AdMedia Expands Intel for Advertisers With New Business Listings Identity Management Database Agreement

Posted June 28, 2012 by fran @ 11:44 am

Relationship With Localeze to Enhance Online Local Search Business Listings

BURBANK, CA Jun 28, 2012 – AdMedia, the leading provider of performance-based advertising solutions, today announced an agreement with Localeze, a service of Neustar and the industry leader for business listings identity management, to provide better search results for their Internet yellow page (IYP) offerings. Localeze will provide name, address and phone number details for businesses across the U.S. for use on AdMedia’s owned and operated sites, including and

AdMedia’s customers rely on the IYP sites to provide them with information about local products and services through basic search fields. Small businesses specifically use the search sites to identify places to add a business listing to gain additional exposure online. The data collected from these sites plays an integral role in AdMedia’s execution of targeted ad campaigns for their advertising customers.

“Localeze is the best at what they do, and we want our customers to know that we are providing them the best in search and targeted advertising,” said Avi N. Bibi, COO at AdMedia. “The optimized search Localeze will provide us with will supply data that will give our visitors up to date information on the local businesses they are looking to connect with as well as help our advertisers deliver the right ad for the right person at the right time.”

Localeze’s business listings are standardized across its authorized network of nearly 150 local search platforms, including search engines, online directories, social networks, mobile apps and personal navigation devices. This massive reach of data will help AdMedia deliver the most accurate and authoritative online local search business listings to their partners and users — and ultimately, provide more in-depth data analysis that will lead to more tailored ads for their advertisers.

About AdMedia
A performance based advertising network, AdMedia has been providing Advertisers and Affiliates with marketing solutions since 2007. AdMedia connects advertisers to consumers across many channels, including industry leading email, domain, social and search networks. More than 60,000 advertisers utilize the AdMedia network to advance their offers. A privately held company headquartered in Burbank, AdMedia has domestic offices throughout the state of California. Connect with AdMedia on the web at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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The Ins and Outs of Behavioral Targeting

Posted June 26, 2012 by fran @ 10:32 am

While behavioral targeting isn’t new (websites have been dropping cookies into our computers since the 90s), a lot of Internet users still either misunderstand the technology or are completely unaware of what behavioral targeting is.

For the uninitiated, behavioral targeting, as our trusty Wiki friends put it, “refers to a range of technologies and techniques used by online website publishers and advertisers which allows them to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by capturing data generated by website and landing page visitors.”

It is a boon for publishers and advertisers alike, because it ensures that ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

How It Works

This is where ad networks (like AdMedia) come in. With the use of cookies, ad networks are able to track a user’s browsing history, searches, shopping carts, location, and other pieces of information. This data is used to determine which audience segment a user belongs to, which will then help ad networks display more relevant advertisements.

For example, if a user’s cookies indicate that they visited,, and read articles about basketball, then ad networks may infer that that person is a basketball fan and thus display ads related to the sport.

Its Strengths

The obvious strength of behavioral targeting is that it allows advertising networks to display relevant ads. It helps advertisers get to know their audiences more, so that they can provide them with ads that matter.

On the user side, behavioral targeting helps give people a more personalized browsing experience, enabling them to find what they need much faster. Take Google, for instance. The search giant’s autocomplete feature enables it to “guess” what you’re about to search for. Simply type the first few letters of your query and Google’s search box will automatically display suggestions based on your browsing history. (Note: This only works if you’re signed in to your Google account. If you’re not logged in, the autocomplete feature will be based on other users’ search activities and the contents of indexed pages.)

Its Weaknesses

Like all things in life, behavioral targeting isn’t perfect. The technology isn’t very effective when tracking the Internet activities of a shared device. Grabbing the browsing history of several people with varying interests will return a hodgepodge of data and can make it more difficult for advertising networks to serve up relevant ads.

However, this problem isn’t much of an issue now as it was a few years ago. Recent technological developments have enabled people to have their own personal laptops, tablets, and cell phones, so shared devices is not as common as before.

Is it an invasion of privacy?

Not at all. Behavioral targeting technology does not collect any personally identifiable information and ad networks don’t get any data that can uniquely identify a single person. Data on people’s Internet activities is aggregated and is used solely for ad targeting. (The same thing goes for remarketing advertising.)

In any case, if you’re still iffy about being tracked online, you can simply delete cookies from your device. Additionally, you can enable a feature in your Internet browser so that it won’t record your history or track your activities online. Be sure to check the settings in your browse to see how you can enable its private browsing option.

