Most read Marketing and Media Stories of 2017

Posted December 29, 2017 by admedia @ 1:26 am

2017 has been a year of controversies while still being the year for most the groundbreaking innovation in the marketing strategy as well. There was a sudden rag to richness for some while it was completely opposite for some on the other side of the aisle. What becomes is the astonishing approach it leaves us within the field of marketing, advertising and PR going into 2018 where they can be utilized properly. Here are some of the most read marketing and media stories of 20017 which were instantly recognized –

United Airlines Passenger Fiasco

United Airlines was hammered hard with tweets going over its head over alleged passenger reallocation in a harassing way by one of its in-flight attendants. It resulted in stock price fall for its parent company United Continental as it fell as much as 6.3%  in pre-market trading, dropping $1.4 billion from the now $21 billion company by market cap. What made stories was a twitter trend ‘Boycott United’ proving a boon for other airlines such as Southwest Airlines, Delta, and JetBlue. This made the marketing stories space in the earlier months of the year becoming worldwide ones.

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad trolled for sparking racial discord

Kendall Jenner made into the limelight when one of the Ads for Pepsi featuring her where she hands a can of soda to a police officer during a peace protest sparking a backlash online in April. The spark spread so much so that it was pulled down by the twitter after some time. The protest in the Ad, which meant unusual and un-purposeful, is attended by Kendall Jenner who heads towards one of the grim-faced police officers and hands him a drink. Some tweets compare the image of Jenner handing the can to the Police officer to the award-winning photo from a Baton Rouge, LA protest against police brutality last July.

President Trump’s $50 St Patrick’s Day Cap with mistake sparks Twitter fun

The criticism of Trump following his presidency win grew louder when the President wore a white cap with a slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ and a plant motif on the back and whose price was $50. This could be a general grossing enterprise but there was a huge mistake in the stitching as the motif sewn into the hat was actually a four leaf clover, not a shamrock which was the traditional motif to have been stitched on the back.

McDonald’s faces criticism for exploiting Childhood bereavement Ad

McDonald’s too made a mark into the criticism fray this year when it was dragged into a criticism this year’s May after its latest advertisement was widely criticized in the UK for exploiting Childhood bereavement. McDonald’s advert implied that the boy had little in common with his deceased father other than their shared enjoyment of McDonald’s. Another McDonald’s story crept up when it changed its staff outfits and people made fun of it saying that it matched the costumes for the Star War movies.

Google and Facebook take 20 percent of total Global Ad Spend

laptop group web internet communication blue electronic monitor brand mail international google converse chat facebook pc network multimedia entertainment global screenshot worldwide www social network networking self help computer searches computer whiz e mail chat room

Google and Facebook emerged as the major player in the Global Advertisement spend and became the world’s largest media owners. According to Media Agency, Zenith’s Top 30 Global Media Owners report, Google’s Parent company Alphabet was ranked at number one taking $79.4 billion while Facebook follows up with gross earnings of $27 billion.

Brad Parscale rakes up $94 million post Trump presidency win

Donald Trump made Brad Parscale his digital campaign director and paid him $1500 to set up his election website during the presidential campaign. At that time he asked for this sum but till the time President Trump won the election, Brad Parscale had racked up more than $94 million. The story which first ran on CBS News got immediate attention and can be perceived to give much information about how much money is involved in the American Presidency campaign these days.

While these Advertisements might show us how the year unfolded but it also shapes up the way the media might be in the power making in the coming year also.

Did Microsoft Copy PUBS’s Spec Work from a Designer?

Posted December 28, 2017 by admedia @ 2:09 am

Image result for microsoft and xbox

How often have we seen companies lifting design’s directly from the spec designers? Microsoft happens to have gotten into a similar controversy regarding the launch of advertisement for one of the most anticipated PlayerUnknown’s video game Battlegrounds console debut on the Xbox One. One of the fans shared the ordeal on Reddit that Microsoft has lifted their idea for an advertisement for the dame without providing credit or compensation. The complaint skyrocketed on the front page of Reddit with nearly 70,000 upvotes at the times of publication.

