It’s Now Possible to Stream Live Videos on Twitter and Interact with Viewers in Real Time

Posted March 22, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 11:48 pm

To Make Livestreaming Easier Users can Also Plug into Periscope, Twitter’s Video Streaming App

The microblogging site, Twitter is betting big on video – it will offer an API or application program interface, as an advanced and simpler option over its live video app, Periscope. This new API will make it easier to stream video from cameras and other equipment. It remains to be seen in what way and how effectively the new API will help journalists and brand managers create new instant content. Twitter has been looking at live streaming of video in order to attract more users to sign up for newer accounts. It has signed deals with the National Football League, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League which indicates its confidence about the API helping it get more users to sign up.

With the new API, users will now be able to stream live video right from Twitter, without even having to download its video app, Periscope which Twitter acquired two years ago. The new API has enabled Twitter to plug in streaming technology into hardware, software and cameras that allows users to broadcast videos live without using either the Twitter or Periscope apps. The API has Switchboard Cloud, Telestream, Teradek, BrandLive and Livestream. The Switchboard Cloud software allows users to stream videos to both Twitter and Periscope together; it also supports YouTube and Facebook. On the other hand, Livestream has a Mevo camera that uses Wi-Fi and LTE to shoot live footage that can be shared to the Livestream platform, Facebook and now on Twitter.

The investment in Periscope is not the first time Twitter tried to loop in video streaming. Prior to that, Twitter had acquired Vine, in 2012. It’s an app that allowed users to make 7-second looping videos but for reasons best known to Twitter it neglected the service, and eventually shut down the app. Thereafter, in late 2014, Twitter quietly acquired Periscope which was at that time a startup that had barely come out of incubation and was still some time away from releasing a product. Now, on Twitter’s new API, to broadcast live videos, tap “compose new tweet” then tap the “LIVE” button; this will bring up the pre-streaming frame. When you’re ready to shoot the video, tap the “Go Live” button. One very good feature of the new API is the interactivity it offers. Users watching your video broadcast can interact with you by sending comments and likes in real time.

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A Wellness Conscious America Forces Beverage Companies to Spend More on Bottled Water

Posted by Rashmi D @ 4:01 am

In 2016, for the first time, the average American consumed more bottled water than soda – the trend is unmistakable

Major beverage brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nestle and many others are adjusting their marketing efforts in relation to the new reality – growing health consciousness and awareness of the negative effects of sugar drinks among Americans. Nestlé’s “Greatness springs from here” campaign is a good example of the wellness reality as it shows how an 88 year old volunteer ambulance driver in Maine is leading a healthy and energetic life of service to society…and yes, she prefers Nestlé’s bottled water, Poland Spring, Nestlé’s bottled water brand in Maine. PepsiCo, the aggressive marketer, as always, likes the big stage and it was no surprise to see it launch its new premium water brand, Lifewtr at the Super Bowl on February 5, 2017. In fact, rival Coca Cola is matching the aggression and its promotional spends on its bottled water brand, Smartwater has doubled like that of PepsiCo and Nestle. It’s a water war that’s gradually taking over the sugar drinks market in the United States.

Annual bottled water consumption is more than that of sugared soda drinks for the first time in 2016 – 39.3 gallons of water consumed by the average American against 38.5 gallons of carbonated soft drinks. This is the finding of the Beverage Marketing Corporation whose chairman and CEO, Michael Bellas, stated, “Water became No. 1 last year on a volumetric basis. It’s being driven by health and wellness trends, it’s natural, local and has this wonderful good for you halo. It hits all of those buzzwords.” Speaking about the promotional spending on bottled water by major brands, he said “The marketing support has been relatively small. “It’s a very tiny amount compared to the other beverage categories, but certain companies are really leading it—Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé. It’s not so much that the category is exploding but that certain companies are spending more.” These are early days though.

However, it isn’t just about spending more; it’s about creating a brand that consumers want to connect with, explained Nestlé Waters’ CMO Antonio Sciuto, “What’s happening in the consumer landscape is that consumers are increasingly growing cautious in what they are eating and what they are drinking. The new focus on wellness is changing the habits of the American consumer where they are consuming more fluid, more vegetables and a lot more water.” Ruth Bernstein, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Yard, a strategic image-making agency, summed up the future of carbonated sugar drinks candidly; “It’s clear that soda sales are suffering in the US. From heightened consumer awareness on the health implications of sugar drinks, to government interventions in the forms of sugar taxes, it’s not an easy time to be in the business of selling a soda. It’s no surprise then that the big players are broadening out their offering.”

