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Supply-Side Platform Advertising and the Future

Posted September 2, 2016 by Rashmi D @ 12:33 pm

What do you usually do when business inventory for a certain product outsizes or outlives demand, hype and marketing?

Excess, unsellable inventory and the inability to deal with such a problem can be a sliding slope towards lowered profits and bankruptcy. Especially in the online business world where a business can be ruined overnight with bad business decisions.

When you see a store with an inventory sale or flash sale with items selling at deep discounts they are trying to dump excess inventory to make more room for new goods that will hopefully sell better.

Businesses that perfect such fire sale practices are doing sluggish business at best and delaying the inevitable, bankruptcy, at worst.

As a businessperson you need to know the market, the rules and prices of the market, how to sell on the market and who you should be selling to.

You give all of that up and lose money too if you are habitually holding inventory sales, ruing lost profits and hoping that the new incoming inventory will sell. Such a mindset is a cycle of self-defeatism and an assured road to ruin.

It is also a prime example of 20 th century business thinking. 21 st century businesspeople keep track of inventory, the demographics of who will buy such and prices are digitally kept market current so that inventory can be sold at market prices.

That is the power of supply side platform software usage. Supply side platform software is a way for businesses to keep track of and sell inventory via online automation and social media tracking.

Based on where consumers shop online, supply side platform software can initiate tracking and connection software that can target potential buyers online, track them, match them with unsold inventory and market the unsold inventory at market prices. That last bit is better than desperately selling off inventory at deep discounts for meager or no profits. Supply side platform software isn’t only just useful for online-only businesses. Brick and mortar businesses have been known to use supply side platform software to move out inventory that human workers couldn’t sell.

Supply side platform advertising can also allow you to sell advertising in an automated fashion. If you know your business and who to work with and who your demographic is, this, may be a very efficient way to do business. The technology is fairly new, but the rules of doing business from the past no longer apply. A lot of businesses fail because they do not take into account the possibilities of potential. From over-ambitious, media hyped start-ups to the reliable, stand-by businesses that have been operating for years.

The rules of doing business can change overnight. The tastes and preferences of customers can be fickle and unpredictable. A marketing strategy can fail.

It is important to take every online business and analytical advantage possible. The requisite tools and knowhow necessary for doing business in the digital age grows in number and becomes a little bit more complicated to do every day.

Don’t fear failure. All you can do is learn from it and grow from it.

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Retargeting Online Advertising Strategies Can Work For You

Posted August 19, 2016 by Rashmi D @ 1:11 pm

The fact is that we all live in the digital age, whether you want to participate in it or not.

Almost everyone has a Facebook profile, Twitter account, Instagram account, blog or internet presence of some kind today.

You need to develop a detailed plan as to how you will launch your online marketing plan for your business.

On which websites and social media platforms will you market your business? Can you start and maintain a weekly blog? Can you hire someone to do so? Can you collect customer info through email and build a valuable customer database? How will you market your business to that database? How will keep track of visitor traffic to your site? How will keep track of online sales?

Develop a system for success and plan exactly how you want your business to grow online. In the world of business, there can be no success without a plan. Retargeting could be the online advertising option that can works best for you, especially if you have an already existing customer database, larger corporate customer base or are two merging companies with large customer bases.

Retargeting is an online consumer behavior and tracking technique. When a consumer visits your website tracking cookies or pixels are pinged to their location. When the consumer clicks onto another browser or website, the retargeting software follows the consumer and instructs other websites and browsers to show advertising related to your business, no matter where the consumer goes on the internet.

According to most statistics only about 0.02 percent of consumers who visit a website usually buy something from it on the first visit. Retargeting treats the other 98 percent as potential future customer demographic to entice. has released statistics on the benefits reported by online companies that uses retargeting techniques. reported that they reduced the number of online consumers who would bail on paying for their digital shopping carts right before purchase by over 40 percent.

Of course, you must use concise business strategy if you use retargeting advertising techniques. It is will be easy to frustratingly annoy your customer base and worse, potential consumers, by bombarding them with endless retargeting ads.

Think about and brainstorm efficient strategies to engage your customer base before employing retargeting business techniques.
It can very much be worth your while to do so.

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The Continuing Business Potential of Contextual Advertising

Posted August 15, 2016 by Rashmi D @ 9:34 am

Placing advertisements solely on TV commercials, radio advertisements or in the steadily-nearing-obsolescence newsprint industry will not cut it anymore. Employing such 20 th century strategies solely is not forward thinking or moving. And in business, you have to move forward.

For example, marketing and advertising a movie today involves a lot more than just airing TV commercials. That is 20th century thinking, since a lot of people enjoy entertainment on smart devices and cell phones just as much as on conventional TV.

Today you would use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat and a host of other social media platforms. Every day there seems to be a new social media platform, app or innovation that is the top story of the news outlets

But today you have to take it further than that in the world of business.