Where was the claim made?

The claim was made from someone with a handle of Master who claimed that the recent Microsoft Ad is virtually similar to one they created a month ago. This created a spark when the Microsoft posted the similar ad on its Twitter handle to mark the debut of the popular game on Xbox One console.

This is the image of the Ad created by Master as per their claim –

This is the Image of the Ad tweeted by Microsoft on December 26 which sparked the outrage against its similarity though the tweet was deleted from the Xbox account –

The fan art designer doesn’t claim to have had any authorization to use the game or console’s intellectual property and freely admits to using an image created by yet another Redditor. But the similarity between the ads released by the Redditor and the Xbox was enough to spark the outrage for Microsoft while the claim made by the Redditor soared to the top of Reddit’s front page today and generated a wave of negative replies to the Xbox tweet. While the tweet was deleted by Xbox immediately after the uproar on Reddit, there has been no official response from Microsoft as of yet. The designer asked to remain anonymous but says he or she lives in Munich, Germany.

While some experts believe that a watermark would have done nothing to disclose the privacy of the ad makers. The Avatar seems a little different than the original one while the logo of the Xbox is at a different angle as well as a different color and Microsoft added the crate drop but the general idea was borrowed.




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How Has Social Media Influenced Millennial’s purchasing Decisions?

Posted December 25, 2017 by admedia @ 6:46 pm

Image result for social media icons

It becomes completely understanding the amount of time we spend on the social media pondering over which brand we should buy given the fact that that it shows all the compatibility we need. This is one of the most formidable reasons as to why brands spend so much time and money courting millennials on the social media. In other words, social media optimization has become one of the best modes of selling products online. Digital marketing, though complex and expensive has continued to grow and the reason for such growth is internet oriented purchasing patterns.

Social Media, in the last few years, has evolved more as a powerful influencer when it comes to the purchasing decisions of millennials. More than 70% of the users report buying fashion and beauty products based on the recommendations made on the Instagram posts. Similarly, we can see much influencing going on on Facebook and other social media channels as well. What can be the possible reasons for such an unprecedented growth of reliance on Social Media? Here are some of the possible reasons:

Recommendations of user carry lot of weight



When we go ahead to buy a product on Amazon, we tend to give more attention to the reviews and ratings given by the users and it similarly makes up our mind towards buying those products. So, peer recommendations can reap a lot of customer conversions. According to a HubSpot data, 71% of the buyers are supposed to make a purchase online if the product or service comes recommended by others with good ratings. This may be driven by the advertisement networks or traditional inherent trust on the brand. They simply tend to believe on the reviews and opinions made by their peers.

However, Mckinsey has a different story to tell. It believes that a small number of influencers are more accountable for driving major shares of referrals received by the Social Media. For products such as shoes and clothing, it was discovered that 5% of the influencers offering product recommendations were driving 45% of social influence.

Fashion Brands have more to lose on Social Media Influencing

Image result for Social Media Influencing

In the recent times, Facebook and Instagram have made different names in the advertisement than in Social Connections. The consumer groups in Fashion niche are influenced more through social media platforms which hold a lot of sway. They start trends, determine what is cool and desirable and curate the must-have items as fashion magazine used to do in earlier times. For example, in the month of August, Nordstrom’s 80% of the mobile traffic came from a single influencer, RewardStyle Network. This same influencer network also drove 21.94% of Sephora’s traffic, 34% of traffic to and 30.83% to Net-A-Porter. What does it tell?

It asks the companies to recognize the ear of the millennials like the bloggers, Vloggers, Publishers, and YouTubers etc.  These people drive the sales of any product these days with their voices regarded as the end all for any product.

User Generated Content has more say these days while shopping for general people. According to Gartner Research, 84% of the masses are likely to get influenced to make a purchase based upon user-generated content that is created by a stranger. For example, Covergirl has worked to create relationships with popular beauty vloggers James Charles and Nura Afia.

