Guide to LinkedIn Analytics for B2B Marketers for Full Success

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LinkedIn has evolved from what it used to be. It has evolved from the services it used to provide for the Social Media. It’s status of being just a job site. It has evolved as a big marketplace of Content marketing for B2B marketers. If we talk about the LinkedIn Analytics, the social site has quickly become a staple of B2B content marketing with a staggering 500+ million user base. So, if you are someone looking to share hyper-specific content to establish a proper community or want to contact the biggest persons in your industry or are struggling to find top-tier talent for your team, LinkedIn is the Place you should be.

How Can LinkedIn Analytics help generate staggering numbers for you?

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Content Marketing and its branding have become important components for success on LinkedIn. This is also true for companies and individual alike. So, if you want to grow, you will require to figure out the type of content. You must have an excellent messaging skill that people must revert too. For LinkedIn, the content which would work specifically is quite different from what it used to be for other sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For Starters, LinkedIn Analytics focuses on mainly three core areas:

  1. Company Updates
  3. Visitors

So, we check out as to how the LinkedIn Analytics is driven in the market and how marketers can make use of them easily.

Company Updates

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You get real freedom when it comes to company updates but there is a requirement of what’s working for them. On the company updates section on LinkedIn, you can easily check the factors behind the most impressions, engagement, and clicks.

The first part of your company updates contains the following:

  • Preview: Here you’ll see the title of the LinkedIn post as well as the option to view it in real-time. If you hover over the title, you’ll see a preview of the live post.
  • Date: The date the post was published.
  • Audience: This indicates whether the post was sent to all your followers or a targeted group.
  • Sponsored: This shows whether you paid to promote a post. If it was just an organic post, you can click on the “Sponsor” link to start a paid campaign to promote it.
  • Impressions: The number of times the post was shown to LinkedIn members.
  • Clicks: The number of times your company name, content or logo have been clicked.

Interactions: The number of engagements (likes, comments or shares) on your post.


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To understand the key components of LinkedIn Analytics, it is important that we understand if we are reaching the right people. This section provides insights into your audience on the platform as well as the total number of followers, their demographics as well as trends in the growth. The understand the follower demographics, you can view your audience by –

  • Seniority
  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Function
  • Employee Vs. Non-Employee


This is also the important section as far as the LinkedIn Analytics is concerned. It will provide data about your company page but not about the content there. The data points would include –

  • Page Views
  • Unique Views
  • Visitor Demographics


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What Must Brands Do to Improve SEO Without Creating Their Own Content?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most successful ways to quantify the websites and the content there. Not only can it bring the content to the specific users, it can also manipulate the brand value as well. The content creators have the ability to spread the brand awareness through their exquisite content on Social media sites through Instagram posts and Facebook pings. They can drive traffic to the site in various ways through high-performing content for paid ads. But apart from these tried and tested ways, there is one other way to create brand awareness – Improve SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization.

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This is one of the most underutilized Influencer marketing strategies where the brands do not prioritize content creator’s blogs to improve SEO. Through SEO, the bloggers can uniquely generate authoritative backlinks to the site and increase traffic substantially. This unique way is not easy to replicate on social media platforms.  There can be some differences to improve SEO as told in the following article. There are few best practices brands should consider when working with bloggers to optimize each creator’s blog post and get the best SEO results. Check out how you can improve SEO without creating their own content.

Have Your Product Name in the Post’s Title to Improve SEO

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When you submit your blogs to the search engine, the first and foremost submission is your blog title and the content is determined by the title of the blog. It is a big step in setting up relevance for the content. The brands must ensure certain parameters when partnering up with some bloggers. They must make sure to include the name of the brand in the first 65 characters of the title to improve SEO. This might seem odd but Google cuts off search engine optimization results after a couple of sentences.

This tactic is highly impacting on the Search engine and it draws attention to the post and increases SEO dramatically. This will improve SEO as compared to the generic title where the Brand names are missing or have been badly appropriated. In these cases, Google would have a difficult time associating the post with your brand and would deprioritize the post in searches.

