Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Getting Started

Posted February 20, 2013 by fran @ 9:00 am

Today’s post is a guest entry from Ian Lopuch, a top online marketing executive who has had direct P&L responsibility on over $150 million of search engine marketing spend during his 8+ years in the industry. In his spare time, Lopuch is an avid blogger at PPC Ian.

In the world of pay per click search engine marketing, there is one amazingly hot topic right now: Google AdWords Enhanced campaigns. A few weeks ago, on February 6 to be exact, Google announced their brand new platform on their Inside AdWords Blog. Enhanced campaigns are such a big deal that the online advertising blogosphere has been full of posts about this very topic. So, why add another post to the conversation? I really wanted to take a more tactical approach and offer tips to get started. After briefly explaining Enhanced campaigns, I’ll dive into a actionable tips so you can plan your migration today.

What are AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

The digital world is truly transforming. Just a few years ago, most searchers primarily leveraged desktop devices (their home computer and their work computer). Thanks to the rapid expansion of mobile smart phones (such as the iPhone), tablets (such as the iPad and iPad Mini), and even smart TVs, consumers have truly changed their search behavior. Search is no longer tied to one single device. Consumers are now searching across all devices, and we live in a “constantly connected world.”

Recognizing this transformation, Google decided to update AdWords by unifying campaign management. Why have separate campaigns and ads for different devices? It gets far too cumbersome, in Google’s opinion. Rather, Google has decided to unify management across devices from a single campaign structure. Set up one set of campaigns and manage all devices from the same location. Want to have different bids by device? No worry: Google will allow you to have a multiplier in place so mobile bids, for example, can be a fraction of your standard search bids. In addition to the simplified structure, Google will offer new Enhanced Campaign reporting.

Facing perhaps the biggest change to Google AdWords in the last several years, what can you do today to prepare? That’s the topic of the rest of today’s post!

Tip 1: Talk To Your Google Account Management Team Immediately

There are so many nuances with Enhanced Campaigns. While the literature online provided by Google is extremely helpful, there is no doubt you will have more questions. Make sure to reach out to your AdWords team (if you have one) and ask all of your questions immediately. Without getting answers to your questions, it will be impossible to formulate your strategy.

As a sub-tip, make sure to reach out to your PPC agency. I’m a huge fan of agencies, especially because they have an amazing array of knowledge across verticals and clients. Leverage your agency to get answers and to derive a strategic plan.

Tip 2: Start Testing Immediately

Log into your Google AdWords account. Navigate into one of your smaller campaigns. You should see a dialog at the top that says, “This campaign will be upgraded to an enhanced campaign in a few months. Or you can upgrade right now.” Under this dialog is a button that says, “Get started”. My recommendation is to start testing with a few campaigns, especially your smaller ones. Time is of the essence and there is a lot of time right now. Leverage that fact to your advantage and get started early. I know I will be testing aggressively over the coming weeks.

Tip 3: Become Very Familiar With Your Mobile and Tablet Bids

Do you have separate campaigns for mobile smart phones and tablets? Many advertisers do, and for good reason. Different devices perform differently, and therefore require unique bids. With the new Enhanced Campaigns paradigm, your separate mobile and tablet campaigns will go away. Your mobile and tablet bids will be a function (percentage) of your search bids. My advice is to study your current mobile and tablet bids closely so the new Enhanced Campaign bids will be as close as possible to your current ones. Since Enhanced Campaign bid percentages will be set on the campaign level, you will lose some granularity in bidding, however a smart campaign structure (and perhaps a little reorganization) can keep things close to your current strategy. The key here is time is on your side (we have a few months) so start testing and experimenting now.

Tip 4: Become Very Familiar With Your Mobile and Tablet Keyword Coverage

If you have separate (newer) campaigns set up for mobile smart phones and tablets, it’s unlikely you have the same full keyword coverage as with your old time search campaigns. However, everything will change with enhanced campaigns. Your keyword coverage on mobile and tablets will expand dramatically (if you want it to). As such, it’s important to start testing now. Keywords can perform quite differently on mobile and tablet devices, as compared to search. Since bid multipliers will be set on a campaign level, it will be important to start testing and thinking about keyword coverage across all devices. As with Tip 3, you may want to consider some reorganization to isolate poor performing keywords into separate campaigns (so they can be shut off on mobile and tablet devices without affecting strong keywords).