Engagement and Promotion of Products

Apart from Social Media platforms, Brands do have their own voice to sell themselves. Often they take the form of advertisement through print or electronic media. Having stronger say in their brand advertisement could lift their status quo altogether.



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Age Specific Job Ad Target: How It Provokes Age Discrimination?

Posted by admedia @ 6:37 pm

Image result for Age Specific Job Ad Target

British Companies were accused of provoking age-based discrimination through their job advertisement on Facebook which allows them to relay older candidates from seeing the job postings. The advertisement and the publishers were heavily criticized for gestures termed as targeted or class action and are not viable for a society. Shell, a UK based Petroleum company, ran a Facebook advertisement calling for job seekers to be part of a better future restricting the age of candidates who can see those. While it can be completely understood as the needs of longer-termed employees for the company, it received flak for denying opportunities to older age people. The firm had used Facebook targeted-advertisement tool to ensure that only those in the age bracket of 18-35 should see the sponsored post in their feed. This led to a widespread criticism involving Facebook too. Sunday Times found more than three similar companies including the Retirement Firm, who had set age limits on their Facebook posts to restrict who could see their ads.

How Has It Breached The Legal Parameters?

After the Sunday Times posted such article, some of the experts raised the question of whether it is fair for the employers to target specific age groups for job ads especially at a time when the older people have been finding it hard to get the job. The question also included Facebook if it should have made such a tool to exclude a specific age group while posting an advertisement. Some experts in the legal field also asked if the age-targeted job ads are in compliance with the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, which forbids prejudice against people aged 40 or older in employment or hiring situations.

What does Facebook have to say about it?

Facebook, which has been widely criticized on many occasions this entire month, let out a defense statement which read, ‘Used responsibly, age-based targeting for employment purposes is an accepted industry practice that helps employers recruit and people of all ages find work’. The company did also mention that it has been protected by the Communications Decency Act.

LinkedIn also clarified on the issue saying that it now has a self-certification step in its tools which requires the employers to declare that they will not discriminate based on age if they are creating job ads while Google said it will still permit the practice

Who were the defaulters?

Apart from Shell, three other firms were found to have been using the similar practice of barring a certain section of people from receiving the job ads. HubPost targeted people with age group between 27 to 40 years and it did come out with an apology statement right after the criticism went viral. It labeled the ads as a mistake for using the Facebook’s age targeting feature for a job advertisement.

Ellie Bothello, HubSpot Spokeswomen, in an interview to BostInno said that the job listing was posted on various sites including the company’s website and that it was one of the several paid experiments the company ran between October and November. ‘Use of the targeted age range selection on the Facebook ad was frankly a mistake on our part given our lack of experience using that platform for job postings and not a feature we will use again’, she added.

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NFL In-Ad Revenue Grows Up Amid Concerns in Ratings

Posted December 21, 2017 by admedia @ 3:04 am

Image result for nfl

The National Football League (NFL) shows a dominant downsizing as far as the ratings are concerned but it is not affecting the in-game ad revenue over the last few quarters. This was reported by Standard Media Index as according to its new data. If we consider the data which focuses on this season’s NFL revenue, from September to the end of November, is up 2 percent among all networks. However, there was also one additional nationally aired linear TV game than in the same time period in the year 2016.

This is a continuation of the trend from earlier this season when the NFL TV ad spending had jumped 2 percent year over year. This is a growing sign which has lightened the mood of the publishers who are happy to still invest despite NFL showing signs of negative ratings this season. As per the Standard Media Index (SMI) which tracks more than 70% of national Advertisement spending from global and independent agencies, the average cost of a 30-second spot amongst all networks rose slightly from $468, 434 to $473,775 this year. On the other hand, the percentage of the makegoods have fallen slightly this year too, a continuation this season too, to 21 percent in the year 2017 as compared to 22 percent last year.

What does the Stats tell about NFL future?