There is some hesitancy with the use of contextual advertising, based on hacking and invasion of privacy concerns.

But continuing with that same logic, today’s consumer will proffer their basic or most intimate personal information for the sake of pizza delivery, virtual scavenger hunt mobile player games or just to but something online.

Today’s consumer is offering more and more personal information online to businesses, automated data mining software technology and third-party information collection vendors, voluntarily and enthusiastically I may add, in never before seen and ever more increasing numbers.

Contextual ads get a bad rep because it involves using behavior-recognizing software and internet history tracking software to present niche-realm focused advertising to specific consumer demographics.

However, the truth of the matter is that the information is out there. Many businesses pay a lot of money from third party data mining or intercepting collectors just to initiate their contextual ad campaigns.

If you are online with your business, embrace online advertising and already have a customer database, all you may have to do is ask for information or truthfully say that contextual advertising will custom design advertising to your customer’s online habits, and you may get positive feedback.

Information compiled in a survey by the Seattle Times found that almost 70 percent of the people asked replied that they found contextual advertisement to be useful, especially so if the website they visiting corresponded to what was being advertised.

The digital age has forever changed how business is conducted.

We can never go back. Today, people are becoming more and more reliant, attached and addicted to smart devices and being exposed to regular updates and advances in the technological arts.

You must create a marketing presence for your business online.

And if the information is there for the taking or better, asking based on already developed customer and business relationship, then you ought to consider how contextual advertising can best work for you.

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Display Advertising is a Major Business Tool for Success

Posted August 11, 2016 by Rashmi D @ 3:37 pm

The social media platforms of the internet are the marketing rules and tools of the 21 st century.

You need to understand them, use them and stay apprised of social media platform innovation if you want your business to excel.

If you are a businessperson, you must learn to adapt the way that you market your business. “Adapt or die,” may sound like sinister advice, but it is actually an apt quote when it comes to owning and operating a business.

You absolutely must stay abreast of the times. Learning how to do something different or in a new way is only as complicated as you make it in the end. You probably don’t balance your financial record keeping solely on paper, if at all, anymore. You probably use financial record keeping software to keep track of your books. And it probably took some training and a transition period to learn how to that.

Also, you had to learn to let go of the old ways of doing things. The old ways of marketing your business are becoming more outdated by the second. Using the internet to market your business is the future.

No one, absolutely no one, is going to work as hard as yourself to make your ambitions, dreams and plans for your business a reality.

Knowing how to market your business, knowing and understanding who your audience demographic is, and how to market to them is absolutely crucial for business success.

Display advertising is one of the simplest forms of online strategic advertising that you can invest in.

Actually, even though myriad forms of online advertising strategies, including targeted advertising, continues to grow with the expanding technology demographic, revenue from display advertising continues to grow.

Even in the face of anti-display ad environment. According to statistics from Display Benchmarks Tool, display advertisements have an average CTR or click-through- rate of just 0.06 percent. 54 percent of online consumers absolutely refuse to click on banner advertisements because they don’t trust them. As reported by PageFair, almost 200 million people word-wide employ some kind of ad-blocking software on their computers or smart devices. Still, according to Business Insider Intelligence daily, revenue generated in 2015 alone from display advertising topped $74 billion. Even in the face of almost daily advances in online advertising strategies and an anti-display ad zeitgeist.

In the 21 st century, the rules and tools of business operation that are needed to run a business have changed and adapted with the advent of the digital age.

Even if you are hesitant to embrace the most advanced or esoteric categories of online or mobile smart device advertising and marketing strategies, there is absolutely no reason for you not to embrace display advertising for your business needs.

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The Unlimited Potentiality of Mobile Video Advertising

Posted August 8, 2016 by Rashmi D @ 9:16 am

Marketing is the key to success.

You. Your company. Your logo. Your product. Your brand

They are all one and the same thing.

More to the point, today’s businessperson has to incorporate and concentrate all of the aforementioned characteristics, mix and stir in brainstorming sessions until you creatively encapsulate everything great about your business into an idea, quirky intellectual property or some such, and then translate into engaging marketing and promotional strategies.

Today’s businessman has to stay on top of trending technological advances, the newest in social media platform evolution and demographics tied to such. 20 th century business thinking, initiating a business strategy and standing back, no longer apply. New opportunities for advertising potential increase with every new upgrade or advance in technology multiply your chances and potential for successful ROI based on the use of targeted or niche-realm focused mobile video advertising strategies.

Today’s consumers are only too happy to provide their personal info, and more importantly, progressive feedback of service, to companies that provide quality products and service. Consumers today can order pizza from their smart devices with emoji icons. As a businessperson, you have to know what percentage or demographic of consumers buy via internet, their smart devices and such.