Tip 5: Connect With Your SEM Platform

Do you leverage an SEM platform? Make sure to reach out to them immediately. Understand their plans to support Enhanced Campaigns. Are you happy with the answer? If not, you may want to audition other platforms and understand their plans for Enhanced Campaigns. In my opinion, your platform’s adoption of Enhanced Campaigns will be mission critical to your results in 2013. Make sure everything is in place to ensure success. Many SEM platforms have already been collaborating with Google regarding Enhanced Campaigns.

Tip 6: Share Your Plan With Senior Management

As my closing tip today, I wanted to encourage you to educate your senior management team about Google’s big change and your plans to navigate the transition successfully. There is no doubt that your senior executives will hear about Enhanced Campaigns. Make sure they are armed with a strong summary of the changes and inspire confidence in your plan. I hope these tips help and best of luck transitioning over to the new platform!

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Online Advertisers Get in On the Valentine’s Day Fun

Posted February 13, 2013 by fran @ 1:43 pm

Valentine’s Day isn’t just huge for greeting cards and chocolates, it’s also a very big day for online advertising. This post will give you a glimpse of how the some advertisers are using online media to reach users.

Check them out below:

1. Starbucks Cup Magic for Valentine’s Day

Last year, the coffee franchise unveiled Starbucks Cup Magic, a mobile app that lets users send and receive virtual Valentines. With it the company also released a limited edition cup, that people can scan in order to
“bring the cup to life.”

From there, they will be able to send a virtual Valentine’s Day card to their online friends. Another cool thing about it is that on top of a virtual card, people can also use the app to send Starbucks eGifts.

A crafty Valentine’s Day promo, Starbucks was able to effectively combine mobile, video, and social media to promote their brand and get people to buy their products.

2. on Facebook

Online retailer 1-800-Flowers doubles down on Facebook ads this year.  Adweek is reporting that the online flower merchant has been running Sponsored Stories, Facebook Offers, and even mobile app install ads on the social network.

Moreover, according to Adweek, “An exclusive, national 1-800-Flowers ad buy will appear on Facebook’s log-out page on Tuesday [today], while Facebook Exchange and Facebook Offers ads will be served through Wednesday.” 1-800-Flowers didn’t reveal the grand total for its Facebook ad spend, but apparently, the log out page ad alone was said to have cost 700 grand per day.

Talk about splurging for Valentine’s Day.

3. Google Doodle – Valentine’s Day

We don’t know what Google has in store for us this year, but in 2012, the search giant had an adorable doodle for V-Day. Featuring the song “Cold, Cold Heart” by Tony Bennett, the doodle tells the story of a boy trying to impress a jump-rope loving girl. His attempts to catch her attention include giving her flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and bunch of other things.

Unfortunately, the girl doesn’t seem to notice him. That is until the boy decides to play jump rope alongside her. That finally does trick.

4. Happy Valentine’s Day from L’Oréal Men Expert with Eva Longoria

L’Oréal’s Valentine’s Day ad is aiming to promote its Men Expert products. Starring Eva Longoria, the ad starts off with the copy “Want to get the best out of your man this Valentine’s? Let Eva Longoria show you how to flirt it out of him…”

Cut to Eva saying that being sexy isn’t natural and that women “can’t do all the work.” She then proceeds to show men (and women) how it’s done. See for yourself here.

By the way be sure to pay attention to L’Oréal’s clever use of video overlay ads. Notice that at the bottom of the video is a static banner inviting you to “find your man the perfect gift.” The overlay is present practically throughout the entire video, but remains subtle and unobtrusive at the same time.

Nicely done, L’Oréal. Video advertisers can certainly pick up a thing or two from this one.

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Are you tracking the right things in your ad campaign?