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Burger King Wins Yet Another Cannes Lion – 2017 Marketer of the Year

Posted March 21, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 3:00 am

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced its choice of the Creative Marketer of the Year 2017 – it is Burger King, the global restaurant brand for its inspiring creative communications. The award will honor Burger King for its campaigns like Proud Whopper, McWhopper Proposal, #WhoIsTheKing, Whopper Freakout, Whopper Virgins, Whopper Sacrifice, King Games and Subservient Chicken. According to Fernando Machado, head of brand marketing for Burger King, “This award is a tribute to the consistently strong creative work done by the Burger King brand over time, and we look forward to celebrating it with all of our partner agencies during the Cannes Lions festival.”

At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Burger King has won 76 Lions which includes the 2016 Grand Prix in Print & Publishing as well as a Grand Prix in the Media category for Y&R New Zealand’s “McWhopper” campaign. “Creativity is a critical factor when it comes to helping us stand out from the pack and punch higher than our weight. This principle is applied to everything we do, from the way we differentiate ourselves by flame-grilling our burgers to the groundbreaking advertising campaigns we create,” said Burger King CMO, Axel Schwan, in a statement.

Chuck McBride, founder of creative agency, Cutwater, referring to BK’s King Games campaign, noted, “They took an advertising icon and turned him into a real character, and turned the character into a game, and the game into a real business model.” He was all praise for the agency in this case Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, who did what shops weren’t able to figure out. Summing up, Jose Papa, managing director of Cannes Lions, said, “Burger King is a brand that’s built a reputation for marketing campaigns that are bold, courageous and innovative, constantly challenging the limits of creative excellence. Burger King believes that being a brand with purpose can achieve long-term advantages and deliver strong business results. That’s why the company is making such an impact.”

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LG’s exciting Campaign for its New Refrigerator and Pedestal Washer with NCAA Mascots

Posted March 20, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 12:38 am

72andSunny created the spots for LG to present the innovative appliances

LG is showcasing its newest home appliances, and how they fit into your busy life, in yet another new campaign launched during March Madness. Created by the ad agency 72andSunny the campaign, “Life’s Not Perfect. Life’s Good,” showcases LG’s appliances, the SideKick pedestal washer and the InstaView door-in-door refrigerator. The campaign has eight TV spots, and the first two will run during the NCAA Final Four tournament featuring college mascots like Ralphie the Buffalo of University of Colorado, Spartan of Michigan State, Benny Beaver of Oregon State and Wildcat of University of Kentucky.
The ad spots show the mascots knocking on the refrigerator door to see what’s inside. Each mascot finds food that is appropriate for him. For instance, the refrigerator stocked with chunks of wood is for the Beaver, while the refrigerator filled with protein shakes is for Spartan. David VanderWaal, VP of Marketing at LG Electronics USA, says, “Authenticity, and recognizing that life’s not perfect, is at the heart of our brand promise. We coupled that with the passion points of where our consumer lives, and entertainment, sport and culture are all things they’re invested in.”
Hosting a “Knock for Beats” activation in New York on March 7, LG presented the features of the InstaView refrigerator with an interesting theme. Using the “knock knock” beat, it recreated covers of pop songs that start playing whenever anybody knocks on the door of the refrigerator. “It’s a unique opportunity for us to showcase our products. We’re entertaining our customers in a new and disruptive way,” said Peggy Ang, Senior Director of Brand Marketing for Home Appliances at LG.

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Creativity is the Art and Science of Achieving Objectives Effectively and in an Interesting Manner

Posted March 17, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 2:58 am

It requires lateral thinking which may or may not adhere to conventional rules and norms

A direct marketing company had a poster at its front office which showed an illustration of a scene from a forest. A lion was watching some deer at a watering hole from behind tall grass. The caption read – ‘In the African Savannah, a gazelle wakes up to realize that he will have to beat the fastest lion to see the next sunrise while a lion wakes up to realize that he will have to beat the slowest gazelle to see the next sunrise.’ The target audience in this case is the sales staff of the organization and the message was – this market is like the jungle where only the fittest survive. Of course, it is a metaphor, but it conveyed its message in a rather interesting way and also quite effectively.

Remove the burden of orderliness

This was a typical case of a direct marketing organization telling its team members to make every effort to perform as per the company’s expectations or perish. At the workplace, every action has an objective and there are two ways to achieve it – conventionally or creatively. Because the objective involves interaction with a demanding target audience, there has to be style and substance in how the job is delivered. A study by the University of Minnesota found that people are more prone to think creatively in an untidy environment where every object appears to be out of place. One of the likely reasons for this could be that the untidy surroundings remove the burden of orderliness in an individual. Creativity requires one to unshackle his mind from the burden of boundaries, processes, systems, logic and reasoning among other virtues. There is no particular process that one needs to follow in order to get his “creative juices flowing.” He just needs to remember his priorities and objectives and try to achieve them in the most efficient and effective way. At the same time, his effort should convey the benefits of his action in an interesting if not exciting way.