According to statistics developed by consultant firm Symphony Teleca, almost 65 percent of all people who possess a smart device will shop via the internet and purchase items via their smart device.

Business forecasts and projections for 2016 alone predict that almost 168 million people will purchase something via the internet this year.

It has been furthered projected that on average, each of those projected 168 million consumers will probably purchase around $2,000 worth of items.

Think about that.

Barely 20 years ago, a consumer, to buy something, would have had to walk into a brick and mortar establishment or buy a specific shopping-network item advertised on TV.

Today’s consumer can buy something from anywhere in the world. That also means that now consumers can also be target-advertised wherever they go in the world with their mobile smart device. Strategizing how to effectively market and promote mobile video advertising techniques and taking advantage of metadata mining from consumers willing to offer such information will only increase your profitability potential. More so when companies cater or direct specialized advertising to niche or targeted demographics.

Marketing and the promotional and advertising strategies that inherently grow out of a focused or niche-realm demographic marketing approach. Marketing is all about maximizing how to get as many people as possible to learn about your business all at the same time. Marketing is all about letting your customers know how to order what you sell. Marketing is all about building a customer base and continually strategizing ways to attract more potential, future and loyal customers. Marketing is all about knowing how to inject the right balance ratio of entertainment, information and persuasive selling to mix in an advertisement.

Most importantly, marketing in the 21 st century is all about using online video mobile advertising strategies.

In the 20 th century, advertising was all about targeting to demographics where they lived. Today’s consumer can be anywhere on Earth. It’s time to customize your advertising strategies to recognize such.

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The Limitless Potential of Online Video Advertising in the Digital Age

Posted August 4, 2016 by Rashmi D @ 2:39 pm

How long will you make tomorrow wait?

The rulebooks and common wisdom concerning how advertising and marketing can affect the bottom line of a business are changing every nanosecond.

In the 21 st century, the advent, burgeoning reach and positive engagement potential of online video advertising allows the modern business to reach even more people than ever before.

The limits of such advertising reach is only limited by the operational boundaries of current social media and online media platforms.

And the reach of social media platforms to engage potential consumers, from now into the far future, seems limitless. Especially at the progressive pace that technology advances itself every few months and years.

To put it another way, think about how physical products have become obsoleted in the age of digital media and downloadable music. The music business has not disappeared. Yet, if it doesn’t change all of the business rules and common wisdom concerning how music companies, and music artists for that matter, can make money and market music in the digital age, then it may lurch slowly but steadily towards obsolescence.

Your business cannot survive or thrive within a vacuum. Not even 15 years ago if you wanted to advertise your business to a wider, regional or national audience, you bought TV ad time, print space and radio time.

According to statistics compiled by Business Insider Intelligence Daily, well over 30 billion online video advertisements and commercials were viewed in the United States alone.

Revenue collected from online video advertising is projected to top USD $5 billion for the year 2016 alone, if current trends continue.

Also, online video advertisements have a click-through- rate of over 1.84 percent, which is a high mark, a bench march for all social and digital media platforms.

Today, if you do not take maximum advantage of online video advertising and marketing from a business strategy standpoint, especially when considering the fact that businesses large and small can now reach anyone with a smart device based on customizable metadata, then you might as well be running a business from within a vacuum.

Especially if you are solely and exclusively depending on your ad to reach people via TV, print or radio,

If you own a business or produce a product, then you need to sell that product. If you want people to patronize your business and buy what you produce, then people need to know who you are and what your business produces. They need to know why they need your product. And they

need to know where they can get your product.

It all boils down to marketing. Online video marketing.

And how much faster you can custom maximize metadata, on an individual and/or demographic basis, to the consumer than your competitor.

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Party with AdMedia in Vegas!

Posted January 6, 2015 by fran @ 4:48 pm

What happens in Vegas is so great, we can’t let it stay in Vegas! Team AdMedia is currently in Las Vegas checking out the 2015 International CES–one of tech’s biggest events.

But we’re not just here as attendees. AdMedia is also hosting an exclusive party at the Alibi Cocktail Lounge. The party is going to be held tonight, January 6, 2014, from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at the Alibi Cocktail Lounge in the ARIA Hotel & Casino 3730 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89109

If you’re part of the online advertising industry, then this event is a can’t-miss. It gives you the opportunity to rub elbows with Internet ad professionals, and you can even enjoy appetizers and bottle service on us. Indeed, if you’re mapping out your ad strategy for the rest of 2015, come talk to us and we’ll gladly discuss how we can help take your online advertising campaigns to the next level. Find out how AdMedia has enabled companies such as Enterprise Rent-a-Car, D-Link and Sony meet their campaign goals, and learn more about how we can help you do the same.

Want to swing by? Schedule a meeting here.

See you there!