Posted February 11, 2013 by fran @ 2:44 pm

Whether you’re running online ads to promote your brand, or placing them on your site for revenue, you should recognize the importance of tracking your numbers. After all, how would you know if those ads are doing your site or company any good? Measuring your campaign data allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t. It tells you if you’re reaching your customers, how your audience is responding, and what you can do to improve.

However, while keeping an eye on your insights and analytics is truly a step in the right direction, it’s important to note that this only works if you’re tracking the right things. Some people (both publishers and advertisers) fall into the trap of buying into vanity metrics.

The concept, which was introduced by serial entrepreneur Eric Ries, pertains to those numbers and data that seem huge and important, but are actually useless and empty. Examples of such metrics include raw downloads, page views, and number of users. And while these metrics are certainly important, a lot of companies focus solely on these numbers without bothering to dig deeper.

Do not fall for this trap, and instead strive to avoid the hype of vanity metrics. The best way to do this is by goal examination. Ask yourself why you’re in business and what you want to achieve with your ad campaigns. Is it to get more customers? Do you want to increase engagement? Maybe boost site membership? The only way to determine which metrics really count is by answering these questions, so do not skip this step.

Once you’ve identified and clarified your goals, look into the metrics that directly affect these goals. For instance, if you’re a membership site and your goal is more engagement, then the right metrics to track would be number of active users, average time on site, etc, as opposed to simply tracking sign ups or website hits. If your goals is to make money, then instead of simply tracking your site’s daily visitors, you need to pay attention to the percentage of users that actually hit the buy button.

Only when you’ve acted upon the right metrics will you be able to correctly determine the direction that you need to take your campaign. Wondering where to advertise next? What copy is the most effective? Which ads are worth spending on money on? Then look to your actionable numbers for answers, instead of checking out the sexy (but empty) vanity stats.

Not sure where to start? Having a hard time determining the numbers that you should track? Don’t be afraid to seek help. (Better to ask for help now and get answers rather than stay silent and keep doing the wrong things.)

The Internet has a lot of helpful communities and forums that can give advice on where to take your ad campaign. Check out these sites and see if you can find answers there. Or better yet, consult with your ad network and see if they have any recommendations. Most advertiser and publisher support representatives are more than happy to dish out suggestions, so when in doubt, give your ad network a call or send them an email.

Image credit: CarbonNYC on Flickr

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What are your advertising plans this Valentine’s Day?

Posted February 6, 2013 by fran @ 12:51 pm

Say what you want about Valentine’s Day and how it’s become so cheesy, lame, or commercialized, but the fact of the matter is people are generally more engaged during this time of the year. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day offers huge marketing + engagement opportunities for both advertisers and publishers, so you can either join in on the fun, or watch from the sidelines like a third wheel.

V-Day Tips for Advertisers

Keyword Research – According to Search Engine Watch, the top 10 searched key words for Valentine’s Day are:

  • diy valentines gifts
  • valentines day border
  • valentines day drinks
  • valentines day baskets
  • valentines day treats
  • whens valentines day
  • valentines day gift
  • valentines day poem
  • valentines day cupcakes

It’s good to be aware of these keywords even if you aren’t in the romance / gift industry because they can give some ideas for PPC ads. Check out these keywords and think of ways that will allow you to incorporate them into your campaigns.

Tailor your ads for the special day – Really can’t find anything remotely related to any of the keywords above? That’s okay, this is your chance to think outside the box. Surely there are other ways in which you can demonstrate your Valentine’s Day spirit. Tweak the design of your banner ads to reflect the occasion. People are more inclined to notice hearts and candies this time of year, so if you can find a way to relate your brand with these things, then do so.

Show your customers some love – Beyond the candies and flowers, the one thing that people really want on the 14th is some TLC. This Valentine’s Day, treat your customers to special deals and sales. Show them how much they mean to you by offering them a freebie or two on this special day. Your customers will love your more for it.

