Boost Sales and Engagement Using Videos

Posted April 4, 2012 by fran @ 1:12 pm

The claim that “video can do wonders for your business” isn’t just an empty marketing shtick from video companies. Studies have shown that videos are two times more likely to appear on the first page of Google compared to plain text pages. Additionally, it’s a known fact that most people are drawn to images more so than words, and that often, moving images can communicate things faster and easier than sentences and paragraphs.

A new study by comScore further supports this; last week, the research company revealed that combining professionally-produced video content and users-generated vides can actually boost sales effectiveness. The study, which was conducted in collaboration with online video community EXPO, aimed to measure how professional videos and user-generated videos complement each other.

In their research, comScore and EXPO rounded up a group of consumers to participate in a “veiled exercise” to determine how effectiveness of professional videos, user-generated videos, and both together. In this exercise, the researchers found that “Professionally-produced content generated a 24.7 point lift in Share of Choice for the featured product and a 16 point lift for the brand’s total line. User-generated product videos drove an 18.7 point lift in Share of Choice for the featured product compared to a 10 point lift for the brand’s total line. When exposed to both professional content and user-generated product videos, lift in Share of Choice for the featured product jumped to 35.3 points for the featured product and 28 points for the brand’s total line. This demonstrates not only the value of each of these media individually, but also the powerful combination when used together.”

The researchers also took a second group of consumers to go through a “cued exposure exercise.” After being exposed to the content, these consumers were surveyed to determine their responses to the videos. The results of the survey indicated that professional videos were more effective at being informative to users, while user-generated videos “were more successful at producing emotional intensity, key message communication, and ease of relating to.” However, the study showed that “When consumers were exposed to both professionally-produced and user-generated content, the combined increases were greater than for either of the individual media exposures.”

Indeed, it appears that videos are definitely a boon for businesses that want to put their brand and messages out there. Whether you’re a publisher or an advertiser, be sure to look into ways where you can you videos in your materials, websites, or campaigns.

A great way to do this is by incorporating ads in your videos. If you’re an advertiser, adding overlay advertisements can effectively put your brand in front of your target audience. You should also consider adding preroll or midroll video ads, allowing viewers to get front-row seats to your products and services. Just make sure that the ads are related to the content of the video. Talk to your ad agency and ask about their targeting features to make sure that your ads are only added in relevant videos.

Publishers can also benefit from adding overlays, prerolls, and midrolls to their videos, because it provides the opportunity to earn more revenue every time a user clicks on the ad.


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US Online Ad Spending Expected to Increase in 2012

Posted March 27, 2012 by fran @ 10:58 am

eMarketer predicts that US online display ad spending will see a 24.1% increase this year, to 15.4 billion. According to the research company, their “estimate includes spending on banners, rich media, sponsorships and video purchased across all major display ad inventory providers (e.g., publisher sites, networks, exchanges, DSPs, etc.) as well as social networks and mobile.” Meanwhile, social ad spend (ads across social networks, games, and apps) is expected to increase to 43% this year, while mobile ad spend is estimated to grow 80%.

Additionally, eMarketer reports that industry research firm Advertiser Perception did a study on display ad buying and found that “More than half (59%) of US marketers and agencies planned to increase their social media display ad spending on sites like Facebook in the next 12 months.” Moreover, 31% expected to grow display ad spending on ad networks and exchanges, while 29% intended to do so on publisher websites.

The rise of online ad spending across the board is truly a sign that we are now living in the digital age. People are online all the time—on their desktops and laptops, as well as smartphones and tablets, and the above-mentioned findings are indicating that advertisers are keeping up with their consumers.

Of course, while these findings spell good news for the online advertising industry, it also means that advertisers will have to work extra hard to grab users’ attention.  Before finalizing your advertising budget and funding your campaigns, check out the insights below on dealing with the hottest types of ads out there:

Display Advertising – There are a number of things to think about when running a display advertising campaign. You have to consider where your ads are going to be displayed and for how long. Be sure to get the corresponding numbers and stats for the websites where your ad will appear. How many unique monthly visitors do they have? How many impressions can they offer for your ad?

Mobile Ads – Perhaps the best way to keep up with your customers, mobile ads enable you to reach users even when they’re out and about. When running mobile ads, bear in mind that users are probably on the go, and they may not have the luxury of reading long copy or looking for the right buttons to click. With that said, ensure that your ad is very user-friendly. Make the call to action button easy to find and click, and if possible, create a mobile-friendly landing page, instead of leading users to your full site.

Social Ads – When it comes to advertising on social networks (and the games inside those sites), it’s crucial that you get into your target audience’s heads. Users who visit social networks and play games don’t have a lot of attention for ads. They’re in social websites to socialize and interact with their friends. However, this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t invest in social sites. This only means that you have to work a little harder to grab your audience’s attention. Make sure to target your ads as specific as you can. The more “relatable” your ads are, the more likely that they’ll notice them. Additionally, create ads that are more interactive. Instead of spoon-feeding your audience the information, inject the social factor to your ads. Turn them into a game or contest, and encourage users to share it with their friends. After all, that’s really what social media is all about.



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