URL and Permalink setting to Improve SEO

Search Engines like Google and Bing use the blog post’s URL to determine the type of content coming from there. If your SEO expert has carefully made the URL to the post, the search engine will find it relevant and increase its rankings. If the rankings of the post increase, the clickability of the post increases dramatically. Many bloggers while publishing their posts on search engines, they tend to modify the blog title in favor of the brand for better assessment.

Be Relative to Your Consumer to Improve SEO

It is highly suggested in marketing that you speak the language of the consumers. For that keyword selection is highly important. It is an important element of SEO and its importance is to increase the rankings of the site. A highly optimized blog post will speak the same language as your brand’s customer base. Think through the words that a potential customer might search for to find a piece of your content and ask the creator to include those words in the post. It is important for the content providers to synchronize their content in a way that determines the viability of their product. In simpler terms, the consumer must associate themselves with your content and buy a product based on the recommendation. They will only do that when they feel connected to the content. Hence to improve SEO, Keyword planning is highly important.

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Can Brands Change Their Fate Using Unpaid Influencer Campaigns?

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Brands have often been in dilemma in bringing the influencers on board their marketing strategy. They are susceptible to spend a budget on something, the outcome of which is not in their hand. This decision often lets them to not get into any sort of influencer marketing strategy. But this is more than what they often perceive. Brands tend to experiment with their marketing with some form of Unpaid Influencer Campaigns. They tend to bring these strategies to guarantee their investment into something fruitful. So, do these unpaid influencer campaigns work? Is it possible for some brands to bring into fore the unpaid influencer campaigns? Will the result be the same for both paid and unpaid influencer campaigns for marketing? Will the equation work on similar terms for influencers if they don’t get paid?

What can be the Issues arising in Unpaid Influencer campaigns?

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So, if your brand is planning to bring into the team the unpaid influencer campaigns, you are not alone. Thousands of such brands and some influencers too want to have such exposures. Influencers too tend to start off with such cases as they too want to test their skills in the advertisement. Often, the big influencers and celebrity endorsements tend to make big headlines, but most influencer collaborations happen at more reasonable rates and scale. Companies can receive positive ROIs by working with a large number of micro-influencers. They are eager to work without even having to pay them hugely. Investment in high-quality influencers and tools to streamline a large influencer program is necessary to see long-term, tangible returns. For some brands, it may be possible to run successful and unpaid influencer campaigns as well.

What factors determine if your brand qualify for Unpaid Influencer Campaigns?


Here are some of the factors which might describe if your brands qualify for unpaid influencer campaigns –

  1. Value of Products – The value of products go a long way in deciding if any of the influencers might say yes to unpaid campaigning. Luxury fashion products, cosmetics, and some electronic items have a huge fan following. These verticals have the potential to gain influencers who are ready to run unpaid campaigns.
  2. Popular or Viral Products – many influencers, in an attempt to enjoy popularity, vie to endorse some products which have gone viral. They are willing to work with trendy products, if not the brand. The brands can capitalize on the trend set by their brands to influence influencers.
  3. Non-Profits – Even though the influencers don’t have a fixed layout for CSR, they tend to help non-profits get recognition. They are often willing to spread awareness about nonprofits. Certainly, they too get the soft side of the people.

What Alternatives can you offer to run Unpaid influencer campaigns?

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There are certain alternatives to monetary compensation which your brand can offer to the influencers. Here are some of them –

  1. You can offer to feature influencer content on their social channels, website or other advertisements.
  2. Also, you can gift them your products cases for free.
  3. A long-term partnership proposal or affiliate partnership with the commission may be fruitful.

Acceptance rates for Unpaid influencer campaigns

Often, we see how some brands can run successful unpaid influencer campaigns solely on a gift-giving basis. So, after surveying both the brands and the influencers, we can conclude that the influencers can work at a discount for brands which they love. Working for a favorite brand even without any price can uplift their social aspects easily. As per Karlee Andrews @Madameandrews, an influencer with close to 150k followers,

“As for unpaid vs paid, I almost always charge…I put a lot of time and effort into producing content that fits with the campaigns that I work on. I know that I produce great content and I’m not afraid to say that I should be compensated for it… However, if the product is worth a lot and I love it, I will on occasion do work for trade”.