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7 Tips to Help You Retarget Ads Like a Rock Star

Posted June 19, 2012 by fran @ 10:51 am

Remarketing advertising boasts of high CTRs mainly because it puts ads in front of an already engaged audience. Compared to other forms of online advertising, Remarketing targets users that have previously visited a website. This means that the people seeing the ad are already interested in the product or service being advertised, and all you need to do is reel them back in.

However, effective as it is, there are still a number of things that advertisers can do in order to optimize their remarketing campaigns. If you really want to make the most out of the power of remarketing ads, check out the tips and tricks below and see how you can apply them in your own ad campaigns.

1. Be consistent –  Using ads that aren’t consistent with the theme of your website defeats the purpose of Remarketing, because the main goal of the campaign is to give users a sense of familiarity, and make sure that they know all about your product. In order to trigger this that feeling of familiarity or affinity with your brand, it’s best to keep the designs of your Remarketing ads similar to the look and feel of your website.

2. Include special deals – Often, people that leave your website without buying anything just need a little push to get them to complete the purchase. With that said, consider adding special deals to your ads and entice customers to come back.

3. Cover as many ad types / sizes that you can – Websites in AdMedia’s display network come in all shapes and sizes, so there isn’t a “one size fits all” type of ad. Be sure to include several creatives and sizes for your ads to ensure that they get displayed in as many websites as possible.

4. Be specific – In online advertising, the more targeted you are, the better. In your Remarketing campaign, target potential customers who have checked out specific products or categories and include those same products in your ads. Going back to tip number 1, doing this will further build that sense of familiarity in consumers and persuade them to go back to your site and complete the transaction.

5. Add some variety – Too much of something—even something that’s familiar—can also be a bad thing. Seeing the same ad over and over again can result in customers being turned off. They could start to think that your brand is creepy and your campaign could backfire. Prevent advertising fatigue by rotating your image ads regularly and displaying a variety of designs.

6. Use persuasive calls to action – Putting something familiar in front of customers may not be enough. Be sure to have a clear call to action button in your ads to direct them exactly where you want them to go.

7. Consider cross-selling – If you have products or services that complement each other, consider reaching out to existing customers to do a cross-sell. Tag the confirmation or thank you page on your site and advertise any products or services that can enhance the ones that the users just bought.

Image credit:  Tony Abrego on Flickr

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AdMedia Partners With AdSafe Media for Brand Safety Assurance

Posted June 18, 2012 by fran @ 11:28 am

Partnership Adds Additional Layer of Real Time Brand Safety and Contextual Data to AdMedia’s Inventory

BURBANK, CA June 18, 2012 –  AdMedia, the leading provider of performance-based digital advertising solutions, today announced a new partnership with AdSafe Media, the leading provider of preventative brand protection and campaign performance data for digital advertising. The partnership will ensure the quality and brand safety of AdMedia’s networks for their users and advertisers.

AdSafe provides a uniform standard for rating commercial digital content to help improve the safety and efficiency of online ads. The company’s Content Rating System scores and evaluates the brand safety and context of web pages on the individual page level. Leveraging these ratings, AdSafe protects advertisers’ brands from appearing on pages that do not conform to brand guidelines. Powered by real-time data feeds, AdSafe enables campaign control, confidence and optimization for brands/agencies, publishers and networks.

AdMedia is now leveraging AdSafe’s industry-leading data to rate and assess the content of individual web pages in real time, ensuring that their customers’ advertisements do not appear on pages containing adult content, illegal downloads, offensive language, illegal drugs or hate speech that could be seen as detrimental to a brand’s reputation. Further, by tapping into AdSafe’s Contextual data (classified per the IAB Networks and Exchanges Taxonomy), AdMedia can now provide valuable contextual relevance information to its clients who want the confidence in knowing that ads are effectively reaching their target audience on both safe and relevant sites.

“Top brands utilize the AdMedia network to advance their offers and they trust our company to help protect their brand integrity,” says Avi N. Bibi, COO, AdMedia. “We serve millions of ad impressions every day, so it’s critical to integrate a platform that gives real-time data and contextual relevance. This in-depth level of digital ad reputation management allows us to maintain the highest quality inventory for our clients.”

AdMedia brings advertisers and publishers a powerful, efficient and responsive integrated digital marketing platform powered by leading-edge methods and proprietary technology. The company works with clients to design their own programs, leveraging all of AdMedia’s advantages in dominant distribution, brand expertise, flexible business model and retargeting engine.

“By incorporating our ad safety ratings and contextual metrics, AdMedia demonstrates a strong commitment to its clients’ brand safety and campaign effectiveness,” said Bryan St. John, VP, Business Operations and Strategic Partnerships, AdSafe Media. “This partnership aligns with our efforts to use this powerful data to both inform and improve performance. We’re excited to work with the AdMedia team going forward.”