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The Shoppers Would Like to Purchase Directly From Brands

Posted March 13, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 11:17 pm

On-line shopping now becomes the trend

On Thanksgiving weekend during the peak holiday shopping season in 2016, 108.5 million Americans shopped online which was over 10% more than the number that shopped offline, on brick and mortar stores, numbering 99.1 million according to the National Retail Federation. Never before, had the number of online shoppers been more than those who preferred shopping in the conventional manner, on brick and mortar stores. This is a turning point in marketing and it is expected to continue overtaking the number of offline shoppers in future.

The other important aspect of these statistics is that, around 82% of the shoppers would like to purchase directly from brands if they have an option. So, how are brands adjusting to this new reality and are they developing their websites and portals well enough to tap this flood of new customers looking to buy online from brands directly? Strangely, the answer is no, because right now just a few major brands are making use of this opportunity. Change takes time, but unfortunately for most brands today, the sooner they adjust to the new internet reality, the better prepared they will be to gain from that.

Many brands are just happy to link their ads to certain marketplace sites which are like superstores that host numerous brands under a single roof. There’s nothing wrong with taking up space in a marketplace but that should not be done at the cost of setting up your own online store space in your website or better still, a website exclusively for your brand. It’s understood that building and sustaining offline exclusive stores for your brand across multiple locations is a huge challenge but hosting an online store is comparatively easy and importantly for you, it will be accessible anywhere in the world. Just plan your delivery logistics well.

It doesn’t really make good business sense to not have your customers buy your products from your own website. Why would you send your customers away to another online super store to buy your product when that can be easily done on your website? Pack your digital outreach, with informative content and videos as well as communicate on social media channels to reach out to your customers. Get them onto your site to not just look up what they require but also encourage them to make purchase decisions and complete their transactions on your website. That’s the way to leverage the rising flow of customers wanting to buy online.

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Marketing Heads Now Invest a Lot More on Programmatic Advertising

Posted March 9, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 4:22 am

Programmatic advertising uses algorithms to allow buying and selling of advertising space in real time

So how does programmatic advertising help you get the most out of your investment? It offers a bidding system that automates the buying and selling of advertising space by using advanced software to optimize the transactions. Today, marketing is a lot more complex function with many more elaborate elements forming part of it, than was the case earlier, while launching and sustaining campaigns. There are many tools available to help you focus your spending on the strategies that you think, will be most effective. AdRoll, a leading retargeting firm, in its 2017 “State of Performance Marketing” report makes some useful suggestions on newer techniques that will prove beneficial for marketers. AdRoll’s findings are quite amazing – over 70% of marketers are running programmatic ads on social media, over 50% use it for campaigns on mobile platforms and close to 40% employ it for video marketing. This kind of advertising running on algorithms, that target specific advertisements to specific target groups, is now the ‘hottest’ thing in the world of marketing especially the world of social media marketing, mainly because it has speeded up the process considerably. Here’s a rundown of how programmatic advertising figures in the advertising spending pattern: Social Media – 77%, Mobile – 53% ,SEM – 38%, Video – 37% and Display – 32%.

As compared to 2013, when just 7% of marketers spent more than 50 percent of their budget on programmatic advertising the figures today are quite exciting. There’s no doubt that the results are better than what most people expected, more so in advertising, where ROI (Return on Investment) has always been the ‘big’ issue. Programmatic advertising has arrived with a lot more purpose and precision about where the money spent on advertising is going and what is it bringing back. AdRoll has proven that effective retargeting requires marketers to understand user behavior much better and pay a lot more attention to retargeting. That’s because users these days switch devices and platforms very fast, and therefore marketers need to be equally smart in utilizing the data they already have access to, particularly the social data.

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Women are Equally Competent in every sphere of life – United Colors of Benetton

Posted March 8, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 4:10 am

Benetton’s way of changing the mindset of society through “Women empowerment program” campaign


Valentine’s Day 2017 saw huge success and overwhelmingly positive response to “United by Half” campaign of Benetton, made by Creativeland Asia and debuted in India. On the International Women’s Day, in their latest campaign, “Women Empowerment Program,” United Colors of Benetton spread the message across the globe asking women to unite and fight for their equal rights. This women’s empowerment program is aimed at supporting women in every sphere of life. In the campaign, they display strength in every walk of life be it in decision-making, in sports, in equal opportunity for education, in jobs and much more.
The ad begins with a voiceover of a young bride standing next to her husband with a sword in her hand and saying, “We are not the better half or worse definitely not the weaker half.” The ad focuses on the strength of women by showing a woman replacing a punctured tire in a car. The campaign shows women of different age groups achieving success in every sphere of life and work they choose to do. The film ends with the message that “women have been denied their equal half for too long, let us unite for the equal half”.
This ad was originally focused on social issues prevalent everywhere in India, supporting and assisting deprived women. Gianluca Pastore, worldwide communications director for United Colors of Benetton, said. “This year we have understood that probably could be used as a kind of icon for our program, the Benetton women empowerment program. We want to make people aware of our Benetton women empowerment program. We want to go from just a social awareness campaign to social commitment,” Pastore added. This program is a big stride towards changing the mindset of society and getting women an equal and respectable position in every walk of life.