But brands should note that working without any payment can limit the number and types of influencers in the future too. Only willing and fan type influencers will work for your brand henceforth.

Finding the Right Set of Influencers

After talking to most of the brands and their testimonials, the influencers are willing to post content in lieu of products or other alternatives to money. The other products must resonate with the value of the work they are doing. So, it is important to find the right set of influencers to run unpaid influencer campaigns. To make the collaboration natural and authentic, it is important that the influencers align their likings with the product. You may also find the right set of influencers ready to run campaigns without even charging any money.

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How to Find the Impact of Influencers on Social Media?

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In the ever-evolving atmosphere of social media marketing, Influencers have started to play important role in socializing the markets. They have been at the center of marketing for brands in the present scenarios. Since the inception of influencer marketing, there has always been the chaos of finding the right person for the job and hence the right audience for the brand. Brands have sometimes randomly chosen their influencers without even giving it a second thought. The Market has made the marketers suspicious of the performance of the influencer in the context of the game. It becomes important we check the impact of influencers on the Social Media in this context.

Why should we check the Impact of Influencers on the Social Media?

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Given the celebrity culture we are currently following, the richer they get, the lesser effective they have started to become. Even the most famous of the influencers are asked whether their followers are real or fake. Whether they would follow them to any such brand or will they remain loyal to what they have been doing? Will, they engage and take their brands forward. So, how do we measure influence and make a notion as intangible as influence tangible? But to answer that, we must first define the true definition of influence these days. There are three such characteristics which define influencers and evaluate their impact on the Social Media. Check it out –


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Authenticity is the most important of the aspects of the current state of data bankruptcy in the world. It seems to be the bedrock of influencers lately. The more an influencer can be vulnerable and give us an unfiltered look into their lives, the more they feel authentic and like a friend. 39% of the online buyers say that they start to believe the product endorsed by their favorite influencers. Social media has made it easier for influencers to break down the fourth wall between celebrity and fans. But not every influencer archetype has been able to show up authentically on social platforms.

Digital creators have gotten into the lives of everyone and sometimes straight into every part of their lives as well. In Full screen’s recent study, Influence by the Numbers, we found digital creators get two times more likes/comments/shares per fan each month than traditional celebs or micro-influencers. But what should you do to measure authenticity? To measure it, you must apply certain metrics like frequency of personal stories shared by an influencer or likes and dislikes on the content. Here you can understand the strength of the human connection and engagements.


Another major aspect to assess the impact of influencers on Social Media is to judge the trust they are creating. This factor assesses whether the influencers are using social media to quickly become famous or a place to let their creativity flow? We found that 51 percent of followers of digital creators believed creators were making content for self-expression and creativity, compared to 39 percent who felt the same for traditional celebs. That pure intention translates into trust, not only for the influencer but also for brands. In fact, 39 percent of digital creator followers said that if a digital creator mentioned a product or brand, it would increase their trust in that brand (compared to 29 percent for traditional celebrity followers).

To assess the trust factor, you should check their commitment to their audiences. Are they continuously putting in content for their audiences? Are they still remain committed after setbacks? What is the average view duration to assess the content quality?


Unity in the Social Media is a pretty new concept. The technology has united us over the time. It decides as to how we make, maintain and grow our relationship with other people. In a recent YPulse survey, 48 percent of 13–34-year-old said they have connected with someone they never met. But how can someone determine Unity? To determine it, you can ask the influencers if they are bringing people together through engagements. Are they making such content which emphasizes on bringing together important people?

These are some of the aspects which are important in understanding the impact of influencers on the Social Media.