V-Day Tips for Publishers

Pay attention to most searched for terms – Advertisers running PPC campaigns aren’t the only ones who should pay attention to popular keywords, you know. Take a peek at the most searched for terms above, and see if you can publish anything related to them.

For instance, if you have a DIY blog, then V-Day is the perfect time to write about homemade gift ideas and how to’s. Have a website about cooking or baking? Take this opportunity to post recipes perfect for a romantic dinner.

Go beyond the mushy stuff – Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance. It’s about love in general. You don’t have to write some cheesy article about your special someone on your blog, but you CAN tell the story of how much you love your business or your craft. For example, why not share the tale of how you and your hobby or profession first “met”? What are the things that you love above your field or industry? Valentine’s Day could also be the perfect opportunity for you to gush about how much you adore your blog’s visitors and subscribers. If you haven’t done so yet, take the time to let them know how special they are. Again, they will love you more for it.

Image credit:  Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ on Flickr

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What Beyoncé Can Teach You About Managing Your Reputation Like a Boss

Posted February 4, 2013 by fran @ 1:44 pm

A couple of weeks ago, pop star Beyoncé took some heat from interwebs because she allegedly lip synched her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at President Obama’s inauguration  It was field day for the press, as reports about how the singer used a prerecorded track at the event poured in. Practically every publication, from the snarky gossip site Gawker to bigger more reputable sources such as the LA Times were on the story.

The social media realm was also abuzz and the topic of Beyoncé lip synching shot up the trending charts. Tweets and posts ranging from people being disappointed to fans coming to the defense of the pop star flooded streams and news feeds.

After all the online hullabaloo, though, Beyoncé kept her composure (both online and offline), delivered an awesome Super Bowl Half-Time performance on Sunday, and silenced all the critics that harped on her for lip synching.

Indeed, the pop star handled that online crisis quite well, and we think that a lot of us can pick up a thing or two from her actions.  When faced with online criticism and pressure, countless individuals and brands end up making things worse, often by being too defensive. In this case though, the singer took care of the situation with class and was able to emerge practically unscathed.

Whether you’re trying to manage some hateful comments on your blog or dealing with negative reactions to your online ads, the following rep management lessons are pointers that you should really consider:

Address the situation, but don’t make a big fuss about it – Beyoncé explained that she decided to sing along with the pre-recorded track because she didn’t feel comfortable performing live with no sound check and in the middle of the not-so-ideal weather. She mentioned that she’s a perfectionist and she didn’t want to mess up at such a huge and emotional event (it was the president’s inauguration, after all).

She also said that the practice was very common in the industry, and she was proud of her performance, nevertheless. Beyoncé’s explanation was short and simple. She was not feebly apologetic , nor was she overly defensive either. She explained herself in a dignified, “as a matter of fact” type of way, and she didn’t make a big deal out of it.

We think that this is the best way to address such a situation. Stay calm, explain the facts, and don’t make such a huge fuss about it. (The media will do that for you.)

Show, don’t tell – Instead of holding some big press event, trying to convince people how great of a performer she is, Beyoncé just went on stage at the Super Bowl Half Time Show and performed. She performed well that there wasn’t a dull moment on stage. Plus, her performance was so obviously live that no one would think that she was singing from a pre-recorded track.

When you have people doubting your products, services, or even your character, remember that it’s more effective to SHOW rather than tell. Take a leaf out of Beyoncé’s book, and instead of trying to explain yourself in words, do so in action. Push out products or services at the highest quality so that no one can give you a bad review. Or deliver so much value that you won’t need to tell people who good you are. Letting your products, services, and actions speak for themselves is a hundred times more effective than using words.

Don’t mind the haters – Don’t bother trying to apologize, defend yourself—or worse—actually try to tell off your haters (no matter how tempting it may be). Face the reality that some people will hate you no matter what you do, so trying to please every single troll on the web is a lost cause. Now, do note that if you REALLY did something wrong, unethical, or tactless then it’s probably best to take some PR moves to remedy the situation. However, if you didn’t do anything wrong or illegal, then just let the negative comments pass. The trolls will find someone new to hate on tomorrow.

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