About AdMedia

A performance based advertising network, AdMedia has been providing Advertisers and Affiliates with marketing solutions since 2007. AdMedia connects advertisers to consumers across many channels, including industry leading email, domain, social and search networks. More than 60,000 advertisers utilize the AdMedia network to advance their offers. A privately-held company headquartered in Burbank, AdMedia has domestic offices throughout the state of California. Connect with AdMedia on the web at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at

About AdSafe Media

AdSafe Media is the rating standard of online media. AdSafe uses proprietary algorithmic modeling and human verification to rate the brand safety of content on commercially supported web pages via the AdSafe Content Rating System. AdSafe’s BrandSafe Firewall enables brands, agencies and ad networks to prevent advertising from appearing on publisher web pages that do not conform to brand guidelines. AdSafe’s Network Monitor platform enables ad networks and publishers to identify and segment problematic site content, increasing monetization of display inventory. AdSafe is headquartered in New York, NY with operations in California and London, England. For more information visit or follow @AdSafe on Twitter.


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3 Great Resources that Help Boost the Quality of Your Content

Posted June 12, 2012 by fran @ 10:46 am

Publishers that get tons of visitors and garner a lot of ad clicks usually have one thing in common: Great content. If you have a website and you’re wondering why you’re not getting a lot of views or that you’re not making enough money of out your ads, then chances are it has something to do with your content. Online advertising goes beyond simply putting ads on a page; you also need to work on drawing people in and actually driving traffic to your website.

This blog post will discuss the top resources that publishers can check out in order to improve the quality of their content. From writing excellent copy to getting your stuff out there, the three websites below offer a wealth of information and provide a lot of actionable tips that you can apply to your own website.

1. Copy Hackers – This is a series of eBooks by Joanna Wiebe, a professional copywriter who specializes in startups and web content. The Copy Hackers set is composed of 4 books that can be purchased individually or as a bundle.

The first book, “Where Stellar Messages Come From” teaches you how to develop messages that sell. It fills you in on how to target your copy so that it reaches just the right people. The next book, called “Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing” teaches you how to optimize your content’s format for the web. People consume web content differently, and if you want to get your message across, you need to write in a web-friendly manner. Book 3 on the other hand (Headlines, Subheads, & Value Propositions) will teach you the dos and don’ts of headlines, subheads, and value props to ensure that you’ll be able to write effective and attention-grabbing headlines. In Book 4 (Button & Click-Worthy Calls to Action), you’ll learn the ins and outs of proper calls to action and buttons that attract clicks.

2. The Copy Blogger Blog – Copy Blogger offers WordPress Solutions to optimize the content and marketing campaigns of bloggers. If you’re not ready to buy just yet though, then you can simply head to the blog section and you’ll be sure to pick up a lot of useful tips. From writing headlines and content to SEO copywriting and social media marketing, the Copy Blogger blog is one of the best FREE resources out there that can take your blogging and writing skills to the next level.

3. Blogging PRWeb – So you’ve written great content and you’re more than ready to make the world see it. The next step is publicizing and marketing your work to ensure that it reaches as many eyeballs as possible. After all, the quality of your content doesn’t just depend on how well it’s written, it’s reach and popularity are also factors that you should take into consideration. For tips on getting your content out there, the PRWeb blog is a great resource to start with. This blog provides useful advice in terms of SEO, marketing, social media, and of course, PR. And one of the best things about it is that PRWeb’s blog posts are written in plain English, and are perfect for small businesses or not-so-tech-savvy bloggers.

Image credit:  Anonymous Account on Flickr


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AdMedia Takes Extra Precautions to Prevent Consumers, Brands and Publishers From Malvertisements

Posted June 7, 2012 by fran @ 9:09 am

Partnership With RiskIQ Adds Additional Layer of Fraud and Malware Traffic Auditing; Increases Network Quality and Safety

BURBANK, CA  Jun 7, 2012 – AdMedia, the leading provider of performance-based advertising solutions, today announced a new partnership with RiskIQ, the foremost provider of cloud-based risk management solutions, to provide fraud and malware traffic auditing to their product offerings. This new partnership and implementation of supplementary security will help to increase AdMedia’s network quality and safety for their users and advertisers.

The instance of malvertisements — infected online ads posing as legitimate ads capable of corrupting a computer — has increased dramatically in the last few years. Unbeknownst to most consumers these malvertisements can download and infect their computer just by visiting a website with infected ads on it — even if they don’t click on the ad.

In a pre-emptive strike against these malvertisements, AdMedia will utilize RiskIQ’s proprietary solutions to scan all ad tags for malware, phishing scams and spam. Doing so will allow RiskIQ to alert AdMedia to any offending ads, allowing them to immediately remove the malicious advertisement and in turn protect both consumers and website publishers.

