Think about it. One of the most popular, talked about, buzz generating shows on television right now is ABC’s Scandal. Why? The over-the top scenarios, constant twists and turns, and general juiciness of the plots? Sure, those factor in greatly. But another way Scandal has boosted its popularity is through Twitter. The cast live tweets the episodes and encourages fans to get out there and tweet about the show. Another show that gets a Twitter boost: ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. By far that network’s most popular and most watched show, PLL using hashtags on screen during the episodes to engage with the viewers and to get Twitter discussions going. Twitter has become such a ubiquitous aspect of the television viewing experience that even Nielsen, known for its behind the times rating system, has begun to incorporate Twitter statistics into its TV viewership ratings. 32 million people tweeted about television last year.

What does this mean for your business? You should be using Twitter. According to Nielsen, US brands that used a Twitter ad campaign alongside their TV ads increased sales 8-16% more than from television alone in November 2013. That’s quite a jump.

Twitter advertising works in three ways:

Twitter Ad Targeting: Start a conversation in your TV ad, then follow it up on Twitter by using your company Twitter handle and hashtags in the ad.

Twitter Conversation Targeting: Twitter has a database that can determine when and where your company’s ads ran, so Twitter knows what TV program was on when your and ran and can use that to determine who the viewers that likely saw your ad were. You can use that information to target specific customer groups. Live tweet the shows or use show related hashtags in your tweet to make sure you reach the right audience.

Twitter Amplify: Bring your TV ad campaign directly to mobile users.

Using Twitter in conjunction with television advertising could be a great way to reach more customers and reach the customers who are more likely to want to buy your product. This will likely boost sales and help your company succeed. As we grow deeper into the digital age, it is certainly an advertising technique well worth checking out.

Image by Esther Vargas on Flickr Creative Commons.

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21 Of The Best Sources For Online Advertisers

Posted September 11, 2014 by fran @ 4:21 pm

Looking to brush up on your ad knowledge? We’ve put together a handy list of resources you can check out.”

Top 10 Websites For Online Advertisers

1. Google AdWords– Google AdWords allows online advertisers to reach local online customers. This is done by online advertisers creating pay-per-click-ads that will only appear when someone searchs a specific city, state, or region.

2.– Great place for online advertisers to get information, training, and events on the greatest online marketing and e-commerce.

3.– Specializes in search engine optimization, back-link building, and social media marketing.

4.– Excellent choice for Turn-Key email marketing and surveys. Advertisers can create, send, and track professional style newsletters and champaigns.

5.– Resource for online advertising, interactive marketing technologies, and online advertising.

6.– Gives online advertisers the opportunity to learn from professionals, get newsletters, aarticle’s, and how to guides.

7. Facebook Advertising– Not only does facebook connect advertisers with friends, family, co-workers, but it also offers advertising services with both image and text.

8. AdMedia Blog- Not to blow our own horns, but the AdMedia blog does offer plenty of knowledge for the people in the industry.

9.– provides free advertising and free metrics and tracking tools. It also creates attractive advertisement and text links and increases traffic.

10. – If you ever want to learn online advertising and marketing from a publisher’s perspective. You may want to check this out.

Top 10 Online Advertisers Books

1. The Online Advertising Playbook– Written by Joe Plumber, this book teachs principles, case studies, strategies, marketing objectives, and everything else you need to know about online advertising and how to do it successfully.

2. Marketing In The Age Of Google– Written by Vanessa Fox

3. Guerrilla Advertising– Written by Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin. Book discusses every aspect of a successful ad campaign.

4. Trust Me, I’m Lying – Written by self-confessed “media manipulator” Ryan Holiday, this is an excellent book that sheds light on what it takes to get buzz in the age of blogging and online media.

5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship– Written by Peter Drucker. This book tells all the best entrepreneurial strategies and sources for innovative opportunity.

6. Confessions of An Advertising Man– Written by David Ogilvy. Discusses all angles management and advertising.

7. Here Comes Everybody- Written by Clay Shirky, embarks into technology and social media.

8. Ogilvy’s on Advertising– By David Ogilvy talks about which advertising techniques work and which do not, with examples.