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Recap: Halloween at AdMedia

Posted November 26, 2014 by fran @ 6:13 pm

Last month, Team AdMedia got together to celebrate the holiday that brings out the creativity in everyone–Halloween!

We saw some great costumes this year! One employee dressed up as a sheriff, another came to work dressed up as a librarian, and we even had someone dressed up as a geek.

It was almost a little too hard to pick just one team member to win our Halloween costume prize (a Kindle), but in the end, we voted for Jennifer, who came in dressed as a mermaid. Get a glimpse of the Halloween festivities below:



A Look at What Some Brands are Doing This Valentine’s Day

Posted February 10, 2014 by fran @ 1:52 pm

With February 14 just around the corner, we thought we’d take the time to put the spotlight on some of the advertising and marketing promotions that brands are implementing this week. If you’re still on the lookout for ideas that you can put into action this Valentine’s Day, below are some things that you can draw inspiration from:

Macy’s – The luxury department store got bitten by the love bug, and it wants everyone to know about it. In a press release published today, Macy’s emphasized that it has something for everyone this Valentine’s Day and shoppers can get the items they need online or from any of its 800 locations nationwide.

Macy’s highlighted some of its jewelry, fashion, gadgets, and home décor items that can serve as a great Valentine’s Day presents. It also used the announcement to plug its By Appointment, Personal Shopping Service for people who may need help selecting the perfect gift for this Friday.

Takeaway: Are you selling any products of services that would serve as great presents this Valentine’s Day? Put them out there by means of a press release. Doing so can help you get more exposure and even some media coverage.

Additionally, you can also leverage your V-day-worthy merchandise in your advertising campaigns. For instance, if you’re running display ads, be sure to include specific gift items in your ad creatives to inspire people to buy. You may also want to run remarketing ads on those items so you can gently remind shoppers to come back to your site and complete their purchase.

TGI Fridays – While Valentine’s Day is largely about dates and romance, it wouldn’t hurt to give some kudos to the wingmen (or wingwomen) who helped you get those dates. Popular restaurant chain TGI Friday obviously recognizes this which is why it launched the #THANKSWINGMAN Sweepstakes where it will be giving away $15 gift cards to 500 users who send a tweet to the chain with the hashtag #thankswingman

Takeaway: Launch a contest this Valentine’s Day! Come up with a great in-store or social media contest that offers prizes to customers who engage with your brand. The more creative, the better.

SNL Parody – On Saturday, SNL released a hilariously truthful spot about where men can shop for last-minute Valentine’s Day presents. Spoiler alert: It’s CVS. Click here to watch the ad, then when you’re done laughing, put the following tip into action:

Takeaway: Have a little fun this Valentine’s Day by posting humorous messages on your social accounts. It’s a great way to give people a laugh and can open up opportunities for shares, conversations, and engagement.

Image:  ButterflySha on Flickr

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Chase Teaches Us a Great Lesson about Targeted Marketing

Posted February 6, 2014 by fran @ 11:47 am

The holiday season of 2013 may be over and done with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capitalize on it anymore. In the example below, you’ll learn about Chase Bank’s recent campaign and how it managed to take advantage of last year’s holiday season… even after two months.

See, to promote its Slate credit card, Chase recently sent a letter to consumers inviting them to get the card and move their balances with zero balance transfer fees. The letter’s headline reads, “Move your holiday balances to Slate and pay no balance transfer fees.”

Why it’s clever:

Chase is being really smart with the timing of its campaign. It knows that a lot of people probably have large balances on their credit cards due to the holidays, and it’s using that to reel people into getting its credit card.

What you can learn from Chase:

One important lesson to this is that targeting your advertising or marketing collateral  isn’t just about looking into people’s location and demographic. Timing, purchase history, and previous behavior also play huge parts in how you should target your ads and marketing messages.

In your next campaign, consider implementing a similar tactic. Don’t just think about who your customers are or where they’re from, factor in what they’ve been doing, what they’ve been buying, and if it’s the right time to approach them.

By doing so, you’ll be able to deploy more targeted and spot-on ads, and convert more users.

How to implement advanced targeting:

So do you need a huge budget and sophisticated technology to be able to effectively target users? Not at all. Talk to your ad network about their advanced targeting capabilities and how you can apply them in your campaigns.

For instance, at AdMedia, we implement behavioral targeting features together with geo- and device-based targeting. This way, we can zero in on users based on their previous behavior, location, and even their device (i.e. PC or mobile) and thus serve up the right ads. This enables us to effectively grab user attention and generate more conversions.

AdMedia also serves up Remarketing ads which target users who have previously visited a website. These ads get an extremely high click-through and conversion rate because they are geared towards people who are already interested in product or service.

Ready to take your user targeting to the next level?

If you’d like to implement advanced targeting on your ads, get in touch with AdMedia today and let’s discuss how we can optimize your campaigns.

Image  Free Grunge Textures – on Flickr

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