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PepsiCo all set to acquire Carbonated Drinks Machine Manufacturer SodaStream

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In order to enhance its market reach amidst growing competition and market share by rivals Coca-Cola. To expand its carbonated beverage reach to urban and semi-urban population PepsiCo is all set to acquire SodaStream, a company notification read. The company has announced its entering into an agreement wherein the Pepsi will purchase make-your-own-seltzer machine maker SodaStream for a whopping $3.2 billion or say $144 per share. This comes amidst the news of stepping down of its CEO Indira Nooyi after a 12 years stint at the helm of the company.

How is SodaStream useful for PepsiCo?

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PepsiCo has been under grind for its low market performance and shares in the recent times when the rivals like Coca-Cola has emerged to have the biggest market share in the beverage category. To strengthen its position in the Asian markets, SodaStream might turn out to be an exciting acquisition. SodaStream currently manufactures machines which helps the consumers to make Sparkling water from tap water, a technology it did patent. The company has enjoyed a huge surge in its business in the recent two years. Its stocks rose to 320 percent in the last two years as per a CNBC report. The purchase hence will help PepsiCo in growing its portfolio as a brand which is concerned about the health of its consumers.

How has PepsiCo Viewed this acquisition?

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As per the press release regarding the acquisition, PepsiCo has viewed this agreement as a venture into the journey of making its customers happy. It views the acquiring the company as for the next step in the ‘performance with Purpose journey. The company has plans to focus more on the health and wellness sector through environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions to beverage conundrum. PepsiCo outgoing CEO and Co-Chairman Indra Nooyi said in a statement, ‘“PepsiCo and SodaStream are an inspired match. Daniel [Birnbaum] and his leadership team have built an extraordinary company that is offering consumers the ability to make great-tasting beverages while reducing the amount of waste generated. That focus is well-aligned with Performance with Purpose, our philosophy of making more nutritious products while limiting our environmental footprint. Together, we can advance our shared vision of a healthier, more sustainable planet.”

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Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of SodaStream added, ‘Today marks an important milestone in the SodaStream journey. It is a validation of our mission to bring healthy, convenient and environmentally friendly beverage solutions to consumers around the world. We are honored to be chosen as PepsiCo’s beachhead for at home preparation to empower consumers around the world with additional choices.”

The news of the acquisition comes at a time when the company is set to see a top deck change in the form of its CEO Indira Nooyi who is serving her notice time at the company. She will be replaced by Ramon Laguarta, the current Head of Global Operations at PepsiCo. The acquisition has been unanimously approved by both the parties as well as the board of directors of PepsiCo. It is forecasted to become an official part of the company in January next year following a SodaStream shareholder vote as well as undergoing routine regulatory approvals.


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How Should You Build a Customer Intelligence Based Data Plan?

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Behind any industry and trade and product, data metrics play an important role. It’s the deal which brings the revenue for the companies and with GDPR in the town, the data plan might need to be revoked. The private data needs protection and in that scenario, the businesses need a proper planning. But data and data processing are not just a commodity but the necessary means to run the companies these days. It helps to understand the user pulse and their behavior over a longer period of time. These data channels help the brands to get closer to their potential customers and prospective buyers. They tend to make brands aware of the impediments to their marketing lack. So, there is a requirement of a customer intelligence-based data plan for a resurgence of businesses.

What is the need for Customer Intelligence based data plan?

Over the period of time, the brands who have created meaningful and transparent customer relationship have thrived for longer durations. Those who imbibe by the customer values have survived the long rope. Not because they have more data, but because they have more intelligence. So, in these scenarios, how would you rewire your strategies given the fact that the user intelligence has changed. How can the businesses use the customer intelligence-based data plan to accelerate their lead?

The key to resurge your business will begin with a proper strategy. How can you build a more direct relationship with your customers? What do you have of value to offer them? How can you use data to enable that value and is it worth the value exchange required? How does this advance your customer relationships and how can you now serve them with greater care, personalization, and distinction? Here are some of the methods in which you can build Customer Intelligence based data plan –

Data should be aligned with Stakeholder Requirements

The data you have been storing or marketing must have the consent of the stakeholders. It must be cleansed, corroborated and connected to solve the business problems. Privacy by design should be at the core of any data-enablement strategy, with good responsible governance as a foundation. Bring your IT, legal, and privacy teams together to create sustainable policies around data collection, processing, and management. And never collect data for the sake of having it for future use – if you don’t have a plan and policies set up in advance of any data capture, go back to step one.