9. The Anatomy of Buzz– By Emanual Rosen a classic business book

10. Advertising on The Internet– Teaches up to speed advertising techniques, basics on contracts, pricing, budgeting, and ad design. Written by Robbin Jeff PhD

Top Training Program For Online Advertisers

1. The SEO Book– This training program is run by Aaron Wall who specializes in online advertising. Online Advertisers can subscribe to the program for a small fee and learn all the aspects of online advertising that will make them successful in their efforts.

Image: on Flickr
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How to Maximize Search to Get Readers to Your Company Blog

Posted September 4, 2014 by fran @ 2:56 pm

One good way to interact with customers and create more traffic to your company website is to create a blog. Through blog posts your company can engage with topics that are relevant to your industry and products. Blogs should be interesting and informative so that people will want to read them. Once you have attracted readers to your blog, you are much more likely to get customers to view your products and services naturally since they will already be on your website.

What to include in a blog post?
Blog posts can and should incorporate information about your company and what you do and sell and can be a great advertising source for your company, but they should not do this exclusively. The company blog should deal with a range of subjects that incorporate other ideas and are not just a marketing launch pad for your company. If people want to learn about your products, they will click on the relevant links. They were probably drawn to the blog to see interesting content, not to be hounded with advertising tricks.

Once you have developed a blog and started writing posts, you need to get your message out there so people will hear about your blog and click onto it. So how do you get people to view your blog?

First, the blog content is important. It should be specific and tailored to a niche audience so that it will be among the first options that pop up in a search. It should reflect your company.

The style should be engaging and you should get to your point quickly. People need to know why they should devote their time to your blog up front. You want your readers to be invested so offer them a reason to keep reading from the get go.

Use Titles to Maximize Search Benefit
Make sure to use attention grabbing, concise, and specific titles that directly relate to the content and your company. Use the same key words again and again in titles so each of your posts show up on search engines and to make sure that they are optimized for your target audience. It is not just about getting the message out there. The really important factor is getting your message to the people who want to hear it and will be more likely to actually read your blog and have interest in your company.

Image by Christian Schnettelker on Flickr Creative Commons.

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Why Small Businesses Should Look into Online Advertising

Posted August 29, 2014 by fran @ 9:43 am

Why should small businesses think about going digital when it comes to advertising? The answer is simple: it’s on the internet that you’ll reach most people these days.

But what about the traditional means of advertising for small businesses? If you’re small, you’re probably limiting yourself to a local clientel: your target customers are going to be your friends and neighbors. What’s the point of putting up a website that attracts folks in New York City if you are operating a plumbing service in San Jose? Wouldn’t it be better to spend your money on direct mailings? ads in the local newspaper? listings in the yellow pages? your logo on bowling shirts and little league jerseys?

Well, think about it this way: how many eyes are actually going to see those promotions? I can speak from experience here: every piece of advertising that comes into my mailbox goes instantly into the recycle bin. I don’t even read the newspaper published for my county. Yellow Pages? Good grief, I don’t even keep my phone directory anymore. All my relevant phone numbers are on my smart phone already, and if I want to call a business, I’ll google them on the internet. And so, I think, will just about everyone else under the age of 65.

Let’s face it, we’ve bought wholeheartedly into the internet. Our eyes are fixed to the screen for hours throughout the day. The internet is our all-purpose go-to place for information. So shouldn’t small business owners be taking advantage of these facts to adjust their marketing strategies?

If your idea of high-tech strategies involve Madison Avenue ad-men and Super-Bowl extravaganzas, think again. On-line advertising can be inexpensive, easy to create, focused, and far-reaching. All you need is a computer with internet access, and a modicum of skills…..or an assistant with these skills. Inexpensive software is available to help you create banners, pop-ups, and side-bar ads.

Probably the most exciting, creative, and effective internet marketing is being done today on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter, to name just a few of the giants in this regard. Using imagination and style instead of big bucks, small businesses can get their message out there; can use niche marketing to target customers in a specific town or even neighborhood; can streamline their activities to reach target customers; and best of all, can be available for web-searches 100% of the day and night.

For the small-business owner with imagination and drive, the internet offers some really amazing advertising opportunities.

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