Image result for nfl

If we take a look at the revenues in the month of November, it was up from national NFL games by 5 percent over last November, though that increase was mostly because of an extra Thursday Night Football game that fell in November this year. The average 30-second spot for NFL games in November jumped from $502,809 last year to $513,293, while makegoods declined slightly during the month from 23 percent last year to 22 percent this year. If we consider the time frame, the biggest increase to have been noticed was in category spend for in-game advertising were insurance (41 pc), alcohol (23 pc), quick service restaurants (11 pc) and consumer electronics (4 pc). On the other side of the spectrum, the telecommunications spending was down by 8 percent over last year while the final services fell by 6 percent and automotive spend was off by 4 percent.

While a growing decent in the NFL has forced people to debate about its future in America, media companies have continued to invest heavily in Football. Verizon committed more than $2 billion over five years in its new NFL streaming deal which will help it to stream more games including the Super Bowl, to all Smartphone users and not just its own. Both CBS and NBC have shown that they will continue sharing Thursday Night Football games even after the expiry of the deal after this season.



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Aggression Is the New Key to Winning Clients in 2018: Survey

Posted December 20, 2017 by admedia @ 3:18 am

The face of the industry is going to change and it changes for good. More complex market algorithms, a wider influence of technology and change in consumer behavior has forced the brands and their marketing teams to change tactics in the coming years in order to win clients. The changing atmosphere around the agencies and marketer landscape has significantly impacted the way agencies now find new businesses. It has been proved time and again that referrals and networking no longer drive the success of the firm. Once the champion of marketing, referrals have dropped their market value over the years. it was a time when the industries used to work their contacts, and there was less of a need to actively and proactively search for new business. Agency principals would network, the Phone would ring with a new referral and the business would grow. But this is not the case anymore since the market evolved with the behavior of the user.

The trend has shifted to companies going after fewer Agency of Record (AOR) opportunities. The bigger companies have also come under the radar for using this opportunity. There are fewer marketers as big conglomerates have consolidated their business and cut down on the number of staff. In the year 2011, the number of agencies using referrals as a primary business source have fallen down to 71 percent from 94 percent in the year 2007.

Why the disbelief on Referrals?

Image result for referral marketing

As per the survey, a major belief of such decline in the referral marketing is because most of the companies have started using in-house agencies to manage their business. In-house agencies are the team which a company hires for focusing on the advertisement of their own product. This is the team which is responsible for handling the advertisement of the brand and they are owned and operated by the company itself. They work closely with the marketing team and come up with creative promotional campaigns for the brand.

It is better to have in-house agencies than to outsource the advertising network because of the two factors – a) they cost friendly for the companies as they are their own brand and b) the growth of social, digital and mobile marketing requires a quicker and nimbler response. More than 67% of the companies now have in-house agencies that look after their requirements. This trend is reaping benefits for the company and hence it is not going to reverse itself in a couple of years’ time.

With more agencies now operating inside the companies, there are fewer opportunities for marketers to be exposed to outside firms thereby reducing the number of potential referrals.

Growth in the Project Sampling

While the growth of in-house agency is worrying, the dynamics of project work versus retained work has also shaped some of the queries of the businesses. This year, 41 percent of the agencies state that most of the businesses they received were in the form of project work.  We suspect what is driving this growing trend to push out project work, versus assigning a single or a couple of AORs, is the fact that there are simply so many agencies knocking on the doors of marketers.

What should a standalone agency do?

Well, it is not end all for a standalone agency because there are potentially many unearthed methodologies they can adapt to win back their business but aggression will always be the key to the enhanced market. With referral marketing gone, there are some of the ways in which they can revive themselves:

  • Be a PR firm and define your practice areas carefully.
  • It is important to be relevant and thus be important for the business else why will they involve you?
  • There should be politeness yet persistency in your approach to the business houses.
  • Do not try to imitate others. Be yourself to win back customers to your business.



