Growth in Digital Advertising

Posted October 8, 2014 by fran @ 3:37 pm

Everything’s going digital!

That line has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds in pretty much every field there is. For some, it evokes fear. For others, it is a battlecry and a hope for the future. And still others aren’t on the bandwagon for either side. But no matter where you stand on the issue, it is time to take notice. Online is a vast and profitable market that we are just beginning to reap the advantages and benefits of. We are still a long way from a total digital takeover, but the Internet is a force to be reckoned with.

Especially when it comes to advertising. Online advertising is projected to account for 24% of the the $523 billion that will be spent in total advertising in 2014, according to ZenithOptimedia. And the number of digital ads will only continue to grow. By 2019, spending on online advertising is expected to nearly double from the current price tag of $19.8 billion to a whopping $37.6 billion (a 90% increase). Those figures are still a far cry from the projected $239 billion spent on offline advertising in 2019 (operating at a growth rate of 1% per year), but they’re not a number to shake a stick at.

Online advertising is increasingly becoming a focal point in the industry. It is the main topic of discussion at the upcoming Advertising Week in New York, where new powerhouses such as Buzzfeed and Instagram will take center stage. A trend is developing towards automatic ad buying, which will pull advertising even deeper into the realm of digital. The growth in online advertising is mainly concentrated in video and mobile. Video is expected to grow 21% annually for the next five years. Mobile is expected to account for 40% of all online display ad spending by 2019. All of these facts and figures will loom large at Ad Week as big names converge to discuss the state of the industry.

Offline is not dead yet (and it may never be), but digital is continuing to take an increasingly larger role in advertising.

Time to get your head in the game.

Image by Ruth Flickr on Flickr Creative Commons.


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Who to Follow in Online Advertising

Posted October 1, 2014 by fran @ 4:21 pm

Twitter is a powerful social media platform. Successful businesses follow Twitter accounts that focus on online advertising. By following these accounts, businesses can gain insight into the latest online advertising techniques. They can gain a better understanding of what it takes to keep up with the advanced world of online marketing and advertising. They can remain at the top of their industry by learning about the most successful online marketing approaches. There are many online advertising people, websites, and other resources that possess a Twitter account. Here is list of some of the most popular online marketing Twitter accounts.

1. Magento – @magento is a successful business that focuses on eCommerce solutions. Along with tweets about their solutions, Magento frequently tweets about how businesses can grow and succeed online.

2. Market Bridge – @MarketBridge is another successful business. They are very active on Twitter, because they submit frequent tweets about fixing the gap that falls between marketing and sales.

3. Advertising Buzz – @advertisingbuzz is a great addition to any Twitter following list. They provide tweets that contain links to social media articles and other online marketing resources.

4. AOL Advertising – @AOLAdvertising is another great addition. They provide a constant feed of valuable tweets about effective online advertising tools and other interesting articles and websites.

5. Ad_Media- We help businesses obtain a strong online presence. Their tweets are packed full of current online marketing and advertising news.

6. Google AdWords – @adwords provides the latest news and information from the Google AdWords team. Followers of @adwords can learn how customers can find their products and services quickly and easily.

7. Mashable SocialMedia – @mashsocialmedia tweets the latest news about social media marketing. Their tweets also contain valuable tips to help businesses flourish on Twitter, Google+, Vine, Foursquare and more.

8. WordStream – @WordStream offers powerful software and free tools for PPC and SEO. They also tweet constantly. Those tweets contain links to the most valuable online advertising articles and other resources.

9. Microsoft Advertising – @MSAdvertising provides a large amount of tweets about digital online advertising. They strive to provide a constant flow of valuable tweets.

10. Twitter Advertising –@TwitterAds provides followers with a large amount of Twitter tips, success stories and support. Followers of @TwitterAds can learn how Twitter Ads can be a positive addition to their online advertising campaigns.

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