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Coca Cola’s New Message ‘Taste the Feeling’ Underlines Inclusion and Diversity with Simple Events from Everyday Life

Posted March 6, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 5:56 am

A subtle and simple effort to overcome social barriers that divide people

Coca Cola is replacing its long-running ad campaign, ‘Open Happiness’ with a new global campaign, ‘Taste the Feeling’ that supposedly makes the transition from a high profile idealistic position to a simpler and more contemporary approach that tries to scale social barriers. The new ad campaign comprising a number of ad spots, carry the same message conveying inclusiveness and harmony in diversity. The ads of the ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign are designed for a global audience with simple stories from everyday life and hardly have any dialogue. The themes have different meanings for different parts of the world, although the underlying message is the same in all – Coca Cola brings people across races, sexes and classes, closer. In the new ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign, one of the ads, titled ‘Pool Boy’ shows an entire family lusting for one individual, in this case, a young man cleaning their swimming pool. Made with the idea of diversity and inclusion in the LGBT community, the ad has siblings, sister and brother eying the Pool Boy before they set out on a mad rush to get a coke for him only to find that their mother had already reached him not just with a Coke but a sandwich as well.

One ad titled, ‘Elevator’ has a rap star and a hotel steward stuck in an elevator following a power failure and make good use of the time dancing with Coke. Another ad titled ‘Subway’ has a music company executive finding what appeared to be a great talent to be nurtured as he stopped over for a Coke. There are other ads in the campaign made to fit different cultures.This transition coincided with major changes taking place in Coca Cola’s global marketing team; Wendy Clark, the high profile senior vice president, marketing communications, quit in 2016, a year after Joe Tripodi quit as CMO. Clark worked closely with Tripodi to run the “Open Happiness’ campaign, which was cruising till he quit and was succeeded by Marcos De Quinto who had different ideas. However, it was not until Rodolfo Echeverria, VP, Global Active Lifestyle took over the responsibility of providing creative direction to the transition from ‘Open Happiness’ to ‘Taste the Feeling.’

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Ordering Pizza During March Madness From Pizza Hut Just Requires Pressing a Button on a Sneakers Tongue

Posted March 3, 2017 by Rashmi D @ 3:20 am

Pizza Hut creates a special Hi-tech High Top configured to a special app that receives the order when the button is pressed

March Madness is on and along with it some interesting ‘methods to the madness’ are doing the rounds. Pizza Hut is offering a set of limited-edition high-top sneakers that use geolocation to allow wearers to order and get delivery of their pizza wherever they are. Brainchild of ad agency, Droga5, the high top sneakers nick-named ‘pie top,’ were handmade by the Shoe Surgeon, who is none other than Dominic Chambrone, a legend in the custom sneaker business.

All that a wearer has to do is press a button on the tongue of the sneakers to connect with a special Pie Tops app (owned and operated by Pizza Hut) and order his pizza. The ad spot featuring NBA great Grant Hill, makes it really easy to understand. Frankly, there’s nothing much to understand about this March Madness innovation from Pizza Hut…just press the button on the sneakers and get your pizza. Droga5, which replaced Deutsch as the ad agency for Yum Brands, the parent company that owns the Pizza Hut brand, had a simple brief – to create something that pushes up sales. Droga5’s response with the Pie Top ordering button was lapped up by the Yum Brand management no sooner it was bounced to them. David Daniels, VP – media and advertising, Yum Brands, bit into Droga5’s idea, hook, line and sinker. “We loved it. This is one of those ideas that as soon as we saw it, we wanted to buy it. It hit everything we wanted to communicate in this window in a fun, really relevant way. And it was beautifully tied to the thematic of the tournament and the season,” he exclaimed.

The innovation fits in to Pizza Hut’s online promotion for carryout or delivery. It was necessary to focus on the ease of ordering online especially to show a customer how easy it is to order a pizza from Pizza Hut using different digital devices and modes like, phone, tablet, laptop, Alexa-enabled devices, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and other social media platforms. Daniels explained, “As far as we know, this has never been done before. We feel it’s highly culturally relevant. Sneakers are hot. We’ve enlisted a really cool professional to design these shoes for us—the Shoe Surgeon out of L.A.”

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