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Mozilla Extension Rakes Up Anger from Users

Posted December 19, 2017 by admedia @ 3:14 am

Mozilla would not have thought out that a plan mostly conceived up of good intention would completely backfire against their will. It would mostly have sounded a good idea at Mozilla to promote computer security and bring out privacy awareness using a tie-in with an online game from the Popular Mr. Robot hacker TV series. But boy did it backfire; Mozilla almost received thousands of angry messages from users who had by now believed in its abilities.

On Wednesday, Firefox users received something unusual on their desktop screens. They began complaining about a cryptic extension that had been installed against their wishes in their browser with no explicit permission or explanation of what its function is? It only read one description – “MY REALITY IS DIFFERENT THAN YOURS”. With that an abstract line, anybody would be first taken aback and that was exactly the case with people. People ripped apart the Firefox in the Reddit discussion after one of the users quoted, ‘I have no idea what it is or where it came from. I freaked out a bit and uninstalled it immediately’. This was one of the thousands of such messages that users left after the unwanted browser extension crept up their computer screens.

What was the matter?

Mozilla had installed the Looking Glass Extension privately on their machines this week through a partnership with Mr. Robot Hacker TV series. The company later stopped doing the extension thing when people reported the issue and demanded immediate back out. ‘Suffice to say, we have learned a good deal in the last 24 hours…although we always have the best intentions, not everything that we try works as we want.’ – commented Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer at Mozilla. Mozilla moved the Looking Glass to its Firefox add-on store where the people will be able to get it if they want it as it becomes available this weekend within hours of receiving such complaints.

As per Bruce Schneier, Computer Security and Privacy Researcher, ‘Mozilla should have known better’. This issue has shown that the outside organizations have much control over our computing hardware and software- even well-meaning organizations devoted to online privacy and to make us all ‘empowered, safe and independent.’

Similar Incidents

There were similar incidents happened in the past when Apple sent its iPhone users U2 music application even if they hadn’t asked for it and Amazon had remotely removed a copy of George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ from People’s Kindle e-book readers. ‘These companies have control, and you don’t’, Scheier Said adding ‘They can do things against your interests all the time.’

In order to check if your desktop has also received a similar extension, you need to type “about:addons” into Firefox’s address bar, then click on the ‘extensions’ on the left side of the page. If the Looking Glass software is there, you can click the remove button and uninstall that for good.

This Faux pas comes at a time when Mozilla released its new Quantum version of Firefox years in the making only to release the trust it mends for years. The Mozilla has been trying to win back the trust of users who had migrated to Chrome only to come back when the quantum was launched.

How did the Extension get downloaded?

Mozilla had used a tool that lets it test Firefox features to install the extension. Many of the Reddit had complained about the ill-notions Mozilla has made after its mistake. Mozilla had distributed the extension only to people in the United States after checking it to make sure it did not collect any user data. Mozilla, however, was not paid for the tie-in with Mr. Robot plugin.

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Fox- Disney Deal: How Does It Impact the Industry?

Posted December 18, 2017 by admedia @ 2:40 am

Image result for fox-disney deal

Rupert Murdoch, a name which transpired the News business by turning a single Australian Newspaper inherited from his father intone of the world’s largest news and film empires. This came as a huge surprise amid speculations about the deal between the two media giants – Fox and Disney. The Mouse and Fox, known to be a long time natural foe to each other came finally off together with this shattering deal worth $52.4 Billion. Disney acquired most of the 21st Century Fox, the entertainment company owned by Media Moghul Rupert Murdoch. The deal which is still pending regulatory approval would make Walt Disney the owner of Fox’s 22 regional channels, cable entertainment brands FX, and National Geographic, and Fox’s portfolio of International Operations including a fast-growing Pay-Tv service in India also.

If the regulatory bodies give the deal a green signal and which is evident, it will completely overhaul the entertainment landscape, bring together for the first time, the two greats of Hollywood’s ‘Big Six’ studios under one common ownership. This deal will also give Disney the firepower of programming it in order to win a battle with Netflix and other new entrants in the Industry. There are still bigger questions lying unanswered about the deal. Some of them being –

Will the Murdochs be involved in the affairs of Disney post deal? Will Fox continue to make movies? Will the Justice Department give a green signal to the deal? Will the X-men team with the Avengers? What would be the impact on Netflix?