Format Your Data

To establish a good relationship with your customer, your data must be correct. It should be clean and formatted so that it matches with other attributes and signals. There can be some inaccuracies in the data like mistyping of information, data that’s been poorly vetted. They must be properly formatted before you create a Customer Intelligence Based Data Plan.

Resolve to a single identity

This is the hard part. To resolve multiple fractional profiles to a single identity, you need a partner with a robust identity graph—one that provides a single unified 360-degree view online and offline, across channels and devices, that is accurate, persistent over time, and works as a durable match key underlying all use cases you are looking to employ. This identity then maps to everything from upstream customer intelligence and segmentation through onboarding and activation through all of your measurement efforts, then feeds it back again to make your activities smarter, more effective, and more efficient. An end-to-end system of identity is the key to successful data enablement.


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How to Use PPC Advertising for Effective Marketing?

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According to recent studies, paid ads get 65 percent of clicks in searches with high commercial intent. This can include a paid ad set up to target a specific audience. Take a look at how to set up new PPC campaigns for good returns. PPC advertising has become one of the most influential online marketing options for businesses. It is designed to engage people and lead to sales that can improve the bottom line. To make sure you do this the right way and launch a good PPC campaign, it’s best to understand the intricate details beforehand.

What Is PPC Advertising?

The term stands for pay-per-click advertising, meaning that each time someone clicks the ad, a set rate is charged to the advertiser. This rate can vary based on the agreement you’ve established beforehand.

You can use PPC to display ads for specific services or goods depending on what you’re selling. The goal is to put these ads in front of people who are already interested in the subject and might be looking for the product through search engines, forums or websites.

Setting Up PPC Campaigns

Establish a budget.

Start by establishing a daily, weekly or monthly budget as soon as possible. This is the set rate at which you will launch the ads. If you don’t have a budget, it is easy to start wasting money on failed campaigns. A set budget can streamline the setup and make sure it works according to your financial means. If not, it is easy to toss away money without even noticing it.

Look at the various rates and learn more about them before launching the ad on a platform. This will give you the gist of what’s going on and how much it will cost per click.

Set campaign goals.

You can only see the value of PPC advertising if you set goals for your business. This can include the number of leads you want to come in via ads or even the number of recorded sales per ad. All of this information should be tracked and kept in mind during the campaign.

By looking into and establishing these goals, it’s easier to avoid making mistakes. A PPC ad is only as good as the person running it. Setting goals helps you remain on top of things without failing.

Split-test ads and platforms.

Take the time to split-test as much as possible, whether with advertisements or platforms. You want to take all of this information into consideration beforehand. The goal is to determine how the ads will be run and how they will work.

For example, imagine one ad doesn’t work well but another does. You don’t want to keep running the failed ad because you don’t know which one is doing well. This happens all the time when you put up a bunch of ads and hope for the best.

Emphasize relevance.

PPC advertisements have to be as focused as possible because of the value they bring. Relevance is the name of the game because putting ads up in front of the wrong people will lead to inefficiencies. Targeting is essential for the long term.

Focus on a solution that is as relevant as possible. Take the time to sit down and write specific keywords that relate to your business and its products. The goal is to have a good feel for what you want to target.

Don’t ignore tracking.

Let’s imagine an ad has been set up and it’s time to start raking in new leads. How are you going to keep tabs on what’s working and what isn’t? This is where tracking can help, as it ensures each lead who engages with the ad is recorded. With Google AdWords, you can have all of this information listed in the main console online. It’s best to go through this information and set up a personal tracker as well. This reduces the wasted money from unrefined campaigns.

To Sum Up

PPC advertising can have a lot of benefits, but it is important to set things up properly. It takes time and a lot of work, but it is well worth the hassle. A good PPC advertising campaign can launch your business forward better than anything else could. This is why it is such an appreciated online marketing method: It works well and can change the outlook of a business in a matter of days or even minutes.