“Malicious ads turn up the cost of advertising by creating a bad experience for the consumer, which in turn makes them less likely to interact with what they perceive to be the offending brand and website,” says Avi N. Bibi, COO, AdMedia. “When consumers feel they’ve been negatively impacted by an ad they will block the ads, thereby driving down publisher revenues. By providing this additional layer of fraud and malware traffic auditing we’re not just increasing the quality of our networks but ensuring that consumers continue to trust the ads.”

“As the occurrence of malvertisements continues to rise, publishers need to ensure they are working with reputable advertising networks that are looking out for their best interests,” says Elias Manousos, CEO of RiskIQ. “AdMedia is at the head of their class in protecting the brands and publishers they work with from these rogue infected ads.”

About AdMedia
A performance based advertising network, AdMedia has been providing Advertisers and Affiliates with marketing solutions since 2007. AdMedia connects advertisers to consumers across many channels, including industry leading email, domain, social and search networks. More than 60,000 advertisers utilize the AdMedia network to advance their offers. A privately held company headquartered in Burbank, AdMedia has domestic offices throughout the state of California. Connect with AdMedia on the web at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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Five Must-Have Pinterest Tools for Content Marketers

Posted by fran @ 9:06 am

Pinterest isn’t just for artists, photograhers, and retailers, you know. It’s also a great site for wordsmiths and content marketers! This MarketingProfs article lists the top 5 best Pinterest tools for content marketers. Check it out, and start promoting your content in no time.

Read the full story here.

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Facebook Users Aren’t There to Shop Around

Posted by fran @ 8:49 am

Have you ever tried advertising on Facebook but didn’t get good results? You are not alone. A recent study has found that a 4 out of 5 Facebook users have never been influence by ads on the social network. This article on E-Commerce Times entitled, “Facebook Users Aren’t There to Shop Around” looks into the issue and explains why Facebook Ads just aren’t effective, despite the social network’s wide user base.

Read more here.

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Top 5 Twitter Accounts in Online Advertising

Posted June 5, 2012 by fran @ 10:27 am

Whether you’re an advertiser with products to sell, or a publisher with messages and articles to write, keeping up with the latest developments in online advertising is important if you want to continuously generate leads and make money online. New developments, tools, and products are always coming out and it pays to know about these things and see what you can apply in your business. Additionally, you should keep yourself abreast with the latest advertising campaigns to generate ideas and inspiration for your own ad campaigns.

Aside from RSS feeds and online readers, one of the best ways to keep your posted on current events is through Twitter. Not only does the microblogging site collate information from various sources, it also delivers updates in real-time so can always get fresh information in your feed. Of course, your Twitter account is only as good as the users that you follow and if you want to get the best in online advertising, you have to make sure that you’re following the right people.

Below are five of the best accounts in the Twitterverse. Follow their updates and you’ll never miss an important online advertising tidbit again.

1. ad:tech (@adtech) – Considered as the top digital marketing event in the industry, ad:tech brings together the most insightful people in online advertising to share their knowledge. Aside from tweeting about their events though, the ad:tech Twitter account also delivers tips and current events surrounding the online advertising industry. Ad:tech also curates information from the most reputable and authoritative sources in advertising, so you can be confident their tweets are always reliable.

2. Ad Age (@adage) – Want to get constant doses of advertising news and commentary? Then @adage is a must-follow. It’s one of the go-to sources about ads, marketing, agencies and the like, and offers boh straight and unbiased news, as well as opinions and commentaries from knowledgeable individuals. Follow this account to get an in-depth look at the industry.

3. Adrants (@adrants) – See the world of advertsising from @adrants’ edgy perspective. Adrants delivers marketing, advertising, and social media news with attitude and includes some creative commentary as well. Follow their Twitter account and don’t miss any of their interesting posts!

4. AdFreak (@adfreak) – Ads, ads, ads. That’s what AdFreak is all about. If you want to see the crazy ads that companies would release just to get people to buy, then AdFreak has all the crazy you need. From viral videos to weird display banners, you’ll always find new and innovative ads from AdFreak. Be sure to follow them on Twitter as they post updates several times a day.

5. AdMedia  (@ad_media) – Not to toot our own horn here, but AdMedia’s Twitter account is rich with industry news, great ad campaigns, and information on cool products. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get the lowdown on what’s happening in the realm of online advertising. The AdMedia team is always developing innovative products so having us in your Twitter feed will keep you in the know. Additionally, since we’re always looking for great talent, you’ll often find Tweets about new job openings in our Twitter stream.

Image credit:  JoshSemans on Flickr

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