Some of these questions need immediate answering as it involves the intellectual and other rights involved in the thousands of employees whose future now hangs in balance. The deal, which takes the form of a consolidated relationship, makes this a larger mess to handle.

As far as Fox’s future is considered, it is said to form a news-focused company with the remaining of its assets. Fox Shareholders including the Murdochs will get a 25% stake in the larger sized Walt Disney.

What will the new Disney Franchise look like?

Image result for Disney Franchise

With the addition of Fox’s assets into its ever-growing wallet, Disney will get all Fox’s movie and television studios, regional sports network and international holdings among other investments. The move will also add to Disney’s back catalog high grossing movies such as the original Star Wars movies, the Marvel Superhero movies, Avatar and Deadpool franchise as well as TV soaps like Modern Family and The Simpsons. It also expands Disney’s offering with the FX and National Geographic cable channel as well as Fox’s regional sports network in the US. It will also add Fox’s Star India and its shares in Sky Tv and Tata Sky also. Disney will also get the majority control of the video streaming service HULU which has also been partly owned by Comcast and Time Warner. Disney is set to also assume $13.7 Billion in Fox debt as part of the stock deal taking the total value of the transaction to $66 Billion.

Why is deal important for Disney?

Disney, which already owns a vast media industry comprising of films, news and leisure companies, has set big emphasis on this deal. In the ever-changing consumer behavior and media landscape where the viewers have turned towards more content specific content platforms such as Amazon Prime and  Netflix. This deal gives access to pay-Tv services provided by Fox in India, a nation emerging in the broadcast facilities. Disney believes that the deal will give the vast scale to compete with the emerging online entertainment portals. It also expects to wring at least $2 Billion in cost-saving out of the new company to boot.

What assets will Murdoch have in its pocket?

Image result for Fox News group

The Fox will hold on to its flagship Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, Fox Broadcasting Company, Fox Sports, Fox Television Stations Group and Sports and Cable Networks FS1, FS2, Fox Deportes and Big Ten Network.

What about Murdochs?

It is a growing speculation about the role of the Murdochs in the ongoing transaction. What role would they fit into the new Disney? Most of the media pundits believe that Rupert Murdoch would hand over his assets to his two sons James and Lachlan Murdoch. The management for the new Fox is being phased out but Rupert Murdoch in a recent chat said to Sky Tv that he expects his elder son Lachlan to become the Chief Executive while James is being seen to play a big role in the Disney Networks.

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Viewability – The Future Advertisements Checker

Posted December 15, 2017 by admedia @ 12:31 am

Related image

Viewability of Advertisement had never become so important than the current times when the market and the publishers are feeling the heat of merging their interests with that of the consumers. A displayed or served advertisement serves no purpose till it is viewed regularly by a long line of masses. The shift in the advertisement industry post the change in user behavior is astonishing and the publishers are rushing to catch up. In these times Ad Viewability becomes of central importance-an online advertisement metric that tracks seen impressions rather than served or displayed impressions. For example, if an ad is placed in the bottom of an article or a website, the user will only see the advertisement if reaches the bottom of the article. If the user does not scroll down, the ad is not viewed and the ad is not counted under the Viewable impression. Many of the Advertisements on the web never appear on a screen and their impression does not get counted at all.

So, how is viewability of advertisement impacted then? Let us find ours through a survey conducted on its display advertisement platforms including Google and DoubleClick. Some of the breakthrough points which impact viewability are as follows:

State of Publisher viewability

Often a small number of groups of publishers serve most of the non-viewing impressions. 56.1% of all impressions are not seen as viewable impressions and thus are null in order. But the average publisher viewability is around 50.2%. The figure is inconclusive of the result that they produce. While their ad viewability should be high, their own viewability should be correlating enough.