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Google Stores Location Data Even When Denied Permission – Reveals Research

Posted August 16, 2018 by admedia @ 12:28 am

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In a research and investigation conducted by Associated Press, Google seems to getting into a tough time ahead given the world mulling over stringent Data Protection laws. The investigation reveals deeper impacts on billions of smart phones all around the globe given the breach of code by Google. It has come out that Google has been storing the location data from the users on Google’s Android mobile phones as well as some Google apps on iPhones. This happened even after the user had denied permission to store any form of location data resulting in breach of privacy. In a statement, Google defended the privacy policy of the company clearing that its data compliances are clear.

What is the Location Data?

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Location data can be understood by users as the data of the locations they traverse to in their city or anywhere else. In our android phones and tablets, Google offers a user setting called the ‘Location History’ which records the location of the user when the GPS is signaled on. They do so in a time bound frame over a geographical map. The users can pause the opt in feature when they want the Google to not record their location history. As per Google, this means that the data will not be stored for that period of time when the feature was opted out. But the AP investigation demonstrated that  Google features did store the location history even when the service was opted out. “Even with Location History paused, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without asking,” the AP reported.

The report added that Google’s disclosure on the Google map saying it does not store the data when turned off was misleading and difficult to interpret.

How was the Investigation conducted about the Location Data breach?

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The investigation was jointly conducted by Associated Press and Princeton University Postdoctoral privacy researcher Gunes Acar. He demonstrated through an Android phone which he carried while turning the location setting off. Google tracked and recorded the locations where Acar travelled over the course of days when the service was disabled. The AP did also publish a map of the data where Acar traveled. The investigation also points to several such happenings where the location was tracked and stored even when the service was off or opted out. In such scenario more than 2 billion mobile phone users on Android OS might have compromised their location data over the time.

The user location data Google stores is scattered throughout a number of different settings, so turning off Location History doesn’t disable Google from collecting other forms of detailed location data about users. As the AP reported, Google’s storage of location markers under the site’s “Web and App activity” setting is automatically enabled.

What did Google have to say about the Location Data Breach report?

As per the Google spokesperson, “Location History is a Google product that is entirely opt-in, and users have the controls to edit, delete or turn it off at any time,” the spokesperson said. “As the story notes, we make sure Location History users know that when they disable the product, we continue to use location to improve the Google experience when they do things like perform a Google search or use Google for driving directions.”


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‘Under Armour’s Adrienne Lofton Headed to competitor Nike’, Sources Say

Posted August 6, 2018 by admedia @ 7:42 am

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Under Armour, the sports garment and apparel giant recently saw a shuffle in the top management when the news of Adrienne Lofton, the Company’s Marketing Executive walking away broke out. A similar news from that of its competitors, Nike, shedding its two marketing executives was doing the rounds more often. Sources highly placed in the company, as well as Trade analyst, suspect that Lofton might be going to Nike as there is an executive level vacancy there. Adrienne Lofton, on the other hand, has had not confirmed anything movement of that kind lately.

If we believe the two sources familiar with the matter, Adrienne Lofton, who had spent the last eight months with Under Armour overseeing the Global Marketing efforts have already accepted the position with Nike. The Global Head of Brand Management, Lofton, resigned from the company after around nine years and two stints with the sports apparel giant as per AdWeek.

Executive Level shuffle from Under Armour to Nike?

Image result for under armour and nike

Reports have been doing the rounds that Adrienne Lofton was offered an executive level position from Nike after it shifted two senior executives. The competition between the two athletic wear giants has grown obvious since Under Armour’s rise after 2005. But the report has yet not been supported by spokespersons for Nike and Under Armour who have not responded to request for comment on this story. Lofton too did not respond to the allegations of shift and the media queries about her new position at Nike.

However, it is highly motivating a fact that Adrienne might be going to Nike as the news of her resignation comes amidst a wrecking report of how Nike parted ways with its two top marketing executives. The fire of executives came after a controversy regarding the repeated complaints about inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Nike took actions by firing them.