Position of Ad on the Page

This is the most important aspect of viewability these days. With a buzz in the internet world and users going all frenzy, it is important the ads get posted at the right place in the right frame. If the user does not get to the bottom of the article or the page, he won’t be able to see the Ad and its viewability will be impacted. The most viewable position in the page fold is the right above the fold and not on the top of the page. If the user gets interaction with the Ad first, it is highly likely that he will get frustrated and might bump out. So, right place and right frame are a must have necessity.

Size of the Ad

Not only the position of the Ad but also its size matter a lot when we count on its viewability. The most viewable ad sizes are the Vertical Units because they stay on the screen for longer times. The aptest size of the ad remains at 120 x 240 while the next best size for the Ad remains at 240 x 400. 160 x 600 size ads are also in use these days while the users completely abandon the ad sized 300 x 250.

Ads always viewable when posted above the fold

It was found that the ads were always visible when they were posted above the fold. 68% of the ads are nowadays posted above the fold that gets them viewable impressions. But it is also ironical that not all the above fold ads are visible while some of the below the fold ads are also visible. This is pure mysticism of the user behavior or the quality of Ads! Well, who knows!

Viewability varies across the industry

If that is not popular, that is not ad worthy. This is the line which gets through the publisher’s mind while publishing ads. A better content oriented website has more chances of getting good impressions than those with more hobby or leisure-oriented ones.




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Social and Media Set to Split!– How Well the Advertisers Do?

Posted December 13, 2017 by admedia @ 3:33 am


There was a time when the first phase of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and to some sort Instagram helped us connect with our dear ones in an atmosphere more centric on connecting. It was broadcast-focused and open network helping in revolutionizing the medium of communication when there was none to ponder over. It was this time when people received that golden chance to create millions of audience across the world in order to get their voices heard. This was the time when advertisers sensed opportunities to mint through an audience which grew loyal to these sites. With their penetration in the rural areas as well, this seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime.

But is that valid now? Well, the majority of people nowadays believe that Social Media sites have divulged themselves from connections and focused more on playing to a platform of advertisers. In these times the idea of getting a million followers on Instagram or having a look at someone’s activity on Facebook is long gone. What started as an opinion sharing platform has delved into a platform where you bogged down by people and which has made people abandon posting or shying away from these sites. Instead, people have now switched on to more private conversations and lesser affiliations Which now brings in a question, bold enough to be asked, ‘Is Social and Media ready to split? Is the status quo set to change in testing times? Where will the Advertisers go?

Now abandoning the first phase of social sites means less scrolling time through Facebook posts and Instagram feeds and spending more time on posting their thoughts on closed conversations on Facebook Groups and chatting on Messenger. This means that now people have changed their thought process of replying to every confusing chat on Facebook and rather talking to people who actually matter. It means maintaining several small, interest-based Instagram accounts or Fiestas, rather than a single, Public-facing persona.
What does this shifting in the user posting behavior indicate? This indicates that these people are also shifting away from the type of broad-based algorithmic feeds which nowadays are packed with news and media content which they feel is not made for them. However, this behavior has tempted the social media franchises to part ways to separate social and Media paving ways for a split.

What are the trends in the field?

As has been the case with parting audiences, the social sites have also begun to customize their social from social media platforms. Snapchat has announced that it will split the chat function from its media portal. Facebook has also tested a content only news feed with Messenger being the separate chat platform. It also launched ‘Watch’- a video platform much like YouTube which contains highly produced content from publishers and Media partners. Instagram is also bringing in it’s another messaging function called Instagram Direct to direct its user to chat functions.

How will the time change for Publishers and Advertisers?

Image result for social media

With social probably out of social media, publishers and advertisers would have to find their feet and adopt new distribution techniques to take advantage of this shift in user behavior. This means they will have to separate their strategy to be used while publishing on the media platforms as well as on the dedicated social platforms. This doesn’t mean it will be unethical to insert a content-based advertisement in the private chat forums. It means that the publishers would have to be more specific and creative in attracting the user amid changing times in the social 2.0.

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