Why did Nike fire its Two Top Executives?

In March, CEO Mark Parker issued an internal memo expressing his concern over “reports of behavior occurring within our organization that does not reflect our core values of inclusivity, respect, and empowerment.” Citing “strong and courageous employees” who had come forward, he wrote that the company would launch “a comprehensive review of our HR systems and practices along with elevating our complaint process for a matter of respect issues.” The two executives he was talking about were VP Jayme Martin and Brand President Trevor Edwards who was a potential successor to Mark Parker.

Such allegations were repeatedly included in subsequent reports by The Wall Street Journal who cited a ‘boys club’ at Nike where the aforementioned parties involved into a ‘demeaning and condescending’ behavior towards women. The report also cited that several women employees had circulated an informal survey about Pay inequality, gender imbalances, and misbehavior by the top authorities and executives Monique Matheson acknowledged in a memo acquired by the journal hat Nike had failed to properly promote women rights and minorities values within its peripheries.

What would Adrienne Lofton do at Nike?

Sources in Nike suggest that the company might offer Adrienne Lofton the vacant Position of Brand President as she has the correct expertise in the same field at Under Armour. But Lofton, given a condition where she accepts the position from Nike, will not be able to officially begin working at Nike for one year due to the Non-compete clause in the contract she had signed with Under Armour.

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PBS Documentary Confirms Facebook Revenue Downslide

Posted August 3, 2018 by admedia @ 8:15 am

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No year has been so harder than the year 2018 for Facebook. It has been receiving jolts and jolts one after another. As if the Facebook meddling in US election was not enough, Facebook losing 150 billion dollars in just one day even brokered its relations with investors too. As per Roger McNamee, one of the earlier investors in the company said the company was ‘willfully blind’ in the year 2016. This led to the decline in its revenue drastically and slipped Facebook out of the top five. After having been blamed for meddling in the general elections in the US, the company has again been blamed for interfering in the mid-term elections too. Now, a PBS documentary on Facebook shows how about the Facebook Revenue Downslide.

What is the PBS Documentary about Facebook Revenue Downslide?

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PBS’ Frontline documentary series has been giving final touches to its investigation into the scandals of Facebook. The Program has been named ‘The Facebook Dilemma’ and will air this fall. The producers of the Frontline and those involved in the program talked about the documentary at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in L.A. they also shared their insights into the deals of the social network.  The producers and the makes believe that the Facebook has lost its way into what it was first made for. Roger McNamee who invested and mentored Mark Zuckerberg from 2006-2009 has also been interviewed in the documentary. He said that he did approach Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg in October 2016 about how the way into the Platform being used. He believes that Facebook is being manipulated by bad actors and its ways and means seem to harm people who believed in its ways long ago.

But he was startled that the executives treated it like a public relations problem and not a business problem. “They treat the First Amendment like it’s supposed to protect them, not their users.”

‘A Paranoia department’ to sort Problems?

Image result for Facebook

The Producer of PBS’ Frontline documentary found out that Facebook requires setting a ‘Paranoia department’ which included independent researchers and critics. The job they would be doing to independently think through all potential problems. But they won’t do that and why would that be required? Because they are a company which required human solutions to problems and without much criticism at the helm, it would perfectly be a disastrous situation. They would require hiring “human beings … to think through some of the downstream consequences.”

Is Facebook Revenue Downslide a consequence of Silicon Valley Changes?

McNamee confirms that Silicon Valley’s irrelevant changes in the modern sector have definitely had a drastic impact on the functioning of the Facebook. He points out that there was never enough processing power or bandwidth for people to accomplish from 1950-2000 after which it underwent a series of changes. Earlier the companies used to “put a huge premium on experience, because you needed old folks to figure out how to get the most out of the little bit of stuff you had,” but that suddenly changed after 2000’s where you can blindly form a company without having enough experience – a move from the earlier prerogatives. These prejudices would let younger people with no organizational experience come into companies and inadequately handle the situations.





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